Title: Stabbing back and front
Part: 1
Pairings: R+1, 1+2+1, 4+3, 5+OC,
Notes: Ummm…this is what happens when I watch too many weird shitty movies. Also I got kinda sick of my first person stuff, so I wrote this. Mind you, it does not explain the AU…ummm…let us just say that I am trying new things…umm…is that any good of an excuse?
BTW, this is not a vampire fic…I just hate the word mayor. Ppft…mayor…pfft…that sounds so political, and ELIPSE is so…economic. Furthermore ‘chimera’ was the name given under the poking and prodding of a friend…thnx Pomento, you r the best!!!!
Ummm….yeeeeessssss. I dunno, just imagine all the characters on the zero system, in REALLY good clothing, and you will have what I am attempting to portray here. Bah, I suk, bah.

NY way, the name is supposed to portray total betrayl...you jknow, an enemy stabs you in the back, a friend stabs you in the front. HA, so there is a lotta stabbing going on. Heero: that is lame.

Warnings: Shonnen ai, AU AU AU AU, ummm…EVILness.

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Stabbing back and front (part1)


The fog covered the lowest catacombs of the city, shielding the roads, and the lights from prying eyes, allowing only glimpses, like illusions, to pierce the thick moist mist. Above that, the skyscrapers rose like the bones of dead things from the clouds, appearing like some sort of lunatics version of heaven.

Above that, above all that, on top of one of the roofs, the world was a dark curtain, covered with pinpricks of light, shining both within the onyx abyss above, and the obsidian void below…natural and artificial.

Heero sighed, his breath condensing within the air, as quickly formed as it was blown away by the wind. He looked down from the perilously angled roof, upon which he perched, and leaned further into the supporting wall.

New York. He had to grin, of course, the city had grown to out build, out populate, and out scum every one of the other slums of earth, even Tokyo bowed before its prowess, beneath the aplomb that the city radiated like a sick aura. Not that he was in any way disenchanted, it held his attention and wonder as surely as it did the first time that he had seen it. Even then, still young, and ignorant he had wanted it, more then he had ever known to want anything before. He longed to own the light buildings, the watery streets, and the darkened shadows of its alleys, and this time there was little that could stop him. He frowned. The master of the city was getting old, and that just made him more weary, he had seen him, tall proud, like the city he owned, and the idiots that he ruled…never the less. He could not be underestimated, Heero remembered the last time he had met the man face to face, the taste of bitter defeat still lingered on his tongue. He hated him, and what he hated died, painfully.

“Heero.” The doctor’s cold voice carried out the window and to his wayward charge.

“J.” Heero turned away from the sight, and pulled himself back in through the window, landing on the black marble floor with an acrobat’s ease. He gazed at his guardian dispassionately, J master of god damned New York, and soon to be a corpse. The only problem, of course, was the implementation of the murder, a way as to make the death seem natural, after all, Heero did not feel up to being removed from the will. The young man smirked, as he pictured the older man’s dead body…so simple, to remover his only obstacle, and of course, with the man’s death ECLIPSE would also be his. And with ECLIPSE in his belt…well to say that the earth sphere would be his, would be an understatement.

But for now, eclipse remained wanting. Not everything was in its pigeonhole, and generally that form of tension would only result in cleavage of the tight union. They where, of course, missing most if the underworld.

“Yuy. I need you to be presentable in this next bloody meeting.” J’s blue eyes sparkled coldly from behind steel sunglasses. His white hair was tied back efficiently in a ponytail, contrasted greatly with the black suite he wore. He regarded Heero’s black dress pants and tennis shirt in disapproval. “We are having a new member join us tonight, Shinigami.”

“Well, is that not the most wondrous news of the evening.” A light voice pierces the air, vibrating off of the fine crystalline glassware, post the marble tables, sinking deep into the room’s plush rug.

“Relena.” She smiles in response, walking silently towards the two men.

“So Shinigami arrives. Ah, the underworld. I cannot think of a more welcome darkness.” She smiles, as her pale hand loops through that of her Grandfather’s. Une and Noin, silent as death’s shadows walk in behind her, guarding the petite blond, watching her moves.

Relena, in response, simply smiles at them beatifically, it is all fake, of course. The woman is hardly the innocence she seems to embody. Each of her careless gestures, her nervous habits, she had rehearsed countless times before. All of them used to manipulate another, to ensnare one more, to convince yet another victim that the spider is only a butterfly. Her venomous words as sweet upon her pallet as another’s ear. “Of course, the fact that such a known…oh, how to put this…master, has been interested in our little group is quite, impressive. On our part, at least. Never the less, it is doubtful that one such as Shinigami would come of their own volition. Therefore, may I ask whom it is that we owe the honor?”

“Baron.” J’s clip shatters her carefully set web of words. She pouts in response, angered at the interruption, but does not comment, instead, her spider like fingers stretch out to ensnare more of J’s jacket, and she attempts yet another one of her sweet looks. Her long legs stretch out from beneath a full maroon skirt, and her toes meet each other, as she retains her childish look.

No one who saw her would know of the gun hidden at her thigh.

No one would think that she would use it.

No one would get close enough to her to try.

“Grand-pa…Cat, HATES Shini-sama. She does, she told me so at dinner.”

“Trowa was doing the begging.” J strokes his chin, as his eyes narrow. Even he can see the strangeness of the situation, the absolute wrong of it. Trowa Baron does not kneel before anyone, lest of all the head of a crime organization. “It is disturbing that the man would see Shinigami as such an asset. We cannot assume that we know everything, then. Shinigami, could very well be much more then any of us bargained for, and the fact that Baron knows of this Master’s position in far more detail then we, is disturbing.”

