Duo: I'm telling you, it should have stayed dead.
Yanagi: But its not me! Its *him*! (points at Nezumi, who is currently filing his nails)
Duo: So what? You're the one who let him near the computer.
Yanagi: I couldn't help it! He used his Super Bishounen attack! My knees melted!
Duo: Ch'. I'll Super Bishounen you if you write anymore of this.
Yanagi: Ooh, promise?
Duo: *sigh*

Um, yeah, so here's part two.

Some Days Its Just Not Worth Chewing Through The Leather Straps...part 2

Duo glared at the doors of the Preventers Headquarters office, slightly battered briefcase in hand. He leaned heavily on the side rail of the stairs leading up to the large glass and steel building and ran a hand through is bangs, smoothing his hair back into some semblance of order. ‘This morning was just going from bad to worse,’ he thought to himself as he pulled pieces of cereal out of his hair.

After his strange experience at Wufei’s house that morning, Duo had decided that he’d just take the bus to work. It was only a twenty minute ride to Headquarters, and the next bus would be showing up in about ten minutes, according to the schedule he carried for emergencies. So Duo hauled himself over to the bus stop near his home and plunked himself down on the cold plastic bench to wait.

10 minutes later, no bus.

Duo decided the bus must have just been running a little behind, after all, that happens all the time, right? So he shifted his position on the bench, and checked his paperwork for the tenth time that morning, and began reading the graffiti on the walls. He waited.

And waited.


Finally, in a rhapsody of squealing tires, the garish yellow bus trundled into view and clucked to a stop in front of the now severely pissed young man. Grumbling all the while, Duo stomped up the steps, slammed his fare down on the dash, and found a seat near the back.

‘At least it’s not crowded,’ he thought, thankfully, as he leaned against the bus window to watch the scenery flow by. The bus windows were dirty from years of service, and the world outside took on a strange and disorienting gray hue. Duo settled down farther in his seat, chin propped up on his palm, and watched the trees enlarge and diminish through the warped window pane.

Everything went fine for awhile, until Duo’s Monet-esque view of the city suddenly became a Picasso. Duo stared in shock and awe at the gooey mass of what was once an ice cream cone that was now slowly gravitating downwards from to window to which it had stuck, a mere 3 inches from our poor bishounen's face. He turned, slowly, and fair imitation of Heero’s favored glare (the one reserved for people he was really, really angry at, not the death glare slash horny glance, which he had perfected when Duo walked in on him in the shower once- but that’s a different story) on his normally jovial features, to confront whatever idiot had dared to endanger his hair so blatantly. The child scowled back at him, eyes dark and mouth pouting. The ch! ild’s lower lip started to tremble, and huge teardrops welled up in its small, piggish eyes. Then it started to scream.

“Ack!” Duo’s ears reeled from the pitch of the child’s wailing. He desperately covered the abused organs with his hands in a futile attempt to block out the horrendous sound. The child continued to scream, and suddenly Duo felt a hand tap him on the shoulder.

“You scared my kid,” said a deep voice from above him, and Duo was assaulted with the reek of cigarette smoke and cheap cologne. He raised his eyes fearfully, and was met with the terrifying visage of a huge man, clad in coveralls and a baseball cap, chewing evilly on a toothpick.

Duo eeped.

The man, apparently convinced that the ice cream incident could not have been the fault of his angelic and utterly innocent child, immediately called for backup from his, uh, rather big-boned wife, Matilda, who had won three state championships in alligator wrestling just that year, by the way, and was a very impressive shade of red in the face. She huffed up to the young man, smacked him on the head with her gaudy gold lamme purse, and launched into a tirade about Duo sticking fear into the heart of her poor, wounded, and completely innocent baby. Duo shrank back in fear from the elephantine threat and clutched his briefcase for support, eyes wide.


The woman’s voice reverberated hugely back and forth throughout the bus, and the whole frame of the vehicle began to vibrate with her words. Duo ‘meeped!’ loudly and tried to hide behind his seat. However, after about five minutes, he was wondering WHERE in the world she had learned to cuss like that. After another ten, he started taking notes.

Eventually, with one final “Humph!”, the monstrous woman galumphed back to her seat, leaving Duo to himself once again. Heaving a relieved sigh, and tucking away his new and useful (for those times when Heero was being extra quiet, and Duo had to think of new and interesting ways to keep up a one sided conversation, no easy task I tell you!) seven pages of notes in his briefcase, Duo sat back in his seat, determined to get to work alive. It all would have gone perfectly, too, if the kid hadn’t come back and dumped a bowl of cereal on his head.

“God DAMN it!!”


Ooh, kowai.... please dont't kill me... I blame it all on my disgruntled muse. However, if you happen to like it, I take all the credit! It was all mine! Mwuahah!! ehe..