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Ukoku Sanzo – Saiyuki

ukoku1Ukoku Sanzo – Saiyuki

Okay, who ever decided it was a good idea to let me play the psycho perv should probably have their head examined. Soon.

Other than the Roy Mustang costume, I can’t think of another character I have more fun cosplaying as. Once I felt comfortable I was driving the other two Sanzos absolutely batty.

As we did this one as a group the robes were purchased from a seller that specializes in made to order Buddhist robes. That way we would all look alike.

The armor plates are actually made from little rectangles of bamboo all wired together, all done by Sakka-chan.

The bunny, black undershirts, arm sleeves and anything metal were handled by me.

And robes, straw sandals, tabi, and anything that had to come from a specialized vender was handled by sekaiseifuku.

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