Title: Yama to Tani, part 2
Rating: R (for strong launguage and drug abuse)
Pairings: Well, 1x2 obviously, although a dash of 2x5 in this part just for fun (please dont' kill me!! It IS a Duo+Heero fic!)
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Yama to Tani
part 2

After I left Hilde’s shop behind, I walked down the street for awhile, not really caring whether I was late to work or not. If I got lost, I got lost.

I figured my feet knew what they were doing better than I did, seeing as my brain was still in a haze from that mornings dream. A cold wind picked up and I distractedly pulled at my overused and abused black leather jacket, fixing it more securely around myself. Damn me and being skinny. I hate being skinny! But, you can’t argue with genetics, and hey, at least I’m good looking. Or so they tell me.

As I walked slowly along the dirty streets of L2, leaves blew across the street in little whirlwinds, picking up dust and garbage along with them and flinging them around in a crazy tilt-a-whirl of refuse and dust. The houses I was walking past were run down, cheap, with leaky ceilings and probobly no heating system. A few lights were on, casting grayish light onto the already gray concrete. Home sweet home.

I laughed a little, turning my gaze up to the artificial sky of L2, where the moon hung heavy and huge, and recalling a long ago memory of looking up a the moon from Earth, wondering when I would ever see the moon like that again, when I would see *him* again.....

I kicked at the ground in from of me in frustration and grunted, scuffing the toes of my heavy work boots on the pavement. Damn it. This line of thought is getting me nowhere.

You see, I haven’t allowed myself to think about Heero Yuy for a very long time. The memories are too wonderful and painful, a part of my life that I wish I could forget but know I never will. The day the war ended- after Marimeia had been defeated, after our Gundams had been destroyed. The sky should not have been that blue. It should have poured rain. God, or whatever it is up there that we call God, should have cast down lightning and burned everything to pieces. Burned it all until no one could recognize anything. Destroyed it all. The sky should have bled. Why? Because the sky should not be a perfect, deep crystal blue when your heart is ripped form your chest and ground into the unyielding earth.

[AC 196]
“Duo,” Heero’s voice was hard again, the voice he used when he spoke his acceptance or completion of the all-important mission. He was standing inside the hangar where the now-destroyed Gundams had been stored, leaning heavily against the door frame. The setting sun lit him up form behind like some twisted irony of an angel, his dark unruly hair framed out like a halo, all crossed arms and scowling mouth.

The self-named ‘God of Death’ sat, huddled, in the corner of the hangar, all pretense of trying to be happy gone. His mask had been shattered along with the fighting, he had nowhere left to run or hide, no more things to destroy except himself. Everyone had thought it would have been Heero who would not be able to live without the war, but now that Duo had nothing to hide behind he was worse even than the Perfect Soldier, who gazed at the huddled mass of black cloth in the corner of the now empty hangar.

“Duo,” said the ex-pilot of Wing again, but his voice did not lose its harsh edge. Glazed violet eyes lifted to look into his, fear and loneliness so powerful its hurt Heero to look at them. He told himself yet again that it was the best for both of them. He steeled himself for what he had to do and stepped forward into the hangar.

“Duo, you know why I’m here.”

Shinigami’s head lifted to stare at him. A voice that was far too old emanated from that tiny figure. “No, please, Heero, no more, I don’t want to be alone...”

Heero forced himself be deaf to those words. His heart was screaming at him to run to this boy and hold him in his arms again, smooth his hair and tell him that everything would be fine, that they would be together forever. But he couldn’t. Wouldn’t. Never again.

“I’m sorry Duo. Good-bye.” The young man turned, and with one last look over his shoulder, he left the weeping God of Death behind him.
[AC 202]
That was the last time I saw Heero Yuy. Six years ago this month. A lot happens in six years. After Heero left me in the hangar, I wandered out into the streets and got more drunk then I’ve ever been to this day. In the celebrations that were going on for the end of the war, no one noticed a raggedy street kid stumbling along in the dark. Only for me, the dark didn’t get light again for a long, long time.

Now that the war was over, I had nothing to live for, nothing to do. I was an alcoholic by the age of 17, a drug addict by 18. I lived for the day and the next fix. Heroin and alcohol became my realities, days and weeks molding together into one big blur. I don’t remember much of those two years until the day that Hilde showed up again. She found me in an alley, a dirty mass of depression and withdrawal, and brought me back to her place: a small apartment in a relatively safe part of town. I remember her dragging me indoors and me vomiting in her sink multiple times. I was a total fuck up by then, so out of it that I couldn’t even mumble a coherent ‘thank you’.

