Title:Slaves, emotional and otherwise [formerly: Untitled] part 2/?
I know the title sounds like a text book...but a huge part of this fic is Heero's POV, so I figure that it WOULD be like that >.<;;;
Notes: Umm more of the story...written by the request of Elizabeth. SO I don know how good this is...sigh.
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Warning: errr non...Shonnen ai [yah...run for cover...anyone else hear the sarcasm?]...2+1...


"So did you get all of the information that you needed?"

"Hn?…oh, Hai." I smirk…the interrogation of the guard proved to be quite disappointing…I could only hope that he decided to yield, in the end, because I am a prince…it would be rather degrading to have had him confess so openly to the enemy…so unlike the boy. I scowl…somehow I am once more drawn to what he did. Heroic, really…enemy or not, I can always appreciate true acts of Heroism. I look at him once more, as he looks impassively at me. His eyes, the same eerie violet that they were in the market place…never the less, he had gained weight in the past three months, and has been cleaned up rather well…except for what appeared to be some sort of dark oil smudged over his nose.

Furthermore in his present cloths, he has proven to be more beautiful then anything I could have imagined…His pale arms circled with silver…and his lithe form garbed in a white loose shirt and slacks. I grin, it appears that the clothing was Wufei's doing.

"He will need training…I will not have a total weakling at the front lines with me."

Wufei glances at me in amusement. "Actually, that is what I have been meaning to tell you."


"His hands…they're callused. This, boy, is able to use the sword. How well he welds it is to be determined…furthermore…He rather recently disposed one of my bodyguards."

I frown. "Disposed?"

"He strangled him…while the man was sneaking around…I do believe that he was trying to protect me."

I frown. "Well, boy, is this true?"

He looks at me with those endless eyes…otherwise no answer is given.

"I think that he may be mute."

I feel my heart sink in my chest. Mute? Well there go my heroic notions of the young man…after all…how can one confess, unless they can speak…

"One way to find out."

"In that case, I'll leave you two alone."

I let out an exasperated sigh. "That is not what I mean…" I look over at him…his expression had not changed the entire time. "…maybe he is deaf, and mute."

"That or I don't know the language…but non of you bafoons seemed to think that your language is not known by other countries…by the way…If my master commands me to speak I will…otherwise I am under strict order not to do so."

I stare at him…so he does speak…his voice is low, throbbing, infinitely pleasant.

"Very well then, I wish to know your name." I speak out,

He raises a brow, and the maniac grin spreads again. "I don't have one." Wufei crosses his arms and snorts. "It appears that this one is going to be interesting…very well then…what were your relations to the princess?"

The boy raises a brow. "As a slave, once my ownership is traded, I lose information of any of my previous employers."

"You can't very well forget it…" I can feel Wufei getting angry…I sigh.

"No…I just choose not to dispatch it to others…imagine, if you will…what my previous employers would have thought if I disclosed that which was most important to them."

I nod, understanding…perhaps Wufei had found a capable slave…that or a very interesting spy…after all they boy's language, hardly suggested a life of ill education.

"This is ridiculous…you are a slave…and…Heero…are you not going to do something about this disobedience?"

"Probably…but currently, we should both realize that the boy was nearly beaten to death before…and he disclosed nothing. I darest say that with us it will be no different."

Wufei snorts, before turning on his heel and leaving, myself, and the boy…along with some inconsequential servants.

"you will remain in my chambers till night fall, when I will join you." Was it my imagination, or did the boy look hesitant…no…there was a definite twitch in his shoulders. But why would he be so disturbed? Surely not the innuendo…after all I do not find myself inclined to finish off what some interrogators had started…never the less, why would such a slave be so worried over sex?

He looks me in the eye…defiant…something else that will need to be taken care of…before straightening out his shoulders, and proceeding behind another servant.


This is ridiculous, I can barely get through dinner, I am so anxious to see the strange creature…to wean as much information as I can from the youth…for the good of the country, of course…

"Prince Heero…" I cringe…great.

"Princess." I say in a final tone, hoping that she will understand the fact that I wish to remain alone. No such luck…and the fact that she had come to visit me, as opposed to the other way around, more then suggests that she will go to great lengths for hope of an engagement. I sigh, before turning around and facing her…

"Are you joining us for the ball in the morrow?"

