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Title: Yama To Tani, part 1
Rating: PG-13 (for strong lauguage)
Warnings: ANGST and a majorly depressive Duo. Be still my children, all will be revealed in time. . .
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Yama To Tani
Part 1


Duo Maxwell was not having a good day. He decided this as he hauled himself out of the rumpled mass of sheets on his thin cot-like bed at 5:00 pm and wandered into the small kitchen of his cluttered apartment on the space colony of L2. Sure, it had started out alright, he had woken up that day from a very nice dream involving a pair of handcuffs and some Hershey’s Syrup. The thing that bothered him to no end, however, was the *other* person in the dream. The other *male* person. The other male person with the dark cobalt eyes and that annoyingly sexy unruly hair.

Duo glared into his coffee cup and growled.

“Shit,” he said, grinding the words between his teeth, “Of all the times to start dreaming on him again. I was happy without him torturing me, I was finally sleeping well again. K’so!”

Duo stood up quickly from the small table, hair flying, as if to try and clear his frazzled mind but succeeded only in banging his shin on the edge of the hard wood. Letting out a stream of favored curse words, the ex-pilot limped his way into his apartment’s tiny bathroom and picked up his hairbrush from the mass of toothpastes, tooth brushes and other bathroom items that covered the once white tile of the counter. Glaring at a piece of the knee length rats nest he called his hair, Duo sighed and proceeded to yank, pull, and otherwise force his hair into some semblance of order. He parted it into three sections with the ease of long time practice, and a thick rope of braid quickly created itself under his skilled hands. The braid fell past Duo’s slim hips, hanging almost to mid-thigh. The length of his hair sometimes amazed Duo, and more often than not frustrated him to no end. But even as his chestnut fall of hair had grown, so had the ex-pilot of the infamous Gundam Shinigami, his small 5’1” stance had rocketed to a slender 6 foot. His frame was still thin but well muscled, old habits from the war having stayed with him still. Of course, the fact that he had the metabolism of a rabid bunny didn’t do much to counter it, either.

About a half an hour, two combs, and more than a few clumps of hair in the sink later, the Braided Wonder found himself wandering down the sunset-lit streets of L2, heading vaguely in the direction of the scrap yard where Hilde worked. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to shake last night’s dream, the images of Heero’s face still lingered fresh in his brain, etched forever on the canvas of his soul. The scrap yard was easy to find, even in the fading light of the colony’s artificial sunlight, Duo’s feet knew the path permanently. The yard was located in a back alley away from the main roads, and Duo could hear the sounds of rough voices and screeching metal long before he saw the twisted metal skeleton of the yard itself. The tang of the steel and fire assaulted his nose and brought back a flood of memories. Living with Hilde; working at the yard; coming home every night not sure about whether or not he wanted to wake up the next day. Shaking his head violently to clear the sudden wave of nostalgia, Duo ducked his head under the low door way of Hilde’s office and smiled down and at pleasantly surprised Hilde.

“Duo!” She exclaimed, jumping up from her paper-covered desk and thoroughly hugging him.

Duo smiled and hugged her back, then held the bouncy purple haired girl at arms length and looked her over. Hilde looked well, she had grown up a lot in the years he had known her. She was taller now, although still much shorter than him, and she had kept her hair short as so not to get it in the way of work. Duo glanced around her office, beige walls covered in posters of women in bikini’s leaning on old cars and business cards pinned to the thin plaster. Duo smiled as his eyes fell on the picture frame on Hilde’s desk. It was a picture of her and her fiancé, arms about each other and smiling. There used to be a picture of himself and Hilde there, but those were days long passed. Duo realized his mind was sansering yet again as he was was brought sharply back to reality by the woman in front of him calling his name.

“...Duo? Duo, are you listening to me? Hell-O! Earth to Maxwell!” Hilde waved her hands in front of Duo’s blue-violet eyes. “Ya awake man?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m here. Just remembering, that’s all.” He laughed.

“Don’t mind me, I’m fine.” He grinned a cocky grin down at her.

Hilde smiled and took his hand, leading Duo out into the garage. Duo looked around, seeing many familiar and some new faces.

“Hey Duo!”

“Hiya, cutie! Long time no see!”

“Wassup, Maxwell!”

Duo waved at all his friends and smiled, laughing. He stopped to talk to some of his old buddies, trading stories, catching up on old times.

Duo came to talk to these guys often, there were his friends,or the closest thing he had to it. Duo didnt’ really have any close friends anymore, except possibly Wufei, whom he hadn’t seen in at least four months. Duo never really let anybody get too close. Too many people had died because he got to close, he never allowed himself to love, because everything he loved died. Except once....

Where are these thoughts coming from? Thought Duo, I haven’t felt this depressed since. . . NO! Don’t think about it. That time in your life is over, Maxwell, Move on.

So he bantered on with the mechanics at Hilde’s junk yard, laughing and joking like he always did. Memories from long ago buried themselves again in Duo’s mind, and he was grateful for the respite form the tumbling confusion, even for just a little while. Well, seeing as time flies when you’re having fun, its was soon 7:30 and Duo had to head off to work. He hailed Hilde form across the room, waved goodbye, and stepped out into the cold, lonely night.
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