Title: Slaves, emotional and otherwise.
Author: Sunday (sun_sunday@yahoo.com or all_in_leather@yahoo.com)
Warnings: Shonnen ai (FOR REAL...woohooo!!!) 1x2...well whatya expect? Relena scene...I'm sorry everyone...she is evil, you know it, I know it...but it has happened.
Notes: After much coaxing, I have written part four...a wekk later..hark hark...anyway, it is long...as you can tell...and tedious, and non of the things I had promised for part 4 happen....cause I'm a dufus...and ...and Duo, the muse, fell asleep halfway through...hn...next time he does that I'm writing a 2xR.
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Slaves, emotional and otherwise
Part 4


He looks at me, violet eyes filled with anger…shame.

"Why did you not escape to your people?" Why am I asking…? trying to bring ideas into his head? Stupid. I don't want him to leave. I hate him. I hate him in ways I never knew I could hate another human being…but it is this hatred that my other emotions latch onto…emotions that had too long been suppressed, as I went about my merry way, raiding and pillaging. He looks away, past me…to the sky.

"Because I do not lie." His voice…almost a whisper…a sigh of the air upon autumn leaves. The sound of the sun rising…the sound of stars falling and night spreading…of fallen angels, and broken hopes.

I look at him…my arms crossed. Staring out into what was my home. Staring. And suddenly I want nothing more then to join the dead…to go down with them…to be with those that actually gave a damn about me. Who cared. Those I never cared enough to acknowledge...those that threw their emotions at me, with the same carelessness that I threw the emotions away.

"Duo…" He still cares about me…does he not? He saved me. Leaving me alone…without anything…perhaps only to humiliate me…so now I am left, at his mercy, to do as he pleases. Perhaps then, by saving my existence, he has proven his hatred.

"…you realize that I do not care for your forgiveness. The roles have changed. It appears that I am in your debt…but I assure you, breaking me will be no easier then it has been you."

He raises a brow…before cold laughter fills the air. I will have my revenge on those that had destroyed them… was that his promise too?

"I…I…that was officially the funniest thing you have ever said." He drops both his hands on my shoulders, staring me straight in the eyes…his violet…endless…like falling into deep waters…




"Hn. I am not an idiot. Nothing thrives on false hopes." He nods a bit…before releasing his grasp, and looking to the lit sky. The fires tinting it orange and red. He shrugs. "Heero, I promised…I promised to protect you, for as long as I live. Likewise, I promised my Love that I will not end my life meaninglessly. So let me put it to you this way. I want my country back, and I want revenge on you. Bastard. You want revenge on me for…I no longer know…for whatever reason it is that you hate me. We hate each other, which is fine by me. Never the less, we now have a common goal. The Koszmary stretch forming the border between the North Kingdom…and that of the South…they then appear in the province of Emanuel of the Edin. I want that province." His cool voice. Calm, collected…and yet the low pitch coloring his words in hues of warmth. I don't know why I am so drawn to it…perhaps they give warmth to the cold in my soul. The cold that I never knew existed, until the heat of anger warmed it.

"It is not mine to give." He looks back at me…the calculative gleam in those eyes, almost frightening…

"I want your personal guarantee that when I acquire those you will NOT attempt to take them away…for if you do…then only the Goddess herself will be powerful enough to protect you."

I nod…recognizing the gleam in the boys eyes. Murder. Hatred. Why must I have been born to this fate…to have all emotion surfaced in the hands of one that I no longer even can call an admirable enemy. HE is now far more then my equal…he is my mirror…me in a different light.. There is no move that I make, that he cannot mimic…but it is his ability to do so in just the slightest way differently…like the flipping of a reflection…that will cause me to falter. I cannot admire what mirrors me…I never have been able to…I never shall be. The fate, of one that detests his own reflection

"Agreed. But you help me regain the land lost."

He snorts "Not all of it…no army is large enough to take back all of that…the joint Kingdoms are ridiculously large…and quite open."

I nod. Looking back toward the land. "Then help me get what I can…"

"Hai." I glance at him, startled at his quick response.

"Anything in my power, Heero…I promised."

I nod. "Why?"

He grins at me…not the murderous smile I was

accustomed to, but rather something far more dark…mischievous…brooding. Like the movement you could have sworn you saw in the depth of the empty cave…within its thick darkness…that feeds upon the daylight like a starved animal. He shrugs, before sitting back on the horse. "Come on….we have escorts to turn back, and Quatre to warn."

"And then we move in to the Koszmary." His expression sobers.