“It could be a set up.” Heero intones, arms crossed over his muscled chest. He gazes dispassionately at the two women standing at the door, before turning back to his guardian, and his fiancée.

“Baron would love to be in charge of this organization.”

“Heero, honey, don’t be silly. We can hardly criticize Trowa for his little… groveling. After all, we are not to worry about him and his information.” The smile vanishes from her face, as he untangles herself from J’s arm. Carefully, she brings herself to the marble table, and rests her hip upon its side.

“rather we should worry about Shinigami doing something of this sort. Of course, our Shinigami has no interest in petit underground coalitions. Instead another one is being formed…and guess whom I believe to be the head?”

“Duo Maxwell.” A cold voice fills the room, the no nonsense tone intensified by the emphasized tapping of high-heels on marble. “Please, everyone knows of the underground’s darling, he has been undermining the traditional way for years, and the drug trade has gone to hell in a hand basket” The slim Asian woman, saunters over to Relena, and gives the fair girl a peck on the cheek. “Wufei has been going absolutely rampant …ranting and raving here and there…forgetting his duties…”

“Hardly, onna.”

The woman laughs as her husband’s arms encircle her waist. His black silk robes setting off her red business suite. “Chang. I suggest that you remove yourself from my person whilst we are in public.”

“You liked it, all of a minute ago.”

“Ah yes…another minute come and gone. What is now, is hardly what was. But it is pointless to remissness.”

A voice whispers through the room, as Quatre enters.

“Ladies, Gentlemen…the next man or woman, to insult my husband is sure to have quite a problem with breathing in no time at all. We too have found ourselves aiding in the building of these treaties. It would be unwise to turn against two of the members.” The words ‘most powerful’, although not spoken hung in the air, as the young man gazed coldly over the shocked faces in the room. “Trowa and Cat will join us within moments.” J nods, before indicating to Une that the party is to start, watching as the woman turned and left in search of those that where to ready the dinner, and provide the entertainment.


Even over the sound of the music, the swish of a silken violet gown could be heard. The woman that entered was beautiful, her slim figure covered by the shining violet material that clung possessively to the voluptuous curvature of her figure, accentuating her long legs, and graceful posture. Soft black hair curled around her face, and her large blue eyes gazed critically at the occupants of the room.

“Duo Maxwell, I presume?” She turned quickly at the voice, setting her cool eyes on the older man, her glossy red lips pursed.

“Yes.” She smiled brightly, before waving at one of her bodyguards to come to her. “Duo…Maxwell.” The name rolls off her tongue, as she offers her hand in a handshake. J bows lightly before bringing the hand to his lips. “Miss. Maxwell, may I have the pleasure of introducing you to my son, Heero.”

She smiles at the man standing stiffly behind his guardian, in return he offers a polite bow.

“A pleasure.” She smiles more brightly when the called bodyguard stands behind her. His tall figure covered in a tight shirt that leaves little to the imagination, and black dress pants. His well-polished shoes gleam from beneath the material of the pants. Heero gazes up at the tall youth, staring at the long braid of chestnut hair that falls to below the other’s waist, and the face that is dominated by a pair of black glasses.

“Azazel, will you be so kind as to stay with me for the rest of the evening. I dare say that noone else is in need of a partner.” She addresses the man, on noticing Relena hovering protectively at Heero’s side. The man simply bows and smiles in a way that makes Heero uneasy.

Neo New York is not what one would think it to be. Its shining mirrored skyscrapers failing to reflect the dark underground of the city. its black alleys and rotting foundations. New York is not the only city in such a state, rather it is the embodiment of a universal trait, one that screams of anger and revolution. No one doubts the fact that a war is about to occur, but there are many that would prefer one not to happen. It is in their best interests, and what is most important for the members of the ELIPSE’s four, is what the Earth sphere will fight for.

Trowa Barton is only one man was a but he and his sister, are both revered and feared through the earth Sphere. The twins become the heads of a company known only as Chimera, with the untimely demise of their father. He and his associates had built the foundation for the most powerful coalition of assassins known to man. The killers that are supplied by the twins work almost exclusively for ECLIPSE. They are competent, and efficient. Non have failed. Furthermore, the two did not lack connections, Trowa is known to be the lover of Quatre Winner, owner of almost all the fucking colonies in the known universe.

Quatre Rabarba Winner owns more corporations then is possibly legal, and is the proud proprietor of almost twenty monopolies. His immense wealth stretches even further then the colonies, touching the Middle East, and rooting itself within the heart of Arabia. His immense wealth borders that of his once greatest enemy, and now most trusted ally, Chang Wufei.

Chang is most likely the coldest and most calculating of ELIPSE’s four. He and his wife had not once hesitated in merging their clans, they hesitated still less when the merged clans had enveloped all of the traditional colonies, and large parts of Earth’s China. The efficient, and often brutal, takeovers had earned the couple the name of ‘Dragon’.

The last of the four had been Odin Lowe, by far the oldest, the man had died leaving his son to take his place. Heero never shunned the position, many would have killed to be in his shoes, among the four most powerful groups of men and women in the world. Never the less he still felt inferior, after all, he owned fewer businesses, corporations and other such trinkets then the others, simply because much of his estate had gone to J. Odin was an idiot. He had underestimated the old man, and probably believed him to relinquish the hold on his past properties, when his son matured.

He had been wrong.


* * *
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duo: Nifty, I get to be evil.
Heero: is it my turn to die in the fic?
Heero: because I want nothing to do with it...maybe I should go wax the roof that your morphed me likes so much.
Heero: Duo...RELENA is my fiancee...eww.
Sun: such conviction.