"Why hold a ball so early?"

"You did not know…as a celebration…someone found the princess…did you know that she was a sorceress? Amazing really, she was said to be so beautiful, to have captured the heart of any that saw her."

I nod absently…trying to figure a way out.

"She was said to have a signing voice that could enchant any that heard it…to the point where they forgot what they did…she could even replace memories…isn't that odd?"

I try to smile, fail, and opt for nodding instead…appeasing her childish fantasies.

"And this princess would be?"

"Oh surely you know…she is no other then the former head of Daleith…dead…rather unfortunate…personally I did not find her as enchanting as her people suggested…never the less, I am absolutely overjoyed to find that she had…"

I stare at her…so the boy's former mistress, was dead…how convenient…in more ways then one. I frown…since when do I start relating things to that …that…slave?

"P-prince Heeero?"

I sigh at her pronunciation of the name.

"I suppose I will join you…I take it that there will be a formal burial?"

"Yes…the minister of public affairs suggested that it may be the wisest thing to do…to appease the mourning people. And morn they did…"

"Aa." I shrug away from her possessive hands…muttering some excuse or other before moving away. So there was in fact a princess…and therefore, the boy is more then simply a discarded servant…or a child in the wrong place at the wrong time…or is it the right time? After all, the only thing that spared his life was the fact that he had been somewhat related to the royal family, without actually being one of them. I frown.


I find myself outside of my door out of breath and with the almost sickening realization, that I, the crowned prince of the kingdoms of the north and south, had run to meet a slave, and possibly spy…in my chambers. I sigh, letting my breath back into the abused lungs…before opening to door…only to find that I need to collect my breath once more. Upon my bed, stretched out like some sort of expensive cat, and eyeing me in that likeness, sat…no `sat' is not graceful enough to describe the boy's position…rather it appeared that the boy had almost melted with the covers, and was now almost floating with them.

"Boy, what are you doing?"

He raises a brow.


"You told me to wait in your bed chambers…the conversation you had with the slave trader, surely revealed the nature of slavery that I am used to…therefore, what was I to expect…but that which was expected of me." He did not question…but rather spoke with the elite of a princess' personal lap dog.

"Get off the bed, and make sure that you do not wonder there again." He raises a brow gracefully, and with this said grace, manages to push off the bed. The erotic images I had only moments ago been treated to, dissolving into the almost childish appearance that I had seen in the market place.

"Your role has changed."

He raises a brow.

"You are no longer a princess' slave, as you were before. You are now, mine…my slave, and thus you will do any tasks that I give you, displaying naught that you seem so keen on…"

words fail me

"…primarily, I wish you to show respect…you new role is one of a servant, not a toy…your previous playmate is dead."

He raises a brow. Not a single emotion flies against his delicately sculptured face.

"Tomorrow is the funeral…you may go." I watch as a slight smile plays upon his lips.

"What are you thinking? Speak."

"Just what a brilliant foreign mister thou has…your majesty." With this he bows to the ground, before falling to his knees in front of me. I scowl…this is ludicrous…when I wanted him to be submissive I had meant for him to keep the snide remarks to himself…not to lay himself out like the mindless idiots at the market place.

"What are you doing? Speak."

"I am acting as I saw others in my position act…" his thick voice echoes through the room…something about it….I can not place. "…I have yet to be anything but a…toy…and so it is the only role I have played."

I nod, absent mindedly…so he was a very well trained permanent prostitute…no doubt, being bought for the spoiled princess…I grin. This may be fun…after all…with nothing to rely on, any twisted notion placed in his head would seem natural. Not that any twisted notion given to a slave should not be followed…

He laughs…some sort of dry maniac laughter, fitting so well with the fatalistic smile he had worn. He is looking me in the eyes…oh yes, I was going to do something about that.

* * *

The funeral…long and tedious…and yet, as I watch the body of the girl brought in, even I have to admit…she was beautiful…that is, before they had over decorated her face. Short violet brown hair falls softly upon her face…and her skin is fair. Never the less, she appears strong, and self-reliant…I feel the boy beside me stiffen.

"You may make omens…others of your people are."

He looks calmly forward…his chin down…as he was taught the night before…I would not have him gazing into my eyes, with no fear…as the wounds on his back told him. I smirk. It took quite a bit of convincing.

