Jul 18

SnK – Survey Corps

_attack_on_titan__survey_corps_logo____ai_file__by_king_of_craziness-d6mq0v4I’m working on a group cosplay, from Attack on Titan.

At the moment I have no idea who I am, so I’m just picking up the core pieces to the costume. And honestly I haven’t watched the show, I only know the things posted on tumblr and some basic plot for the series.

As its a group cosplay most of the pieces will be purchased through various vendors to make sure we all match. Our group is spread across the country, so making what we need is not really feasible.

Currently in my possession are the cloak and hip wrap.The coat and harness are in shipping somewhere.

The cloak is in good condition and simply needs to be ironed to deal with the wrinkles. The hip wrap needs some serious mods to move the velcro into better places. Right now it’s bunching oddly. Shouldn’t make much more than an hour or two to pull the excess to on side and move it to the middle

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