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WISH -- A Christmas Fic Teaser
by: Willow-chan

Quatre scrambled down the stairs, a towel in hand, as he heard the Magnacs awe-struck cheers, over-powered by Duo's ever blatant voice, booming through the empty hallways of his country cottage wherein they found refuge for the holiday season. He followed the sound of the commotion and traced it to the huge balcony just outside the second floor. There he found his faithful Magnacs and the other pilots staring up at the sky, marvelling at the shower of silvery stars falling down from heaven like raindrops of pure, liquid crystal.

"Quatre! What took you so long? We've been straining our vocal chords to get your ass down here!" Duo exclaimed as the Arabian boy entered the balcony.

"I came as fast as I could, but I was in the shower and I had to dress up so I couldn't hear you! And here I thought there was an OZ invasion..." he said as he breathed a sigh of relief and smiled shyly as he approached the large group of men huddled over the railing that threatened to break off any moment had they leaned on it any further. Still, the crystalline spectacle continued to shower down on earth like never-ending torrents of rain.

"Father Maxwell once said that if one should see a shooting star, make a wish and it will come true." Duo said, a huge smile broke on his face as he remembered his childhood folly in the Maxwell Church.

"What would you wish for, Quatre?" Heero suddenly asked, appearing as if out of nowhere from behind him, staring up as if to count the stars that kept falling down onto the earth below, making a wish on every one of them.

It sounded strange all of a sudden to be hearing that from Heero, who almost never spoke unless necessary, which was to lay out the blueprint of their plan and relay the message to the pilots. On occation, he would remark Duo as "a huge idiot" or "baka" or "the braided lunatic", but neither of them really knew the subtext of these insults. Duo, on the other hand, would continue to mock Heero on with a wild, manic, lopsided grin, his braid flinging in every imaginable direction to land at Heero's face at point blank, which often times was the most effective way to distract Heero from any business he had at hand. To him, it was a challenge. And he always won.

"What I wished for?..." Quatre whispered wistfully as he glanced over to the silent pilot who drank his cup of cocoa by the unoccupied space in the railing. He too enjoyed the heavenly display, only secretly smiling to himself. Beside him was Wufei, the Chinese pilot, who seemed never to have lost his majestic composure wherever he went and whatever situation he was faced with. But the four others knew of his weakness. It was his Gundam, Nataku, which he devoted to his wife Meiran a few years back when he held her in his arms to die in peace. Duo loved to bribe Wufei into anything with the use of Nataku, and Wufei would, if not always, subject himself to Duo's schemes.

"Hah! If I were you, I would wish for him." Duo said, motioning his thumb at Trowa's direction, who seemed oblivious to them at the moment. Quatre blushed furiously and mocked an angry face as he looked at Duo sternly, but only much to the latters amusement. "That's not funny, Duo!"

Duo chuckled a light-hearted laugh. "C'mon, Q! Don't tell me you ain't got the nuts to go about it yet! You've been practically hounding him for the past few months!" Duo, carelessly said... as always. That was when he felt a sharp jab on his ribs.


The young American winced in pain. "Whatcha do that for?!"

"Shut up." was Heero's curt reply.

"Well..." Quatre stammered. "What would you wish for, Duo?"

That certainly took the American by surprise. Come to think of it, he never really knew what he wanted, until he met Heero.

"If you were to ask me, I would wish for something to get this baka to shut up." Heero said nonchalantly, eyeing Duo with suspicion.

"Hey, that's not fair! Heero, you're bad! But anyway, for one thing, I wouldn't want to be loveless this Christmas... what do you say, Heero? We go in and look for a mistletoe hanging from a ceiling?" he jeered, flashing the Japanese pilot one of his most charming and seductive smiles. That was enought to explain everything that happened for the rest of the night.

"Ei Quatre!" he heard his name being called. He looked around only to see Wufei and Trowa looking at him and the Chinese boy motioning him to come over. Only then did he remember than he still had his towel with him. He threw it aside on one of the chairs and walked towards his other co-pilots.

"So, do you think the saying is true? That every star holds a wish for us?" Wufei asked, looking up at the bright heavens.

Quatre smiled and nodded. "Yes I do, Wufei. But there is no guarantee that it will be granted, but I sure hope so in one way or the other!" he said, restoring his optimism. "What did you wish for?"

