Title: Stabbing back and front
Author: Sunday
Pairings: R+1 RxD 1+H/H+1 1+2+1/1x2x1 3+4+3 M+5
Notes: there is only one relationship in this entire fic that is going to be expressed..1+2+1/1X2X1 Oh happy day, watch me fuck up exponentially. Watch the boys fuck up, and down, and sideways.and.and. oooh, I'm off topic.
Warnings: this is what I call 'happy slasher time' fanfiction, and so it is very evil dark shit. Or at least I hope that It seems like happy evil dark shit. Well one thing is for certain, this is shit. Joy.

THANK YOU TO SONY MOUSE AND NIKI CHAN!!!!! Tis them that I owe all of my sanity.


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"Mr. Yuy." Maxwell stood up, pushing out from behind the black marble desk of her office. Heero could not help but grin at the sight of the woman's office, Shinigami indeed. Everything was black, from the marble of the floor, to the black tinted windows. He briefly gazed behind the stunning woman's shoulder to admire the view of down town Tokyo. Not that there was much to see, smog had managed to settle over the lower region of the city, and all that was left was the overly colorful ad boards, hanging hundreds of stories in the air, and the constant flight of helicopters which darted in and out of buildings.

Nevertheless, a surprisingly large amount of noonday light managed to filter into the room, dancing across ebony floors, and onyx mirrors. His eyes shifted back to Duo, crawling up the silk robe that draped over the floor, as surely as it draped to her slim figure. The front was immodestly opened, giving him a glimpse of the creamy expanse of her breasts, and the top of the black panties she wore underneath the dark blue silk. His eyes finally rested on her smirking mouth.

"Miss. Maxwell."


"Aa. Duo.forgive me. I was wondering if you had accepted my fiancée's offer?" Heero intoned, sitting in one of the rooms numerous leather chairs. He crossed his denim-clad legs at the ankle, and readjusted the white shirt he was wearing.

"She sent you all this way to ask...surely, you could have simply phoned." The woman's laughter rang through the room. Heero merely smirked in response.

"I though that this would be more in favor of both our interests." Carefully he stood, and approached the woman that now perched upon the desk. Duo simply grinned, before crossing her legs, allowing the smooth expanse of thigh to show through the robe's slit. Heero's smirk grew. He was used to being his fiancée's whore. After all, he was easily one of the most beautiful men of the ECLIPSE, and Relena, being the strategist that she was, had no qualms sending him in to do her dirty work. Not that he found the job lacking in gratification. Even he had to admit feeling attracted to the woman that sat before him.

"Unfortunately, as much fun as this could be. I would far prefer if your sister were the one attempting to change my mind through sex. Or at very least, her brother. Sorry sugar, I prefer blondes." She giggled, before leaning over and kissing Heero, running her long fingers through his hair. "Besides, the decision hardly rests solely upon my shoulders." She slipped off the desk, allowing her body to slide against his, before walking over to the intercom. "Sweety, I believe that Heero here was attempting to seduce me into joining ECLIPSE." she grinned at Heero, her red lips stretching over white teeth. Slowly she regarded the man that was leaning against the desk, his expression showing no embarrassment over being found out.

The grin widened. Who knows, maybe she could rethink her little blond obsession.

"...so do I take his offer, or wait for them to send more men in." No response met her teasing tone. "I guess that means that I get to have my wicked way with you.or at very least.you could have your wicked way with me." Slowly she stalked over to him, pushing him flat against the desk, before crawling up to straddle his thighs. "So? Which will it be?"

"Why can't you make the decision yourself?" Heero's voice rings cold. She regards him critically, lowering her hand to his groin, and finding him hardly aroused.

"Amazing.usually most guys are too far gone to really care by now. I guess I should have thought more of you Mr. Yuy." She sighs, before attempting to slide off of him. She is stopped by a hand on her waist. "I did not say that I am not taking you up on the offer, rather I wish to discuss business, before pleasure."

"I see." The grin returns to her face, as she watched his red stained mouth. "Simple, I wait for Shinigami to make the decisions. This is his company. He is the eldest."

"I thought that you were Shinigami." Heero's eyes narrow, and he swiftly sits up, pulling her close, and kissing her deeply. Startled Duo breaks away.

"I am not Shinigami."

"I thought that Duo Maxwell was Shinigami." She gasps, as his hands travel into her robe, rubbing against her breasts.

"tsk.tsk, Mr. Yuy. It is there that your logic falls apart.you forgot to take into account liars." Her voice trembles a bit, and her breath comes in slight pants, before she manages to gain control over herself once more. "I am neither Shinigami nor Duo Maxwell." She grins wickedly, before kissing a startled Heero once more, and slipping off his lap, to gracefully land on the floor. She walks carefully over to the other side of the marble slab, and once more tries the intercom.

"Oh onisama, do come in, really, Duo-chan...I'm horny, and Heero is impatient, and I doubt that he will sleep with me, unless you clear this up." The pout in her voice never reaches her face. She slowly turns back to Heero, and raising a brow, closes up her robe. "and to think, we could have made such interesting noises together. Hmmm.oh well, you are not really my type. Maybe you are Duo's type. At least then, you will be able to return to your sister and tell her.. that you screwed at least one person for power." He snorts, before wiping her lipstick off his lips and slipping to the floor.

