Feb 20

Plan updates

Hi all!

deskI’ve just about gotten my new workspace sorted out. The shiny new desk/worktable is in, and it’s my very first piece of furniture that did not come out of a box requiring some assembly! ::swoons a bit::

I just need some additional storage bins and to sort out the TV/PS3. Right now the TV stand is HUGE and completely in the way. I’ve got a great idea for that, but I need to wait a bit, the new desk and some personal expenses have been adding up since the holidays.


In craft related news my cross-stitch project of of the text from the Ring in Lord of the Rings is done! I just have to get some better photographs including some low-light ones to reveal the hidden message. I would have been done sooner, but the holidays ate my weekends (and occasionally will to live) on a regular basis.

I’ve also started a larger one (thankfully not as large as I am prone to doing) for the Heirs of Durin, a.k.a. Durin Line of Idiots (I mean it with all love and affection!).

Please feel free to check out those and some of my other cross-stitch projects.


kilichainmailI ‘m still working on the jacket for the Bilbo costume, I’ll dig into that sooner rather than later I hope.

I’m also still working on the chainmail from that odd promo image that came out just before the release of Desolation.

chainmailI got my sample piece of official Weta chainmail. Which is insanely awesome. It sounds vaguely metallic but weighs almost nothing. And so amusing to play with.

Just yesterday I ordered a single piece of PVC piping the same diameter as the sample. Once it gets here, my father and I will try to rig up a jig and cut the rings. And I’ll take a crack at making my own chainmail.

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