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Kili – The Hobbit

ref1Kili – The Hobbit

I’ve wanted to do a Tolkien cosplay since LotR came out, but I knew with my skill level at the time it would be a very difficult goal.

Cosplay Checklist as of 10/23/2013:

Pants: Done
Tunic: Done
Jerkin: Done, needs a retry
Coat: Done, attempting refit
Gloves: Done
Boots: Done
Bracers: Done, from Rassaku
Bandolier/Quiver: Done, from Rassaku. Needs to be counter weighted.
Sword: Done
Bow/Arrows: Done


If you have any questions about how something was done, please feel free to contact me through the site, or through any of the social media listed on the side.


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