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Apr 14

An old fart, a hot Russian skater, and a genderbent sword

So the current plans for the fall stand as this.  Mikazuki Munechika – Touken Ranbu. 98% complete. Just need to remake the gloves. Apparently now that I can make gloves I’ll end up making a pair every year.  Victor Nikiforov – Yuuri!!! on Ice. Warm up suit. 90%. Need to redo the pants, the manufacturer …

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Feb 20

Plan updates

Hi all! I’ve just about gotten my new workspace sorted out. The shiny new desk/worktable is in, and it’s my very first piece of furniture that did not come out of a box requiring some assembly! ::swoons a bit:: I just need some additional storage bins and to sort out the TV/PS3. Right now the …

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Dec 24

Short Break and Plans

In case anyone was wondering where I frittered off to, I’m just taking a short break. But I’m not doing nothing! I’m working on a new embroidery craft that beat me upside the head and demanded to be done. You can see it here! I’m also attempting to reorganize my bedroom/workspace. The current configuration doesn’t …

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Oct 07

Bilbo Shirt & Vest & Ears – Done

I’ve been bad about updating here, though if you follow me on Tumblr or Twitter you probably have seen these already. Shirt done and suspenders bought, and although you won’t see them it didn’t feel right to the costume to skip them. I’m still looking for a suitable material to make the ascot, but I …

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Jul 17

Kili Boots – Complete

Done! And look pretty good I think, for having no bloody clue what I was doing. Roughed out with scrap white fabric and a couple of goofy sketches. Then closed my eyes and went for it.

Jun 23

Kili Bow – Complete

The repaint of the bow is complete! I had debated doing a full mod to make it look more like the movie version, but in the end I needed to maintain the ability to break the bow down into parts as I fly to most of my conventions. Unpainted, straight out of the packaging. Black, …

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Jun 03

Kili Sword – Complete

So I got my sword today! I had it shipped to work as the cost (the sword and the international shipping) left me a bit concerned with chance it might be left on my doorstep and the weather has been less than stellar lately. It’s latex with a fiberglass core, so nice and light.  

May 27

Kili Tunic Progress – Complete

Tunic finally completed! I may tweak the lacing at a later date, I’m not 100% happy with it. But for now it will do.

May 19

Kili Tunic Progress – Update

Latest progress update on the tunic! It’s hard to sew during the week as all the other lazy bums in the house are asleep fairly early and my sewing machine has taken to squeaking really really loud. All I have left to do now it put in the eyelets (now that I finally figured out …

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Apr 28

Kili Tunic Progress – Update

Sorry for the fuzzy photo. And the really long time to getting this posted. First time I cut the parts it ended up WAY too tight. Second round came out better, but then I had to figure out the quilted area and the piping. The piping isn’t 100% accurate down the center, but otherwise now …

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