title: slaves emotional and otherwise
part: 5 (whole)
Author: Sunday
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Slaves Emotional and Otherwise
Part 5



Danger, that is the only thing that my clouded mind can comprehend, even as the thick tendrils of sleep induced fog remain firmly fixed on my body. Something is off, I can feel it, something far more substantial then the nonexistent foot prints that had seemed to circle around our camps…all of it…all of it that Duo had regarded with almost a feral grin and simply replied that it was nothing. Nothing. NOTHING does not stalk travelers from the moment that they had began traveling the edge of the forest. And that is precisely what this '‘nothing'’ had been doing to us for the past three days. Three of hard riding through Daleith’s desert plains and now three moving thorough the swamps at the edge of the forest, all to get to the fortified city of Koszmary…the last known human inhabitation in these parts. I sigh sitting up from the cold grass…another crack…something is nearing the camp.

I know that I am not the least attentive here, Wufei may not be a tracker, but he has superb hearing…Quatre is a musician, the man has an affinity for sound, of any sort. He can identify birds, from a kilometer away…let alone hear…what was that?

Another, whatever it is , it is getting closer.

Nothing, did he say that it was nothing, or ‘a nothing’…perhaps it was the latter, and my mind simply dismissed it as a quirk of his speech, after all, he is not native of my language…nor I of his…but he speaks eloquently, surely such a simple mistake is not an unconscious one…

I slip to his side, and watch his eyes snap open…



“Why are you here?”

“there is something close to the camp.” Another snap of twigs…he looks around a bit startled, but not as much as I should have hoped he would be.

“It is…”

“I know, a nothing…how would I go about hunting and killing it?”

“Hunting it…” his malicious chuckle rings colder then the night on my skin. “It has been hunting us for days now.”

I clench my teeth, I will not kill him, I will not kill him, I will not kill him…right now.

“What do nothings eat?”

He pauses, tracking something in the pitch black of the night, his eyes gleaming in the dying embers of the fire.

“Horses…usually…unless it is young, in which case it might try one of us.”

“Oh? Why would that be?”

“Nic…nic hate human flesh, but don’t realize it until they eat some…”

Another crack, and I am slowly becoming worried…nic? I can guess from the noise that it is making, that it is fairly large, probably capable of self preservation, if not fighting back, otherwise it would hardly be as careless…or…or it is too young to realize that it is being stupid.

“Wake the others…” His voice is a whisper.

“The ‘others’ are awake.”

I look up to see Wufei standing behind Duo…He looks around…a fog is rolling in it appears.

“There is something wrong…Duo…what is going on?” I look down at the boy, his eyes are wide, and he is looking around…he stands up quickly, gabbing his weapon. From somewhere a swish of grass…there is no wind, something is moving within the fields.

“This one is either very green, or insane…” His voice wavers “…it had stayed in the forest up until now, so I thought that it was after the horses…waiting for them to walk to the edge…this one…this one came all the way to us…”

“So it is either very interested in our horses…or us.”

“Let us hope it is the first.” Quatre is standing in the clearing, his sword drawn. He is looking around, with the likeness of a wolf sniffing the air. “Why are they called nic?” he adds.

“Because, when they are done…that is all that is left…nothing. No one sees them coming, no one sees them going…and no one lives to tell about it if they do.”

“So what exactly are they…” Wufei’s face snaps around in the direction of another sound…closer…surer of itself.

“Imagine a wolf…” Duo pauses, worrying his lower lip. “…shit…imagine a wolf the size of a horse.” Wufei nods, his eyes shadows in his pale face. Quatre simply takes in a deep breath.

“We let a horse loose…and one of us doubles up on a horse…then we ride to the nearest dwelling…how fast is it?’ My voice falters. Shit, if this is true, we might not even get to the damned town…then again Duo does have a sick sense of humor, for all know, he could be exaggerating…I look at him once more…and find myself unable to tear away the gaze…his face is pale, and his eyes are darting left to right, almost frantically.

“No…we won’t outrun it…if we run then it thinks us a challenge…and if it bothered to come all this way one horse…hell, all the horses will not dissuade it…I think it wants us.” He takes in a ragged breath…looking into the darkness…” the sounds have stopped…”

“It is still here though…” I look at Quatre…sometimes he amazes me, his strength…he is able to almost see other creatures that may be around.