"The nightmares…in the forest of dark." His smile disappears, and is replaced by concern. "Heero, I pray that you are strong enough…that my promise is not broken…for not even I can save you from insanity."

I nod…understanding. Koszmary…nightmares. They had named the mountains quite appropriately...they, dark, made of some sort of volcanic rock, that had been spewn from the bowels of the earth.. The place is still populated by springs that bring forth ash, and gases that could kill a man…that or, if inhaled, drive him to insanity. Not to mention the bizarre landscape…the strange creatures…all of it I had listened to when my Mother read me stories at night. Telling me of the darkness within those passes, as she had been told by her mother…and her mother's mother, before that…all of them stemming from the people of Delieth.

I mount my horse, before turning it back the way we came…giving the early sun one last look…knowing that it was at least four hours before sunrise….and then. I frown sadly. No amount of light will wake me from the nightmares that my life has become.


I don't understood what is wrong with the boy…he had fallen into himself…into his thoughts…and refuses to come out. I don't even know what caused it…all I suggested was that we get weapons. I had not expected him to look at me as if I had just suggested he gut his own mother.

"Duo?" Of course if it were not for the fact that the boy was vital for this mission, I would not be sitting with him in the corner of a wine cellar, in Quatre's castle. He had simply turned on his heel, and stalked out of the room…and I had followed him…stupid. What am I going to do? Listen to him? The maniac does not talk…he draws into himself. Even Quatre had looked stunned as the boy left…he had tried to intercept him, only to be pushed out of the way. "Duo?" I try a bit harder this time.


Well at least he can respond to outside stimuli. I sigh and shrug…leaning against the cool walls…underground…stone. Like some sort of strange burial place. I run my hands against the dry gravel floor…revealing in the quiet nothings…closing my eyes, to enjoy the sour smell the cellar produced. I smirk, when I feel him poke at my arm. His head rests on his knees, which are drawn to his slim chest.


"Hai?" he asks…his voice a bit more tense…as if he was trying to retain something…tears? No, not with this boy…anger, fury, rage…pure unbridled hatred. Yes…that is most likely what was hidden behind the mirrors in his endless eyes.


"I see."

"I doubt that you do…what truth will you dishonor to if you wield a weapon?" He looks confused. Before standing up, and leaning against the wall…looking down at me, as I stare up at him. All childishness drawn from his face, leaving behind emptiness that I had seen in no one but myself.

"It is not a promise…rather…I fear that once I reenter the battle…I shall never return."

So the boy is weak after all…not that I am surprised...even I am squeamish at the prospect of death at times…but war is war. And if the boy is any good he has not a thing to worry about.

"Duo, if you fear death…" His laughter cuts me off…bouncing off the walls of the small room…picking up intensity…mocking me from every angle…threatening… I jump to my feet, only to feel myself slammed into a wall, and a dagger pressing to my throat…the cold steel biting at my skin. So the boy intends to break his promise…it is fine by me…with all that I love dead, there is little reason in living.

"I think that I ought to mark you as you did me…we are partners now, whether we want it or not…married by both our actions and the actions of others…I repay you for your kindness…milord" I stare into those violet depths, readying myself for death…I smile…then allow my face to fall into its impassiveness. He raises a brow…before turning me so I face the wall…face pressed hard against the stone I had moments ago admired. To die like this. Alone. It seems too fitting…a meaningless death for a selfish life….I feel the knife slash at my back…somehow the pain there is far less then the dull throbbing within my head….my heart? I feel as if the meaningless organ was straining against my chest…in anger…sadness…hurt?


The knife leaves my back…so he wanted to hear me scream before I died…I would not give him the please…shit. Fighting back came to mind…but his movements caught me off guard…everything is catching me off guard…I am faster then this…smarted…stronger…and yet…yet all of my physical attributes are useless when faced with an emotional jumble that I cannot seem to sort.


But death does not come so easily to those as jaded as myself. That would be too easy… I turn to find him standing behind me, hands crossed, knife held, neglected, in one of those slim hands. He watches me turn, to face him. My murderer…my death. My life. Everything and nothing at all. I grin at him, cold searing…caustic…he mirrors me…before walking between two shelves disappearing into the shadows.