Over the next few months, Hilde helped me break out of the pattern I had created. She forced me to get help, go to detox, and clean myself up. We had an on and off relationship, one day we hated each other, the next we were sleeping together. Slowly, I started rebuilding what little of my life I had left. I quit heroin forever, although the alcoholism still lingered along with random bursts of depression. One of these bouts came when I got an unexpected visitor.

I heard the knock on the door on Hilde’s apartment, and, seeing as she wasn’t home, I went to go see who it was. I pulled on a pair of black leather pants over my black silk boxers and checked my hair to make sure my braid wasn’t too messy. As I opened the door I nearly fell on my face at who was there.

He still looked pretty much the same, his hair was longer, the black ponytail now reaching well past his shoulders. He was slightly taller, around 5’10”, although no match for my recent growth spurt to a nice six feet. He was dressed in jeans and a black leather motorcycle jacket, I guessed he had ridden his infamous motorcycle to Hilde’s house. He smiled up at me from where he stood on the step.

“Maxwell, its’ been along time.”

“Wufei!!” I exclaimed, pulling the startled Chinese man into my patented Duo Maxwell bear hug. “Long time no see, man! It great to see you! Come in! Come in!”

I ushered Wufei inside and walked into the kitchen to make some tea for him and coffee for myself. Wufei settled himself down gracefully at the kitchen table and looked around appraisingly. I grinned cheekily at him as I brought in the tea and handed into his hands.

“Thank you,” he said, taken the cup for me and sipping the warm liquid.

“This is good, Maxwell.”

“Thanks! So,” I asked, taking a seat at the table across form him,

“What brings you to L2? I know you didn’t’ come here just to see lil ol’ me.” I laughed a little, and Wufei smiled. He had loosened up over the years, and come to terms with a lot of things, as I found out later.

“Actually, I’m here on business and I’ll be staying on L2 for about a year. I’m doing some work for the Preventers here, and Sally needed someone to be her contact on this colony.”

“Cool! So you’ll be here for awhile, huh? We gotta hang out, maybe talk about old times.”

I immediately regretted saying that as we both fell into an uneasy silence, remembering the many people we had killed and memories we couldn’t escape. I didn’t’ know what Wufei was thinking about, but my mind was filled with a pair of dark blue eyes and rumpled dark hair, a face that had haunted my dreams for a long time no matter how hard I tried to forget- and failed.

The silence, luckily, was broken, when Hilde opened the front door and walked in, dragging a handsome young man in behind her. They both looked quite flushed and probably drunk, and Hilde was giving me that look that said, ‘Get out- NOW’.

I looked over at Wufei who seemed to understand and nodded his head in the direction of the door. We both stood up simultaneously and headed out, closing the heavy door behind us on the sounds of clothes hitting the floor and drunken laughter. As soon as we were far enough away from the house, I looked at Wufei again. As our eyes met, we both lost what little control we had and broke out into unstoppable giggles. As the giggles turned into full blown, stomach-clutching laughter, Wufei supported himself on a wall and choked out, “Gods, Maxwell, we are twenty year old men, not fifth grade girls!”

Unfortunately, the scolding was lost on us as neither of us stopped laughing at all. Then I had to go and open my big mouth. “We only think its funny because we don’t have someone in our beds tonight.”

Our laughter subsided quickly after that, leaving Wufei and I looking into each others eyes, questioning. We both saw the longing and need in each other, and I think that we both silently agreed that even if it was only for a night, we would keep each other company. I stepped forward and titled Wufei’s face up to mine, closing the two inch gap to kiss him. He kissed me back fiercely, we were both so very tired of being alone. I kissed Wufei hard, thrusting my tongue into his waiting mouth and giving in to the need that was consuming me. Wufei’s hands were on my body, wrapped around my waist and pulling me closer. It felt so good to be touched again, not to feel so alone. I moaned lightly into Wufei’s mouth, wanting more. Then, suddenly, he pulled away and looked me in the eye.

“Maxwell, are you sure we should do this?”

I thought hard about that, and voiced what I was thinking. “Even if it’s only for one night.”

Wufei grabbed my hand and led me back to where his bike was parked, our hurried footsteps echoing along the empty streets. We both hopped up onto the lean black machine and Wufei sped along the road, my braid and his ponytail flying out behind us.
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