He gives a quick nod, before starting down the stairs…to the woman's side.

I watch as he walks down toward the coffin…and stare…as the people part to let him through…some murmuring…so, it appears that the lover was not unknown…a few women give him sympathetic looks, he merely shrugs them off, and continues forward. Others place a hand on his shoulder, some even trying to press things into his palm…and yet he ignores them, walking toward the body with a singular determination.

`…is that not it dear…?it appears that I am once more in your debt… you once saved my soul…only to have me lose it again. The former is dead…and the one you met first has returned…once again I feel that it is I that is locked in the coffin…not to be free…it appears that the gilded cage is back, but this one is far more permanent.'

I watch as he places a single black rose on her chest…before turning crisply around, and walking back toward my procession…ascending the stairs to the balcony, and finally standing behind me. Suddenly, I wish I had not read his lips…whatever the woman had done, it was enough to wipe the defiance from those eyes…and replace it with…I can't understand with what.

* * *

It has been six months month…and I no longer know what to think… the boy is an enigma. If I tell him to sit, he sits…speak, he speaks…and yet, if I order anything that may in some way relate to the former kingdom of Daleith he refuses me…even after practically being beaten to death. I do not take disobedience lightly…apparently…he weighs obedience with similar value. I grin. He is standing tall…wrapped in a loose white shirt, and a pair of black leather pants…beautiful…any man's dream come true. I don't know why I keep him so outfitted, other then it feeds some emotional glitch that had been eating away at me for months. I watch as Wufei walks up behind him, and slaps him hard on the back…sadistic little bastard…the boy had been freshly strapped, not 4 hours ago…he does not flinch…rather, it seems that his eyes are far away…looking into the eyes of the princess no doubt. I sigh. He is the most loyal of my men, while at the same time, being the one most likely to kill me, I don't know whether that is a comfort or not…or whether I had gotten myself back into the perplexing puzzle that is the boy we have named Iris.

I walk toward the tent that we had set up outside the borders of yet another country…my men…each hand picked…forming an army in the thousands…able to take down an army in the ten thousands. He is following behind me…obedient, and yet not…the shadow that threatens to swallow me whole, without making any indication of being inclined to do so…and yet…I can feel it in his movement.

"You are to stay the rest of next week with the new ruler of the Daleith…hand picked by me. You are to serve him, as he sees fit…speak."

He glances at me…all emotion drained…maybe that is why I beat him…to see the rage in those eyes.

"At least show some emotion. Speak."

"I have little need for emotions…I am the one that dulls your whip…what need have I for anything but a pleasant manner and body?" His lips break into a slight grin…murderous. He is daring me to prove him right. To punish him for his opinion.

"Some emotion is acceptable."

I run a hand through his hair. He hates it when I do that. I don't understand why…after all, he is a pleasure slave, he should have been used to it…and yet…he never lets me see him with his hair unbound…I once watched him pull down three men that attempted it. I guess it is his way to save his sanity…that and the fact that his face is forever smudged with something…the boy takes some sort of pleasure, marring his skin. I sigh once more. This is getting ridiculous. Iris is going to be away…surely long enough for this obsession to pass…let Quatre take him…maybe him doing so will make Iris' body appear revolting.

* * *

It has been two weeks…and absence has caused my entire mind to implode...I see anyone bearing the slightest semblance of him, and all I want is to go over there and demand what he is doing away from Quatre. It is not so much to feed any sadistic needs, as much as to be with him…to hold him…to feel his breath. I long after the defiance that the boy can put on in the face of death…the ability to follow through with any of the commands that he is given, all the while giving off the unnerving feel, that it was he that had initiated the actions. Somehow after another unsatisfying win, I feel drained. I smirk. Osmehow, Wufei is rubbing off on me…after all, it would be like him to go out and rant about the injustice of pathetic enemies…somehow, I believe that is the reason for him ceasing the conquering of land…he finds it boring.


I look up, acknowledging the familiar blond…his clear blue eyes sparkling with intelligence, and his slightly tanned skin, betraying the fact that he, unlike most nobility, does not mind getting his hands dirty. It is this particular trait that keeps him so high in my esteem.

"…I must say, this one was a pleasant surprise." He smiles at me sweetly.

"How so?"