The Chinese's eyes gleamed with what seemed like passion. "For justice."

Quatre sweatdropped. And so did Trowa. Not at all very surprising, and they still had to ask. But come to think of it, he did make sense. Wufei had fought with them side by side for a long time, and he was particularly fighting for justice; for him and for many other people and the loved ones they lost in the never-ending war for peace. After all, Quatre thought, it wouldn't hurt if one would sacrifice a wish for the sake of those who cannot wish or dream for their own good anymore. And with the grace of God, would hopefully someday come true.

"What about you, Quatre? You have almost everything you can ever wish for. In this house alone, you can live without having to fear that some wandering bastards would take it all in one sweep. It would take them two whole months!" Wufei joked, raising a mischievous eyebrow at the Arabian. All this time, Trowa remained silent.

"No Wufei. Wealth is not what I really need. I may have a kingdom, but it would be useless if only the cold granite walls are my only subjects." he said, exibiting his poetic justice.

"Then what is it?" the Chinese asked once more.

"I wouldn't want to tell you! It won't come true then if I did!" he laughed, but deep in his heart, he wanted so much to tell this one particular boy of unknown origin that stood beside him now that it was he that Quatre wanted to give him warmth during the cold nights, protection during the war, and love like no other man or woman has given him before. And vice versa. He was fortune's fool, as he once called himself out of whim, for having given in to the boy's silent charms.

True, he did not possess Duo's gift of tounge and brilliant violet eyes, nor Heero's murderous glare that dripped with venom, nor Wufei's sense of justice and the highest among the almighty principles, nor his own angelic dimensions and wealth of several nations combined. To Quatre, Trowa seemed to have surpassed all these characteristics that he and his friends had. He had the grace of a lion, the stealth of a panther on the prowl, and the stare of a wiseman, all hidden behind a mask of silence and a handsome face which seemed so much more interesting than Duo's cherubic attributes. All of which made Quatre yearn to learn more about Trowa.

In a short while, the heavenly spectacle ended, adding up to almost 10 minutes of light and dance of the stars. The huge crowd of Magnacs returned to their quarters, bowing as they passed their Master Quatre and wishing him good night. His other friends had turned in as well. All except one. As the crowd dispersed, Trowa still stood near the balcony railing but had set aside his cup to one of the tables that lined the balcony's side.

"Hey, aren't you going in yet? It's pretty cold out here." Quatre asked in barely a whisper.

"Maybe in a while. I need to think things over." Trowa replied.

"Things?" Quatre asked innocently. "Like what?"

"What I wished for."

"Tell me, maybe I can do something about it if it doesn't work in Heaven." Quatre tried to jest, seeking out the light mood of the moment, which seemed to have had disappeared with the stars. To him, at least. Being along with Trowa was more tensed and frightning than to be faced with a guerilla of mobile suits.

He half wished that he hadn't been there outside, but the better half of him wanted to stay and to see for himself what was to be the greatest joy in his life.

"Alright then, tell me if I'm the kind of guy that's worthy to love and be loved by an angel." that was all he said, and Quatre seemed to have drifted off in a valley of stars.

The Arabian slightly laughed after his reverie, not exactly knowing what to tell Trowa. But he had always wanted to confront this boy with his feelings, only he had to hide it with other circumstances and situations. Now seemed to be the perfect time.

"Of course you are. What's not to love?" he began as he approached the taller boy in small, gliding steps, but kept a safe distance between them. "You're a good person, Trowa. No matter what you say or do, you'll always be Trowa to everybody... to me. The kind and gentle boy who has never failed to catch somebody when he or she falls."

'But will you catch me if I fall for you?' Quatre asked Trowa in the silence of his mind, dreading that he might never know the answer in his entire life.

Without thinking, he asked, "Who is it that you wished for anyhow?"

The taller boy smiled. He reached out his hand to Quatre's face which the Arabian held with his two hands. And then, he found his answer.

"I wished for you."




Hope you liked it! I know it doesn't have the single hint of the holidays except somewhere in the first paragraph, but just think about it as that, ok? It's a rough draft, so it's still subjectable to changes.


Happy Holidays, minna!