Dec 24

Short Break and Plans

In case anyone was wondering where I frittered off to, I’m just taking a short break.

But I’m not doing nothing!

I’m working on a new embroidery craft that beat me upside the head and demanded to be done. You can see it here!

I’m also attempting to reorganize my bedroom/workspace. The current configuration doesn’t work at all. The table that the sewing machine is on at the moment has no leg space, literally none, it’s all shelving. So I’m reorganizing, purging, and cleaning to make better use of the space for crafting projects. I might even have to remove some existing furniture and buy new. The papasan is a fun chair and I hate to get rid of it, but I need a better sewing table.

Cosplay Plans

So once the holidays are over my current costuming plans are to finish the red Bilbo jacket. I’ve got the material and a good pattern that just needs a little tweaking to reduce the fitted look.

kilichainmailI also was bit by the desperate need to do this!


I need a lot more reference photos, but so far I’ve only seen the one. And there was nothing in the 3rd Weta Chronicles book.

So in the meantime I’ve ordered a chunk of Weta chainmail as a sample. Seriously, you can order a bit of handmade chainmail from WetaNZ!

I’ve watched the bit on the Fellowship Extended Edition disc where Richard Taylor and the fellows who constructed all the mail for LotR talk a bit about the process. I’ve also found a tutorial or two that look useful.

Once the sample from Weta arrives I’m going to try out a few test pieces and at least try to get the parts I can see clearly under construction. We’ll see just how long it takes for my head to explode into little bits.

Because not only am I crazy enough to take a stab at chainmail, this is most likely BotFA related. Guarantee I’ll be crying the whole time I work on this.

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