"Most of your pets are quite solemn creatures. They have little, if any will…unlike this one…"

I smile at him…he is forever honest…never the less, he has a way of smoothing out facts, making sure that no one's feathers are ruffled, so to speak.

"This one talks like he can't get enough out at on time…he is sweet…he even tried to make me breakfast. Mind you, we are both equal in our knowledge of culinary arts…so to say the least, it was a disaster…lovely boy…Duo, is officially my favorite of your pets."

I glare at him. "Duo?"

"Oh hai…you know…Duo…oh, did you send the wrong one? Someone mentioned an Iris…but, I thought…" A slight frown marrs his features. What boy could I possibly had sent to the young Noble …surely not Iris…Iris has little to nothing to say, and what he does say only tends to fortify his caustic humor, or drive his little masochistic needs. He follows everything he is told to do but never initiates anything. I watch as a sudden blur of movement hits three guards, they cry out sharply.

"Ah!! DUO!!" calls out the Arabian…he waves to the figure that cuts through the crowd….that is until the figure pounces on the blond…causing them both to fall to the floor…Iris…no Duo…or is it really Iris…or something else all together…is smiling, sweetly at the boy on whose chest he is perched.

"Quatre…your it."

"I'm what?"


"Oh…oh yah." The blond laughs, then pokes the boy's arm…

"Now your `it'."

Boy, wrinkles his nose…acknowledging a loophole in his game.

"That isn't fair!"

Quatre gives him a sultry grin "All is fair in love and war."

"Oh well in that case." Boy is up on his feet in a matter of seconds, before quickly swiping at the blonde's shins, and calling out "YOUR IT! Catch me if ya can!!" And he is off.

I help the blond back onto his feet. "I never thought of you as taking in something that rambunctious."

"Hn. Is he like that in bed?"

"Oh you mean…you haven't…I mean…I see…but like you said, he carries the mark of one…" Quatre's brows furrow…he sighs "I would not know…I never touched him…he is too…too innocent. Well no, that would be wrong…I don't think I could…ever."

I nod, feigning understanding, when in fact, I had understood nothing of it. How in the Goddess' name, had that boy changed so much in a matter of days…I look at the sun…in one hour it will be precisely two weeks since I left him.

"And the war?" Quatre inquires, no doubt seeing my confusion, and steering the conversation into safer waters.

"We won…as usual…is it just me, or have they stopped trying?"

"You are getting too good…none even bothers anymore…plus, you don't pick unreasonable subordinates to take care of the kingdoms…usually the life styles improve."



"Aren't you going to give chase to the Boy?"

"Duo?" He smiles "I've never been able to catch him…the thing is a cat…he has better stealth skills then all my best fighters combined…I can't track him worth a damn."

"How about the head tracker?"

"Oh well…he tried…and nearly succeeded…but it appears that running and hiding aren't the only things that the boy is good at… a large explosion kept the man at Bay…amazing really…no one knows how the boy harnessed such power."

I nod absently. So there truly is more to this boy…Duo…Iris. I frown.

"How did you find out his name?"

"Oh…I just introduced myself, and then asked his name, and he gave it to me. It appears that the boy makes an amazing mirror…his countenance is in perfect sync to that which you show him…come to think of it…that is possibly why you have never seen this side of him."

I nod…It is sunset. I watch as from the house steps a figure…walking calmly… gracefully…head held lower…he walks to my side and stands…not looking at me…not looking at Quatre…who's mouth had dropped open a bit…

"I-I see…I was correct…goodbye Duo…it was a pleasure…you must come by my castle again."

The boy stiffens a little…he simply stares at the ground…as if waiting for something. I feel something clench in my stomach.

"Speak." I grate out.

"Thank you Lord, it was a pleasure to visit…your…castle. I thank you for your kindness…and I should now be referred to as Iris."

I glance at the coolness of the moments ago exuberant boy…feeling the energy almost drain out of the sunlight courtyard…now hued orange, with the lights dyeing flames.

"I'm sure I will hunt Duo out eventually…after all I'm it."

I glance over at Quatre's cryptic remark…so unlike him…he smiles sweetly…taking the boys fingers into his, in a comforting guesture…as if the boy was about to meet death.

But that is what he is about to meet…death. In the form of myself…my emotional monotone…and the beatings…ah…the scars…surely that is what Quatre saw…and from the looks of it…not all the scars were merely physical.