“Hai, that he is…and from the looks of it, this one is old…that was a show, he was scaring us.”


Duo clenches his hands harder around the staff of his scythe. “to make us run…or make the horses ru…the horses!” He whips around and starts in the direction that the beasts had been chained, only to be stopped by Wufei.

“If they are not making a racket, and something is this near…then they are already dead.”

“Shit…this one must have lost it…shitshitshit.” He takes a deep breath. “…okay….you three stay here, and I will go…ummm…kill it.”

No fucking way is that moron going to sacrifice himself…he is vital to the mission, and I will not have him going to kill himself. After all, no one else can find their way around those mountains…so surely.

“I’ll go instead.”

“Bull…Heero, I have killed one before.”

“And nearly died doing so.”

He looks at me as if I had grown another head “The marks that you have on your body, the ones that mark you as a slave, they were not made by a whip.”

“What can I say…it has mean claws.”

“which is why I ma going to help you.”

“No way, he will see Wufei and Quatre and try to kill them.”

I hear Wufei snort. “We started this together, I say we end it together. Ne? SO why don’t the two of you stop being idiots, and help Quatre and I dispose of it.”

I nod lightly, before we head into the thick grass, Duo leading. He pulls his hair out of his face, and briefly stops, sniffing the air.

“Anyone else hear that?” he turns around, gazing back at me, past me, and I watch as his eyes widen in horror.

“Oh shit, oh shit Heero…oh Black master, help us…”

I look over my shoulder…only to find them gone. A scream pierces the air, and before I even have a chance to think, my legs are carrying me towards the sound.

Duo had not once over exagerated the beast stands, his tail raised in dominance, his great wolfish head starign at Quatre. Gray lines run down his sleek neck, fading into the onyx of his fur coat…and Quatre, his hair silver in the night, his hand raised, and a warcry at hi slips charges.

He does not seem to move, the beast, at least five times his size, and innumerable times heavier leaps upon him, and I can only watch in horror, my feet frozen to the dewed grass, as Quatre slips, falling hard on his back. The monster jumps, and lets out a roar. The sound something between the cry of a cayote and the bark of a dog, it slinks further into the grass. Its black coat fading into the shadows, like the onyx of the sky kissing the murk of the horizon. Even the blood seeped into the parched earth is black, the only color, the silver of Quatre’s hair, as he lays unmoving on the ground.



My legs moved faster then I ever thought possible, nearing to the golden hair, splattered with blood.

His pale skin marred with the sickly red.

Oh God.

* * *

“Heero, get up you idiot….Wufei is about to throw a fit.

I look up at the smiling blond boy, as he pushes his shoulder length blond hair out of his face.

“Quatre…if he wants to speak to me, he can find me..”

“In the rotting hell of the library. Yah, we all know that…now come out and have a bit of fun.”

I smile up at the boy that I can truly call my brother. His eyes sparkle with mischief…as he opens the door to let me out of the library. I walk out cautiously…it is then that I hear it.

My feet are frozen to the ground, as a bucket of water is dumped over my head.

I sigh…glaring at Wufei, as he looks at his nails nonchalantly…ignoring the bucket in his other hand…as he lounges against one of the marble walls of the palace. The sunlight hitting his well sculpted face. Those two are the only ones that understand me. Not that I care at the moment, because they are about to die VERY elaborate deaths.


* * *

I think that they have always been my laughter, even when I did not realize that I had the capacity for it. “Quatre!!” I fall to my knees in front of his body, picking up the still warm boy into my arms.

“n-nuh..’eero..’he ingy, dead?” I look down at the slightly groggy boy, as he stares at me through half lidded eyes. His heart beating strongly against my chest.

“YOU IDIOT!!! Don’t ever scare me like that again!” I hug him tighter, reveling in the feel of his warm skin. Everything forgotten except for the overwhelming relief that I feel…he is not dead.

“’ever knew you ‘ared…’eero.”

I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder…looking up I gaze into Wufei’s eyes…they have always seemed so understanding. Even when I was the baby, the one that was so naïve, he was always there to support…to take care of me. Funny, that the successor would be the one that would taker care of the one that could not care for himself.

But he always did.

I think it has something to do with his Justice rants.

