Duo: Oh God, she's at it again..
Yes indeed! Yanagi has risen from the dead, and brought a fic back from the dead with her!!
Duo: It should have stayed dead.

Some Days its Just Not Worth Chewing Through The Leather Straps…

Part 1

By Yanagi

Light sifted lightly through gauzy white curtains to pool gently onto soft blue carpet. The edges of the light crept slowly forward, inching towards a large bed full of rumpled, pale blue sheets and a tangle of soft brown hair that spilled gently over the edge of the bed. The figure on the bed lay sprawled out in an indiscernible pattern, limbs splayed out at all angles across the soft ripples of cotton fabric. The image was an almost perfect piece of incredibly beautiful artwork- perfect, except for the loud snore that issued from said figure.

Duo was, at the moment, enjoying a very nice dream. It was not the kind of nice dream in the sense that it was a Heero-has-handcuffs-and-chocolate-syryp kind of a dream, more as it was the lovely, floaty dreams that one experiences right before-


-the alarm goes off.

Duo snorted loudly at the offending machine while simultaneously reaching out and smacking it, hard. Of course, as is the penchant of those wretchedly evil machines we call alarms, this had no effect whatsoever. Eventually he lifted a sleep tousled head, light brown- and gold shot bangs sticking out at odd angles from his heart-shaped face and managed to hit the button to turn the damned thing off.

‘Why did Heero set the alarm for so early?’ he wondered absently to himself . Oh, wait, it couldn’t have been Heero, Heero was on a mission for the Preventers for a few days. Sitting up in his now lonely bed, Duo squinted groggily at the red flashing numbers.

‘6:30? Why am I up at 6:30?!’ he wondered to himself. ‘I never wake up this early…’

The memory hit him like a ton of bricks dropped form the top of the Empire State Building, which isn’t really necessary since dropping a penny off of it would have had the same affect and probably would have killed our beautiful braided bishounen, so it’s probably a good thing that it was a memory and not actual bricks or even U.S. currency. Anyway, he remembered that he had promised to come in early to work today to do an extra project for Lady Une. He should definitely get there soon, too, because Lady Une was wearing her glasses at the moment and was feeling decidedly cranky, which is definelty not a good thing, as we all know.


Anyway, back to Duo, who by now was running full on towards the shower like a bat out of hell.

He managed to finish his shower in less than half an hour, which was amazing considering how long it takes to wash all that hair. By 7:15, the former Gundam pilot was dressed, braided and on his way out the door when he remembered…


…that Quatre had borrowed his car.

Cursing all the while, Duo hurtled across the street to Wufei’s house to see if he could possibly bum a ride. When he reached the door of the small but decidedly clean house, Duo knocked several times and stood back on the porch to await Wufei.

He had been expecting Wufei to answer the door, the Chinese man was always up this early for some ungodly reason that Duo had yet to figure out. Kind of like how Trowa’s bang stayed that way, or how Heero could hide the damndest things in those spandex. Chuck it up to the inherent curiosity of Gundam pilots…

Well, as Duo stood there on the wooden porch, the door began to open, and the young pilot immediately launched into asking Wufei for a ride.

“Ohayo, Wufei! I need your help, see- eep!”

Said ‘eep’ escaped Duo’s lips when he realized the person he was talking to was not only not Wufei, but also not even male. VERY not male, as made obvious by the very skimpy nightgown she was sporting.


“Uh, hi Duo,” the older woman mumbled, blushing slightly and holding the neck of her nightgown closer to her chest in a futile attempt to hide her decatolage. Duo ‘ulped’ and made a concentrated effort to look anywhere but at Sally’s chest. He decided that her face was safe territory, and settled his gaze there, which Sally seemed to appreciate. He wanted to ask why she was there, but decided he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to know, and changed his mind at the last minute.

“Uh, is Wufei busy?” He asked, assuming that Wufei was home. This WAS his house, after all.

“Uh, well, he’s asleep…” Murmured Sally, cheeks reddening even more.



“Well, I’ll just be on my way then.”

And he turned on his heel, walking back home as quickly as possible without looking like he was trying to escape.