He does not mean to kill me…rather…like I had scarred him, he intends to mark me. The scales are balanced. I lean back against the wall…ignoring the wail of pain that my skin sets out…ignoring the fact that blood had stained my torn white shirt crimson…rather I am most interested in the shadows of where my dark love had disappeared. I watch him step from the darkness…it like melted tar, grasping a him, as he walked into the light…inviting him back into its oblivion…its cold. I smile…darkness calls upon her lover. And then I see it…the boy wields a scythe…its thick staff proving it powerful…its blade polished, shining in the light…adorned sparsely but with taste…the other side wields the blade of a spear…also sharp and deadly. My death had chosen a weapon.


I look at him…the day of the burial still fresh in my mind.

"Here in the catacombs of this place it seems that I had

found death." I whisper…smiling like no tomorrow. Darkness…someone once told me I have an affinity for it… he looks at me almost innocently…leaning upon the great weapon's staff…like a ribbon around a tree trunk.

"Why fear death…when I am it…"

"Shinigami." I whisper…how is it that he can look so…so …I shake my head, trying to clear the thoughts. "Quatre is waiting…"

The Man simply smiles at me, lays the weapon across his chest, and proceeds to climb the stairs.

"You really should have someone look at your back…" his voice thick and low…

He throws me his cloak which I carefully drape over my shoulders. "I'll live."


He shrugs at the comment, and continues up the stone stairs…moving towards the light…why do I want to stop him? Why do I have the urge to throw him back into those shadows where he looked so unearthly. Like an angel that had clawed its way from purgatory…come to purge all others from sin…or perhaps, in its anger…had come to damn us all. Well, fair demon, I have little soul to give you…but what I have, I will gladly share with you, chameleon.


"Duo, you are alrigh-, D-duo?"

The boy smiles again, shifting the weapon, allowing it's heavy head to slice downward, like a pendulum…completing a loop. Quatre looks stunned…he simply nods, before leaning a bit back, not so much as to appear rude, but enough to give him reasonable safety…he looks up at me.

"Heero…it appears that a group is fast approaching the castle…one of my men signaled, using the flames… we may be starting this battle sooner then anyone suspected…I shrug, pulling upon my cloak, so that it would further hide my bloodied shirt...

"Then we shall fight…after all…we have lost so much, what else is there to lose?"

"Ourselves." I turn to look at Duo, as he leans upon a chair, his face pensive, as he gazes down upon the weapon in his hands.


"We might drown in the blood that we are spilling…taint ourselves beyond imagining…it is one thing to fall an army in cold blood…fully another to fall them in fury…especially when so tragically outnumbered…where each kills more then he would


I know this feeling…this fall…the hot rage shearing through the senses…the absolute clarity of the world in war. Clarity. It is a false one at that…a clarity that speaks only of survival, and hardly of anything else…it pleads the falling of the other before you yourself are killed. The clarity of a face mirrored in well polished steel…of a blade cutting through someone whose life is as complicated and important as yours…someone seeing that same clarity. Like the deepest stillest lake…where you dive towards the bottom that seems to shine so sharply at the top…only to find that you miscalculated…and the bottom it too far down…and the air to far above….so THIS is what he is afraid off. Drowning in the death of war…and returning a live corpse…an empty shell.

"Then we hold on to what little we have…"

He sneers at me then…hatred. Possession. Viewing me like a tattoo, one that is no longer beautiful…rather a useless coloring…but cannot be removed because of its symbolism... "And what, exactly, do, we have…Heero?"

I gaze at him coolly…before taking his hand in my bloodied one…

"Common blood…each other."

Quatre nods…as he approaches the group…he grasps the coupling of hands.

"Hai…if one shall run out of breath…the other two will lift him to the surface…" the resolve in his voice causes us both to look up into his eyes, in them is painted acceptance…of one that is about to meet his fate…yet at the same time there is also hope…and perhaps even love…

A shout breaks us apart, as we stare at the man that had ran into the room.

"Sir…we have confirmed three horses…each carrying someone…the other twenty were shot down before reaching the edge of the border."

"Could it be that they are survivors?" I glance at Quatre… "…I realize that they may be treacherous…but if you say that there are merely three…"

"Kingdoms had fallen for less…" Duo's voice rings true in the room.

"Hai, and Kingdoms had fallen from the guilt of killing innocents as well…this is still beneath my power…I realize that you are the rightful owner, but I remain the appointed ruler…and until the crown is transferred…I command." I stare, startled at the steel in the boy's voice…and now his ability to rule so strongly is explained. Duo nods, before slinging the scythe onto a holder strapped to his back.

"Then we greet our guests…"


I watch now as the small group approaches the castle…their horses worn out…one with legs shaking gravely…ready to fall…and then the fist of the riders dismounts and removes his hood…and the only thing I can think to do is run to him and embrace him.