“Hey, cute and everything…but…” I look up as Duo walks casually towards the clearing. “…it’s dead…death blow to the stomach, what can I say…Blondie over here is one hell of a kamikaze bastard.” I lightly place Quatre, who still looks like hell, into Wufei’s arms, before calmly walking over to Duo.

He stares at me with those luminous eyes of his, the ones that have probably seen more then any mortal should.

“Heero…look I did not want to freak you guys out so I never…” I leave him crumpled on the ground, clutching his stomach, and panting for breath. Idiot. Somehow that did not reveal the tension I feel, instead it only made it seem worse. My muscles remain coiled, as I watch the cockiness fade from his face, watch it leak out of his being. Hands clenched I walk away, not stopping even when he apologizes in a painfully broken voice.

I look over at Wufei and Quatre, watching them interacting from the comforts of the shadows…Wufei had managed to get another fire going, and he was busy cleaning the blood off of the blond, who was currently pouting…Wufei was probably doing his ‘you scared me shitless, although I will never admit it, so I will rant about justice instead, speech’.

It is odd actually, the way that the three of us managed to get together. Wufei and I on such extremes of reality, but with such similar dispositions in some things…varying greatly in others. And yet, he always made it his duty to care for the one that would always get picked upon by his brothers.

I feel my stomach clench at that thought…my brothers.

There were three others.

The second oldest, who we always called the jester, because he could make anyone smile…never me though, only Wufei can do that…I think.

And then there was the sweet brunet, that tough me to love books, and spent the rest of his time trying to unteach me…after being threatened with death, by Wufei. I guess him and Quatre were trying in their own way to pull me out of my self imposed cloud of misery.

Maybe it is because I, since a young age, blamed myself for the death of my birth mother.

I was as baby…god…I was such a baby.

The second youngest…

I shiver…we never got along…he was so absorbed in…whatever it was that the was always doing. I think he was angry, because he blamed me for her death, blamed me for causing his time with her to be so much shorter then that which the others had.

Funny…my name, Heero. The lone soul, hero, that goes out and does something monumental. Alone, one…I wonder if she knew. That I would be her last, she called me ‘one’…

“Heero!!” Quatre looks up at me, happy to get away from Wufei’s self imposed requirement for an hour long speech. “where is Duo?”

I shrug, before stepping into the warm light of the fire. He looks worried.

“Is he alright?”

“As good as I ever was” he pants behind me. He gives a lopsided grin, before limping towards the fire, unhesitant, unaware of the glare I have trained on his back. Or perhaps, he is all too aware, seeing as he is doing everything in his power not to be in its way.

“Why are you limping?” Quatre inquired, holding a cloth to his face.

“I tripped…cut myself while I was at it too.” He grins again, before aiding in the bandaging of Quatre’s head. It appears that the blond had long since forgiven him. Not that this was unlike Quatre. Wufei too, seemed to understand Duo’s reasons for not disclosing the position of a potentially fatal beast to us. So why was I so angry?

What good would it have done for him to have told us of the Nic, if he thought that it was going to stay within the forest? All it would have succeeded in achieving, would be worrying Quatre, setting me on the edge, and then causing Wufei to hunt it down. I grimace.

Not that the lack of Wufei’s impulsiveness changed anything, when we would not come to the hunt, it appears that it came to us.

“I’ll keep first watch.” I look up, staring at Duo. “not that it is a long watch.” He adds after a minute. “the sun should be up in a matter of hours, and then we walk to the Nightmare city.”


The morning went smoothly. The carcass of the nic was gone before we had a chance to inspect it. Only some bones remained of what was a formidable beast. It appears that there were many scavengers within the confines of the forest, and non of them were afraid of the fire, and the four humans that had rested at its feet. Quatre stared at the bones uneasily, glaring at the bloodied stalks of grass that labeled the creatures passage.

“That was a rather big wound…I never realized…”

“Eh don’t worry about it Q-man, you did great! My own father would have had you promoted to king if he had seen what you did. You have the blood of a true Daleith.”

“How am I your country?”

“n-ever mind.”

He was unaffected, my coldness washed off of him like water off of rocks, and non of my coldness even touched upon his warm demeanor. It was as if nothing had happened, as if the beast had just appeared, as if Quatre had valiantly slain the beast, and we all lived happily after. I was about to stop the idiot and give him a piece of my mind, when we stepped out of the grasses and all thoughts were wiped from my troubled mind.



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