Title: Yama To Tani (Mountain and Valley), Prolouge
Warnings: Angst, eventual Yaoi
C&C: I LIVE for comments and critizism, however, flames will be used to light me and my muse's ciggarettes. ::evil grin:: Here we go!!

Yama To Tani

The sun was shining on Earth, golden rays glinting of the glass and metal of tall apartment buildings, casting marble shadows on the ground beneath the old oak trees that outlined a small park. A path snaked its way through the green folds of lawn and bush, falling in and out of itself like and endless maze. One tree stood out in the park, not for its size or age, but for its striking difference from the world around it: A willow among so many oaks and maples, its heavy limbs hanging down to kiss the green earth, creating a curtain of shade and peace for the young man who leaned against its smooth bark. His eyes were closed, mouth set in a line that seemed to be a permanent feature on his finely chiseled face. Worry lines that should not have marred the oldest soldiers face were visible in his young features, a constant reminder of the pain and suffering his eyes had seen, his hands had caused. The boy opened too-old eyes, and a familiar mask of non-emotion plastered itself upon his face. He levered himself away from the tree, and, leaning to pick up a small duffel at his feet, cast and last look at the peaceful willow before walking swiftly away, leaving its serene quiet behind him.

Not far away, a young woman paced the ornately carpeted room that was her office, skirts and golden hair swishing with every turn. The golden head lifted to check the clock on the wall, then returned its gaze to glare steadfastly at the burgundy floor. 5 minutes.

The girl reached one long fingered hand up and ran it through her hair, sighing a little. She turned and sat down heavily in the overstuffed chair behind her desk, twirling a piece of the gold stuff between thoughtful fingers. The room was quiet except for the squeaking of the leather chair as the shifted restesly. The girl's blue eyes softened as she reached out a picked a picture off the desk, holding it closer to the light to see. She didn't really need the light, she had memorized every facet of the face that gazed impassively back at her from the wooden frame. Smiling sadly and slightly wistfully, she placed the picture face down on the desk again, hiding the too familiar face from view. 2 minutes.

The young man was walking still, duffel thrown loosely over one broad shoulder, dangling from his right hand down his back. He stopped abruptly in front of one of the large office buildings and looked up into the sun-lit sky, shading dark blue eyes with one slender hand. He brought his arm down again and gazed impassively at the watch on his wrist. 1 minute.

The girl looked up sharply as the door to her office was opened and shut again, the sound muffled by the thick carpeting. Her eyes softened with that same sad wistfullness, as the boy in the picture now stood before her, Prussian eyes cold and distant.

"Heero," she said, rising to her feet. "You're right on time."


Relena stepped forward around her desk and stood before Heero, leaning back slightly on her desk. Heero opened his mouth to say something, but she held up one graceful hand in a gesture that booked to arguments.

"I know why you're here, Heero. And, believe it or not, I'm not going to try to stop you."

Heero's mouth opened slightly and his eyes widened the barest fraction, but he held his silence.

"I understand now why you have to leave, Heero. Why whenever I held you, you were so cold, so distracted. Why whenever you dream it is not of me. I thought that you loved me for a long time, Heero Yuy, my fascination with you would not let me see otherwise. But I've grown up since then, and I understand now that I love you enough to let you go."

She looked up at his to see him looking at her with a mixture of surprise, guilt and . . .understanding? She smiled at him.

"What are you waiting for?" she laughed a little forcibly. "You're going to miss your flight."

Relena suddenly found herself caught up in a surprisingly gentle and very real hug. Heero's voice passed by her ears in a little breeze.

"Thank you," was all he said, and then he was gone.

And for the first time in a long time, Relena Peacecraft truly smiled.