"Perhaps. Although if it is blondes that you like so much, I suggest that you speak to Relena's lover, Dorothy. I'm sure all three of you would get along nicely."

"Dorothy, and here I thought that it was all just a wonderfully erotic rumor. Heero Yuy, the man with the most potential power in the world, has a fiancée that goes out and screws other girls with a fanatic's glee. Tsk. Tsk. You should really watch that little wifee of yours...oh...unless of course you are too busy in other people's beds."

Heero smirks in response, confirming the black haired woman's suspicions.

"I think it hardly matters, the engagement was arranged, it has been well over five years since it began...one gets bored. Nevertheless, onto a more important matter, if you are not Duo Maxwell, then who are you?"

"Hilde. Shchilbaker. You may call me Azazel, or Hilde. But the latter only in bed."

"I'll. Remember that."

"Oooh, promiscuous aren't we...I did not say that you will ever get the chance."

"Hilde stop teasing ECLIPSE's whores, and get security. I want him out. NOW. Then I wish to have a chat with you."

Both of the room's occupants turned to the door. Hilde lightly padded over to the man glowering in the entrance, before throwing herself around his neck, and hugging him tightly.

"Onisama! Surely you don't mean that. After all, he came all this way to see me...well, you...but...Duoooo." She whined, pulling herself away from him, and opting instead to draw patterns with her nails, upon his naked chest.

"Hilde..." Her name is a sigh upon his lips, as he gently takes her hand, and pushes it down to her hip. "be good. The men on the fourth floor got a weapon shipment an hour ago, and need help with inventory. Half don't even know how to assemble some of the guns there. You are handy with these things go help them." He quickly leans in, gives her a hug, and places his lips upon her forehead, before she dashes out of the room.

"And change that damned outfit of yours before you do go." He calls after her, before closing the door behind him, and once more facing Heero Yuy. "Sit." Heero smirks, before settling on one of the leather chairs in the room. Duo walks up to the desk and leans against it, crossing his arms over his chest. Heero grins at the family resemble, both, it appears, have the same lounging skills. "What do you want Yuy?"

"I need Shinigami to join ECLIPSE. It truly is that simple."

"What do I get for it. I mean, if it was Quatre or Trowa that they sent, then I could gain shares, if it was Relena, then I could gain prestige, if it was Wufei or the Lady Dragon, then I could gain interesting trade routs. You, Mr Yuy, have neither wealth nor prestige. You are Odin Lowe's son, and everything he owned went to your guardian. You have nothing you can spare, and still meet he minimum requirements of ELIPSE, And if you even think of whoring yourself to me, think again."

Heero's smirk grew bolder, the young man had said a few things that would have stung at one point, but now the playing field had changed. "I believe that youare behind on the news. J is dead."

"Bullshit. I get the news every fucking half an hour. How the hell would you know.? you've been here screwing my sister for the past two."

"Don't ask questions that you don't want answered." Heero watched comprehension wash over Duo's face, before the young man sat in the chair opposite to his.

"Very well then, Yuy. What do you have to offer me?" Duo's voice was low and dangerous.

"The vice president position of ELIPSE. Relena will not be in need of it shortly, and no other will vie for the position once she is... removed."

Heero watched as Duo leaned back in the chair, his chestnut locks no longer within the confines of his braid, spilling over his shoulders, and over the black leather. His soft lips where pursed, and his violet eyes regarded the ceiling. Duo was an attractive man, one that Heero would not mind at his side, furthermore the fact that his sister had used him as a bodyguard more then suggested his ability to take care of himself and others. He had instantly recognized the young man from the party. Although he was surprised on how different he could look with a change in hairstyle, and without the dark glasses... nevertheless. "I'll consider it."

"Don't consider for too long." Heero stood to leave in a swish of denim, and pride. His exit, however, was stopped by a hand upon his wrist. Duo gazed back at him, his violet eyes heavy lidded, from his seat. The man seemed to had sunk into the soft cushions of the chair, and was now gazing at Heero with ill hidden lust.

"...and here I thought that mood swing where left for the women."

"Aa. Well, I guess that it is the hair, it seems that it has a bad influence on me." Duo chuckled low in his throat, as Heero stalked back up to him, leaning over the other man, and placing his lips upon those of the other. "cherries.." Duo whispered as he broke away, pushing Heero into the opposite seat. "...my sister wears that lip gloss." He looked thoughtfully at Heero for a moment, before standing and heading for the door. He looked over his shoulder, his unbound hair cascading past his hips, to brush against his knees.

"Well Heero, are you planning on joining me, or do you intend to sit around and gape all day?"

Heero smirked, before once more pushing up from the chair. His dignity, although ruffled, still intact. He had never failed in inducing lust in another. It was one of many things that he had been trained by Odin to do. He was not stupid. He knew how this game worked. First you divided the mind form the body, then you conquered both. It was a battlefield, and for one that did not have the economic wealth that the others of ECLIPSE presided over, his weapon was one that he had thorough knowledge of.

Of course.

J was dead.

Thus the playing field would be shifted once more, and he planned to shift it in his favor.



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