Apr 14

An old fart, a hot Russian skater, and a genderbent sword

So the current plans for the fall stand as this. 

Mikazuki Munechika – Touken Ranbu. 98% complete. Just need to remake the gloves. Apparently now that I can make gloves I’ll end up making a pair every year. 

Victor Nikiforov – Yuuri!!! on Ice. Warm up suit. 90%. Need to redo the pants, the manufacturer I got it from obviously not accounting for big American butts. Also need a black t-shirt. 

Victor Nikiforov – Yuuri!!! on Ice. Stammi Vicino Duetto. In process. I’ve got most of the materials on hand or on order. Might just need more rhinestones though. 😅

Iwatooshi – Touken Ranbu. School girl version. 90%. Need to make vest with the mon/crest. 

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