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Apr 14

An old fart, a hot Russian skater, and a genderbent sword

So the current plans for the fall stand as this.  Mikazuki Munechika – Touken Ranbu. 98% complete. Just need to remake the gloves. Apparently now that I can make gloves I’ll end up making a pair every year.  Victor Nikiforov – Yuuri!!! on Ice. Warm up suit. 90%. Need to redo the pants, the manufacturer …

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Feb 20

Plan updates

Hi all! I’ve just about gotten my new workspace sorted out. The shiny new desk/worktable is in, and it’s my very first piece of furniture that did not come out of a box requiring some assembly! ::swoons a bit:: I just need some additional storage bins and to sort out the TV/PS3. Right now the …

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Dec 24

Short Break and Plans

In case anyone was wondering where I frittered off to, I’m just taking a short break. But I’m not doing nothing! I’m working on a new embroidery craft that beat me upside the head and demanded to be done. You can see it here! I’m also attempting to reorganize my bedroom/workspace. The current configuration doesn’t …

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Aug 20

Kili Costume Tutorials?

I’ve noticed a considerable amount of traffic looking for tutorials and patterns for the Kili costume. I’ve been thinking about putting a few together. If I do, is there anything in particular that people would like to see? Please feel free to leave a comment here or message me at any of the social media …

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Aug 09

This is me screaming internally

So I made it up to the last day of Boston Comic Con with the costume mostly done, though I’m still not happy with the coat and I never got the embroidery. And I had to be talked down by Kitsune and Sticky over probably more than a dozen emails, I was convinced beyond a …

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Mar 04


Welcome to my new cosplay and costuming blog! Look here for updates and information on my costumes!