Title: Apples
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Shounen-ai, mildly OOC?, sap, post-EW, lime?
Pairings: 1x2/2x1 (surprise! Can you tell I love these guys?)
Archives: Anybody is welcome, just tell me where you're taking it!
C&C: Are shamelessly begged for. I mean it. I'll spit shine your shoes. Nezumi will do a strip tease. Please! Flames however, will be used as sacrifices to the Temple of Pocky and its Miko's- Yanagi, Diana-sama, and Sakura-chan.
Notes: Well, I wanted to write my first lemon in celebration of my 18th birthday today (yay!), but I just couldn't write anything good. So here is my sweet, sappy lime instead!!


The sun, it seemed to Heero, must be feeling overly cheery today. It shone down brightly onto the green leaves and outstretched arms of the trees under which he walked. The soft carpet dead leaves and pine needles underfoot helped to muffle his footsteps as he wandered in and out of the shadows, keeping his eyes intent on one sprawling, massive tree not far away. Heero approached the age old trunk, laying a fond hand on the rough bark as he slid slowly to the ground, leaning his back against the sun warmed wood. The young man stretched his legs out in front of him, willing to wait for as long as necessary. He didn't have to wait long.

"What do you want?" Duo's voice drifted down from where the long-haired youth sat perched precariously on one of the gnarled limbs of the ancient tree. His long legs held the young man braced against a strong branch while his back rested against the enormous trunk of the tree itself. He held an apple in one hand, carving it into small pieces with a menacing-looking switchblade. He popped another piece of the fruit into his mouth, chewing slowly. "I thought you were entertaining Relena," he said around a mouthful of the fruit. Heero sighed and absently brushed some apple peel that Duo had, probably purposefully, dropped out of his unruly hair. He turned blue eyes upwards, seeking eye contact to ensure the truthfulness of his words.

"Duo, I didn't know she was going to show up here. It not like I wanted her to find me."

Heero heard Duo sigh form above him. An apple core landed with a soft 'splat' near his right boot, red against the garish yellow of his beaten up shoes.

"I know that, Heero," said Duo, shifting slightly in the tree to look down at the other pilot. "Its just. . .she's so. . ." He waved his arms in frustration, years of physical training allowing him to keep perfect balance even in his dangerous position. Heero grunted.

"Obsessive? Crazy? Moronic?"

"Yeah." A soft chuckle. "Something like that. You'd think she would have left you alone after the war."

Heero stood, wiping dried leaves and dirt from the back of his faded jeans. He once again looked up into the massively sprawling limbs of the great tree, shading his eyes against the bright glare of the midday sun filtering through the canopy. He could barely make out the dark shape of the self-named God of Death, the warm sun making an ironically angelic halo around that small frame.

Heero smiled a small smile. "Now," he said in a businesslike manner, "Are you going to stop pouting and come down, or do I have to come up there and get you?"

"Oi," Duo interjected. "I protest the term `pouting'."

Heero grabbed the nearest branch and began to haul himself up the expanse of the tree.

"But you are pouting," he said, huffing a little at the exertion of his task. They weren't 15 anymore, and climbing trees wasn't as simple as it had been when he was smaller. Eventually, however, he reached the branch where Duo now sat, looking out into the green landscape before them. When the war with Marimeia had finally ended and the Gundams had been destroyed, neither young man could bring himself to leave the Earth. And so they had stayed here, traveling, seeing all they had never had to chance to before. The earth stretched away form them in a seemingly endless sea of green, light breezes causing the tops of the great tress to sway like waves. The mountains reared up, jagged teeth breaking through the earth in ominous splendor.

Heero reached out with one hand and brushed his fingers across Duo's cheek. The young man turned into the touch, violet eyes drifting closed as Heero leaned in to kiss him. It was a soft kiss, neither harsh nor demanding, just a simple touching of lips. But then Duo leaned in, slipping his tongue softly into Heero's mouth. The Japanese youth noted, with a certain pleasure, that Duo tasted distinctly of apples.

Duo's hands came up around his waist, keeping both of them balanced while he continued to plunder Heero's mouth. Eventually, Heero pulled back, eyes heavy lidded and breathing a little heavily. He leaned his forehead against his lover's, catching that burning purple gaze with his own.

"We should probably get down out of this tree, before we both fall," he advised, sliding a hand up to stroke Duo's cheek. Duo let out a little laugh, not the dreadful and haunting cackle of feared Shinigami, but a true sound of mirth.

They had barely reached the ground when Heero again found himself being caught up in a deep kiss, Duo's expert hands burrowing their way under his thin tank top. He moaned lightly into Duo's mouth when those hands found a nipple. He reached up and untied the band that trapped Duo's hair into its braid, allowing the thick brown strands to fall about them. Slowly, they both sank to the ground, all soft hands and eager mouths, their cries offered up to the silently watching trees above. And afterward, as they lay entwined, sweaty and sated, they kissed lazily, sharing the taste of apples.