Title: System Crash.
Part: 1/4 (or at keast there damn well better be only 4 parts)
Pairing: 1+2 3+4 5 (I;m beginning to feel sorry for Wu man…..)
Notes: ah yes, more ramblings of the obsessed/possessed….OR in other words, a Day in the life of Sunday. Actually, jus thought that I would write the ficie to go with the piccie on my page:



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System Crash
By: Sunday


We stared at the door…as it burst open, allowing through it, a single figure, clad in a thick cloak, face hidden behind the hood. Behind lay the bodies of the Oz soldiers.

"What the hell?" Quatre's voice trembles…I briefly glance over at the boy…his features older. The almost feminine face having resolved itself into that of a soldier. He stands shakily to his feet, shielding us from the shadow. I glance at the other two…Trowa laying unconscious in Wufei's lap…His hair cleared from his face, as blood pours down the side of his cheek. His figure long, stretched out on the shorter man's legs. Wufei, hair loose stares forward at the mysterious stranger. His white clothign covered in dried blood.

A mechanical voice calls out.


"We will live. Who are you? Who sent you?" I answer calmly…this has happened too many times…Us getting caught only to be rescued by one of the doctors'…experiments…apparently we are a more important investment then any of us would have believed.

The figure's head lowers...it steps forward, calmly. "You know me well enough to realize…that I usually send myself." The figure settles beside Trowa, before lifting him effortlessly….so close…I reach out a hand to slip off the hood…before something catches my wrist…I stare at the wires that hold my arm away from the hood…the figures dark face turns to me…hidden, somewhere in the darkness.

"Curiosity killed the cat." It drones…and I watch the wires tighten painfully, before letting go. "Follow me…you have exactly five minutes to leave, before this building is reduced to trash." Is that a chuckle...? it sounds almost like laughter…. I stand, a bit wobbly…the pain in my legs reminding me of the tortures…the fact that my muscles refuse to heal as they did once….five years ago…when all this stupidity was to have ended. When he was destroyed.

Quatre, leaning heavily on me, pulls himself up, following behind his lover's body. I sigh, before setting out behind the creature's fast pace.

"Stay." The voice commands. I frown. Something is not right. No, not that following strange creatures is right, but after five years of staring some of the doctor's experiments in the face…I have learned that nothing is too bizarre…or too inhumane. I scowl. All those `things' that they had used to replace him with….some humans with weird inabilities, or were those abilities? Others no more human then the gundams….in the end they had died, some self destructing, others breaking down…others captured by Oz…and some…some that decided to be persistent and survive the first few missions…those met unfortunate accidents. I wonder if this is another one of those things…it seems like the doctor's style. But this one is too much of a thinking creature, too careful for simple AI…too calculating…too knowing?

There is something exceptionally wrong with this.

The creature molds out of the shadows, and melts into the light of the hall…all I can do is watch as the soldiers round the bend, coming face to face with the hooded…man…I believe. The mechanical voice, appeared to be that of a male.

One hand raises to them….the cloth exposing the smooth pale skin, normally hidden….that is until the skin is covered in what appears to be some sort of mechanics…all giving off a low pitched humm…as if communicating with each other. The last sound any of the soldiers would hear, as a blast of light sheared through their bodies. I can hear Quatre gasp out from behind me.

"Again, I ask…what the HELL is that thing?"

The thing swings around…clearing an entrance into a hangar. Once more the mechanical pieces, like spiders over rotting fruit, move over the skin, forming into some sort of pole…ending it with a crude blade…


The creature swings the weapon around deftly…slicing through line after line of Oz men….the mechanical voice gone….covered over with a hauntingly familiar laughter…he extends the blade above himself, before bringing it down like a hammer, through the skull of another. The hood falls back, allowing the heavy braid to fall lose, swinging freely like a snake, as the boy danced through the blood…before us. His eyes glowing violet …his pale skin marred in some areas, by the bizarre wiring… He grins, just like he had in all those old photos.

"Well, gentlemen….long time no see…or rather, you have not seen me…I have been watching you…for years now." He grins. "Anyone up for trying to kill me today?…no? Heero…you gonna let this mission go unfinished…he laughs…before throwing the scythe through one of the doors. The whole wall explodes under the impact of the metal.

"Aha! What would you have said about that half a decade ago? Oh yes, That Maxwell boy, all light and tricks…" his grin becomes dangerous, a challenge… "I guess I have become quite the magician…you know, you have to become the magician before you become death…" he laughs again "Your way out…if you plan to live I suggest you use it."

Within moments he jumps up, and lands on one of the rafters of the ceiling….30 feet up in the air…before skittering away. I simply stare…no longer able to imagine…to believe. I had hoped that he had survived this long…but now…

"Heero, lets go." Quatre's cool voice brings me back. Cool voice…when he was last here…what has the time done to us?

I nod, following the blond, that now, with Wufei's help, drags his lover's body. We are outside when the chaos of the `thing'…no, Duo…takes over the base. Lightly I grab at the crucifix that hangs around my neck, hoping for some sort of empty reassurance…