Apr 14

An old fart, a hot Russian skater, and a genderbent sword

So the current plans for the fall stand as this. 

Mikazuki Munechika – Touken Ranbu. 98% complete. Just need to remake the gloves. Apparently now that I can make gloves I’ll end up making a pair every year. 

Victor Nikiforov – Yuuri!!! on Ice. Warm up suit. 90%. Need to redo the pants, the manufacturer I got it from obviously not accounting for big American butts. Also need a black t-shirt. 

Victor Nikiforov – Yuuri!!! on Ice. Stammi Vicino Duetto. In process. I’ve got most of the materials on hand or on order. Might just need more rhinestones though. 😅

Iwatooshi – Touken Ranbu. School girl version. 90%. Need to make vest with the mon/crest. 

Jul 18

SnK – Survey Corps

_attack_on_titan__survey_corps_logo____ai_file__by_king_of_craziness-d6mq0v4I’m working on a group cosplay, from Attack on Titan.

At the moment I have no idea who I am, so I’m just picking up the core pieces to the costume. And honestly I haven’t watched the show, I only know the things posted on tumblr and some basic plot for the series.

As its a group cosplay most of the pieces will be purchased through various vendors to make sure we all match. Our group is spread across the country, so making what we need is not really feasible.

Currently in my possession are the cloak and hip wrap.The coat and harness are in shipping somewhere.

The cloak is in good condition and simply needs to be ironed to deal with the wrinkles. The hip wrap needs some serious mods to move the velcro into better places. Right now it’s bunching oddly. Shouldn’t make much more than an hour or two to pull the excess to on side and move it to the middle

Feb 20

Plan updates

Hi all!

deskI’ve just about gotten my new workspace sorted out. The shiny new desk/worktable is in, and it’s my very first piece of furniture that did not come out of a box requiring some assembly! ::swoons a bit::

I just need some additional storage bins and to sort out the TV/PS3. Right now the TV stand is HUGE and completely in the way. I’ve got a great idea for that, but I need to wait a bit, the new desk and some personal expenses have been adding up since the holidays.


In craft related news my cross-stitch project of of the text from the Ring in Lord of the Rings is done! I just have to get some better photographs including some low-light ones to reveal the hidden message. I would have been done sooner, but the holidays ate my weekends (and occasionally will to live) on a regular basis.

I’ve also started a larger one (thankfully not as large as I am prone to doing) for the Heirs of Durin, a.k.a. Durin Line of Idiots (I mean it with all love and affection!).

Please feel free to check out those and some of my other cross-stitch projects.


kilichainmailI ‘m still working on the jacket for the Bilbo costume, I’ll dig into that sooner rather than later I hope.

I’m also still working on the chainmail from that odd promo image that came out just before the release of Desolation.

chainmailI got my sample piece of official Weta chainmail. Which is insanely awesome. It sounds vaguely metallic but weighs almost nothing. And so amusing to play with.

Just yesterday I ordered a single piece of PVC piping the same diameter as the sample. Once it gets here, my father and I will try to rig up a jig and cut the rings. And I’ll take a crack at making my own chainmail.

Dec 24

Short Break and Plans

In case anyone was wondering where I frittered off to, I’m just taking a short break.

But I’m not doing nothing!

I’m working on a new embroidery craft that beat me upside the head and demanded to be done. You can see it here!

I’m also attempting to reorganize my bedroom/workspace. The current configuration doesn’t work at all. The table that the sewing machine is on at the moment has no leg space, literally none, it’s all shelving. So I’m reorganizing, purging, and cleaning to make better use of the space for crafting projects. I might even have to remove some existing furniture and buy new. The papasan is a fun chair and I hate to get rid of it, but I need a better sewing table.

Cosplay Plans

So once the holidays are over my current costuming plans are to finish the red Bilbo jacket. I’ve got the material and a good pattern that just needs a little tweaking to reduce the fitted look.

kilichainmailI also was bit by the desperate need to do this!


I need a lot more reference photos, but so far I’ve only seen the one. And there was nothing in the 3rd Weta Chronicles book.

So in the meantime I’ve ordered a chunk of Weta chainmail as a sample. Seriously, you can order a bit of handmade chainmail from WetaNZ!

I’ve watched the bit on the Fellowship Extended Edition disc where Richard Taylor and the fellows who constructed all the mail for LotR talk a bit about the process. I’ve also found a tutorial or two that look useful.

Once the sample from Weta arrives I’m going to try out a few test pieces and at least try to get the parts I can see clearly under construction. We’ll see just how long it takes for my head to explode into little bits.

Because not only am I crazy enough to take a stab at chainmail, this is most likely BotFA related. Guarantee I’ll be crying the whole time I work on this.

Oct 18

Tutorial – Kili’s Tunic

kilitunicrefTah dah!

I present the much sought…


Kili Tunic Tutorial!


Well, more people were looking for a pattern, and that I don’t have. ;_;


(ooops, looks like i forgot the link, fixed)

Oct 07

Bilbo Shirt & Vest & Ears – Done


I’ve been bad about updating here, though if you follow me on Tumblr or Twitter you probably have seen these already.

Shirt done and suspenders bought, and although you won’t see them it didn’t feel right to the costume to skip them. I’m still looking for a suitable material to make the ascot, but I haven’t given up yet.











Vest done.

Holy crow, this was a test of my patience and skill. The vest is fully lined in bright green. Check the Bilbo gallery for a picture.

There is a pocket  hidden in the right side welt for safe keeping of the precious. And a hidden pocket inside the vest for stowing ID and valuables while at conventions










Found latex (I think) ears online on eBay and they’re a pretty good match for the movie ones. The fit sans spirit gum is a little odd, but they aren’t custom made, so I figure that’s a given. Testing and practice to be done getting them on and fitted.

Sep 28

Tutorial – Scale Armor

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEYFollow to the tutorial on making Scale Armor!

Aug 20

Kili Costume Tutorials?

I’ve noticed a considerable amount of traffic looking for tutorials and patterns for the Kili costume. I’ve been thinking about putting a few together.

If I do, is there anything in particular that people would like to see?

Please feel free to leave a comment here or message me at any of the social media links!

Aug 09

This is me screaming internally

0049bSo I made it up to the last day of Boston Comic Con with the costume mostly done, though I’m still not happy with the coat and I never got the embroidery. And I had to be talked down by Kitsune and Sticky over probably more than a dozen emails, I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the whole thing sucked and I would make a terrible impression. That I would be better off just dressing in nice clothes.


Thankfully , Kit and Sticky were successful in convincing me to go for it.

I’m still a bit starry eyed over getting to meet Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman and being that close to them. ::points up::

They were both super friendly, easy going and seemed genuinely pleased to see all the fans. I also got quite a few questions from both of them about the costume and the bandolier/quiver rig got some attention too (congrats, Rassaku! Kili approves!). And Aidan kept asking me if I was okay and making sure I wasn’t overheating. But let’s face it, even if I passed out from heat exhaustion I would have been a happy pile of sweaty leather.

Also check out the autographs I got. I was able to use the lovely moleskine book Kitsune made for me. But check out the bottom of Aidan Turner’s page. Made my day. I didn’t stop shaking until I got home that night. And blather on like a little idiot every chance I get.


Jul 17

Kili Boots – Complete

kilibootsdoneDone! And look pretty good I think, for having no bloody clue what I was doing.

Roughed out with scrap white fabric and a couple of goofy sketches.

Then closed my eyes and went for it.

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