He smiles back at me in his caustic way. Holding me to him…and something within me...that had weighed on my chest for what seems like forever now lifts…and I feel somewhat safer. Somewhat more then I was.

"Heero…I had feared the worse for you…"

"And I you." I hold him tighter.

"Ehem…Prince He~ero…"

"I guess the worse has come with you…on a horse non the less…" I whisper…rewarded by his chuckle.

"I was hoping that they would have at least shot her down…" he whispers back…before releasing me and facing Duo.

"I am much in your debt…dear lady…" He chuckles as fury paints the other man's cheeks red. "…You keep your word, and for that, I am forever in your debt…"He turns to explain himself when he notices the blood on his palms.

"Later…" he nods, glancing back at Duo.

"And his debts are repaid." Duo smiles…the same smirk I have already associated with anger, deceit and vengeance…but most of all, with whatever resided beneath the calm surface of his face…or even the grinning façade. The soul that radiated from the eyes of the mask. Shinigami…the fair demon that holds the porcelain face of the prettiest of dolls…or maybe, he truly is that beautiful. Caustic humor and sadistic streaks included.

"I see…" He turns to Relena who he helps off the Horse…the young woman looks aghast at the sight of the blood staining Wufei's hands.

"It is nothing M'lady…" She breaks away from him before he has time to finish…instead latching tightly to my arm.

"Oh H-heero…I am…was…so scared! So many dead…oh it was TERRIBLE! It- I feel so safe with you here!" She bites her lower lip to keep from crying, as she childishly holds onto my arm. I sigh and roll my yes, sure that somewhere from the vicinity of one Prince of the Daleith, comes a dry chuckle…somehow I wish that it was his body pressed against mine…instead of this child princess, with all of her unrealistic notions…her naivete. I watch as Wufei turns to the last rider…the figure, removes the cloak to reveal yet another woman, this one proud, and obviously a warrior. She slips off of the horse in a fluid motion, before turning to her audience and making an efficient bow.

"My name is Sally."

I grin, recognizing her as the fiancée of Wufei… Surely she is a match to the caustic nature of one Wufei, as by her strong stature, her determined face, and the wicked gleam to her eyes.

"It is a pleasure to see you safe within these walls…please do enter the servants will take care of your needs."

"No thank you Quatre, I would prefer instead to discuss the advancement of the opposition forces…it appears that in the past week…since the departure of his Majesty, Heero…both the Kingdoms of the North and

South, and the Kingdom of Sank have fallen. We were lucky to escape along the coast…where we were less likely to be followed…never the less…" I nod, understanding now the pain they all must have suffered.

"Shall we continue this inside?" I ask, dislodging my arm from the clutches of the princess.


I look over the map, that she had deftly unfolded in front of us… ignoring the blood staining it. The blood of others. She looked at it impassively, before pushing her index finger upon the location of the castle.

"this is where we are now…I give them two weeks before they reach this location…they need you two dead. Or else, with the hope of the princes' survival upheaval will result. We have all been witness to what had happened here when news of the Princess' escape reached the ears of the commoners."

I watch indifferently as Duo smiles a grin of triumph.

"Why two weeks?" Everyone looks up at my voice…its low pitch still odd after the sound of the woman's.

"There is much rebellion throughout the provinces…therefore, they need to calm them, and this requires moving equipment and personnel. But, most impressively…" her smile grows mischievous "it appears that the swamps of Delaith, have been filled to the brink…getting here was a nightmare for a few men on horses…can you imagine the movement of an army?"

"Are they not used to the bagna*?' Duo pulls the long braid over his shoulder, playing with the tip, while staring at the map. He runs a finger over the borders to the north and south…and that of Edin…

"the Hell swamps keep most everything at bay…they got through…"

"During dry season…and as dry season comes there…the tides, and the runoff from the Koszmary causes the swamps here to overfill." He nods…. "then this is what we do…we move some men into the Koszmary…follow them through the border between North and South Kingdom…and then into the province of Emanuel, of Edin.

"Not a chance.." whispers Duo, gazing into Quatre's eyes. "The Koszmary…are not built for more then 7 inexperienced men…I cannot look after more then that…and even at seven…the chances of death are too great. The forest is unpredictable…" he grins, almost wickedly "Gentlemen…the Koszmary are just that, Nightmares…they are almost a thinking being…that is how unpredictable they are…and dangerous."

Quatre nods. "Then we take a few men…go in there, through them…and straight into the capitals…take their castles…and kill the royalty. The mountains encircle us all in a ring…though they are not quite as imposing in the North."


Thus, at the end, us four…Duo, Wufei, Quatre and Wufei, are to move into the mountains, and warn Duo's people…and then…and then just four of us, are to take on an empire. I grin. Those odds do not seem as unmanageable as they should.


"After all, we are human."

"Are we, Heero…are we really…" I pick up his lacerated hand.

"We all bleed red."

He grins. "So do panthers…bears…so do birds…so do vultures…animals."

I nod.. "But we are not simple animals, Duo."

"No, no you are right, we are more then animals, we are complicated monsters."

I pull away from him, from the coldness in those eyes. The unmasked despair…I know this…I feel it when I kill, when I live…while I die. "Monsters…hardly…surely?"

His chuckle is dry, he flings the scythe off of his crossed legs, allowing the cold steel to hit the passive floor, with an indifferent clang.

"In my nightmares…in the worst of my dreams…my monsters have the eyes of my father…the pouting lips of my mother. The bodies of the most desirable of humans…and your hands…your pale blood soaked hands…don't you see, these monsters…"

"You have no need to fear fantasies…they are just that, fleeting dreams…"

"No Heero, they are not…they are my reality. And considering what I have become…they are my role models, those that I have based myself on." He looks so sad then…I lift a hand to one of his sun burned cheeks…allowing my fingers to trail his jaw.

"I remember when I used to smile." He looks at me, his eyes filled with passionate indifference…a struggle for that mirror that allows nothing from behind it to shine through…allowing only for a reflection of the one that bothers to look…

"You simile…I have seen you do so." He whispers…removing my fingers from my face, and instead lifting his hand to run his fingers across my lips.

"No…I mean, really, smile."


"Before the monsters became me."

He nods…allowing the fingers to slip to my neck…to my collar bone.

"Then we are monsters together..."

"So what is left to fear…but each other…"

"And the emotions we feel."

I feel my heart skip a beat as he leans forward and places his lips upon my forehead…running his fingers through my hair, and lifting my face to look into his eyes.

"I can't bear to see myself anymore, Heero… all I see is blood…mine, other's…but it is always there, as sure as the hair on my head…and the blue of the sky."

"Then for once…lets forget that there are mirrors…let them shatter."

He frowns lightly…running his slender fingers over my chin…allowing them to trail to my temples, to my eye lids.

"Breaking the mirror brings bad luck…after all, everything that I feel anything for dies…" he lowers his head once more, resting his lips against my eyelids…allowing his exhale to warm the feverish flesh there. He moves away again.

"So are you going to allow yourself to rot behind the glass instead?"

"I already have."

I stare into those eye, deep and still…as if ice had crept over them…and yet, even in the most bitter of winters…a lake, no matter how thick the ice, carries its own currents, however deeply submerged the may be. But this Duo, this Shinigami…beneath the ice there is no lake…no…beneath it, flows a stormy ocean…where the death of any number becomes inconsequential when compared to the vast oblivion offered.

"Then lets rebuild…you have rotted behind the glass…while with me, there was never anything there…"

He nods once more, before brushing his lips against mine. I slide my hands to his neck, pulling him down, as I attempt to pull up to him. The weight causes a loss of balance, and we drop to the carpeted floor…the thick fur stirring against our skin. I guess…we fall together.


We lay in a tangle of limns on the floor…our breaths coming quickly…he runs a hand down the front of my shirt. The passion having far from dissipates…rather the desperate kisses having only served to sharpen its keen edge…and make to pain of it leaving greater.

"Now what?" I rasp out…looking into his deep violet eyes. Violet. One letter…changing one letter…and from it, comes truth, reality. Violet. Violent. violet. violent. Violent violet. Murderous intellect…and deadly passion.

"Now, you check upon the princess…because what this will lead to is hot blood, and even feverish regret afterwards."

I nod lightly, reluctantly detangling myself from his long limbs, and standing…already missing the fire that he had caused within me. The bitter taste of his lips…like some sort of poisonous fruit. Or perhaps not as poisonous as forbidden. "Would we really?"

"would we really-what?"

I gaze at him coolly…his body sprawled on the floor, laying on his stomach, and gazing up at me…after curving himself back off the floor.

"regret it." He looks scandalized…and I revel in that expression…the absolute innocence of it. With that I turn and walk away. Perhaps it was not such a bad idea, after all, it was going to be a long day tomorrow…perhaps some rest was in my best interest.

* * *

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