Title: Slaves, emtional and otherwise, part1/?
Warnings: Non yet...oh wait...AU!!! this is in another Universe...I haven't picked a time, but I'm guessing it is in a time similar to the Dark Ages....kinda...
Pairings: 1+2...tho right now...there is nothing.
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Slaves, emtional and otherwise
Part 1

by: Sunday

The scorching heat radiated mercilessly upon the exposed neck of a young man and his entourage. He sighed, continuing his walk through the town's dismal market place…ignoring the stubborn dust, as it infiltrated every pore in his body, sticking to the sheen of sweat on his tanned skin, and unruly dark hair. With his face held height, so not to see the decay of what he was stepping over, he gazed over various merchandise with a critical eye…not once seeing anything that would meet his fancy. All through his journey, fearful eyes watched as he calmly and purposely strode toward the heart of the market place, the slave auction. After all, this was one of the most feared princes of the kingdom…a heartless soldier, and one perfect in every imaginable way. As the youngest, he was not entitled to inheriting any of the land…yet from what he had conquered, he already presided over kingdoms greater then any his brothers might own.

A brief sigh escaped his lips. It was the fifth time that week that he was reduced to having to have to walk through this filth. Normally, if in need of a slave, he could send a servant…and yet…today he was searching for a replacement, for one of his man servants. It was rather pathetic, that the successor would be a commoner…bough at a market, as opposed to a trained professional, but after dispatching no less then twelve of those so called `trained professionals', Lord Heero was getting annoyed. Each of his previous men had proved to be treacherous…after all, he did not own them…they had lives outside of the castle…lives that included a greed for money. Thus if he could simply buy a slave…one whose existence depended on his own, surely they should be at least a bit less likely to betray…or not…if given the option of freedom. Heero scowled at that loophole…never the less…the best way to figure if a plan was worthwhile was to meet it head on. Thus Heero, lord of however many states he had taken onto himself to conquer…whether it be through the army, or through intimidation…found himself in a market place with the commoners…commoners that were parting before him likewise to the red sea, for Moses.


"Next we present this rare beauty…"


"Are there any that are not rare beauties?" came the sarcastic comment from his older brother, Wufei. Heero smirked, as he watched a tattered red head displayed on the stage… he raised a brow, glancing over the pathetic creature…he would have bought her, just to be continuous with his `a good deed per week' tradition…the he would have had to kill her…she is diseased no doubt. He looked over at his brother, his dark hair loosely flowing over his shoulders, accentuating his almond shaped eyes.

"Hn. Peasants…anything on two legs is considered beautiful...we are wasting our time here…after all, there are far better auctions held elsewhere." Heero wrinkled his nose. "In more pleasant environments."

Wufei's laughter filled the streets. "Patience Heero…I don't see why you are so on the edge…usually you are far more…resistant then you are now."

"Aa. But I am tiered of chasing this elusive slave of yours…the one you said would be perfect for me…I'm sick of it."

Wufei raised a perfect brow, before shrugging his jewelry-adorned shoulders. "Patience…I've heard of a lovely man servant."

"Let me guess…a rare beauty."

"No…they used `exotic'…well…looks like we found it...ne?"

Heero glanced away from his brothers smirking face, and found himself watching a procession of five guards walk in, each holding a thick chain that was attached to the body of a young…Heero hesitated…was it a man or a woman? The body seemed too muscled for a woman…he scowled. Why so many men for a single child…surely that is all that they thing was. After all…it did not look tall…and its graceful body, covered in dark cloth was so slim…


"This young boy, comes to you from the former country of Daleith." Heero shuttered…great, the slave that had been scoped out for him had come from a country he had taken over. Perfect. He turned back to his brother.

"You are serious about that thing…it hardly looks strong enough to walk, let alone serve me."

"You realize that others would have said the same about you…you look almost as feminine as that boy up there."

Heero's eyes darkened. "No one is to compare me to a woman, let alone a slave."

"Hn. 500 gold pieces!" Was his only reply…Heero, grabbed at his brothers hand.

"Stop that! I don't want it."

"You are sounding like a spoiled brat…hardly a warrior…if you don't like him after a week, I will gladly take him off your hands."


Heero let out a sigh...his impassive face not flinching once, as he watched the boy on stage…he was slim., with very pale skin…and hair…lots of it, it hung in a thick braid, past his waist…in a style that had not been popular for years now…it was a wonder that the slave trader had not chopped it off…or perhaps, judging from the restraints, he had decided against trying.

"Sold, to the gen- Lord….your Majesties, you grace us with your presence!!" Heero rolled his eyes, at his brothers growing smirk…and watched as the people in the market place finally figured out the identities of the young men standing on the outer rim of the auction.


"Eh, let them…" he watched as the men fell to their knees. "…it makes them feel special…lets just go get the boy…and get out of here...this place is disgusting even me." He exclaims as he moved past the corpse of a street child. Heero, stepped over the body impassively, joining his brother at the front, and taking the chains from the guards.

He turned gracefully to face the overweight slave trader.

"Who is this boy?"

The slaver, opened his mouth a couple of times, before falling to his kneed, and bowing low to the prince. The young man simply rolled his eyes.

"I asked you a question."

"He-he was the princess' pleasure slave…sire…"

"Princess?" Heero scowled, indeed when his army had taken over the small country he had heard rumors of the non existent princess…supposedly the King had been unable to get a heir…until one day he was blessed with a girl. Supposedly he so treasured the child that he kept her locked away within the castle, and no one…but the most selected of servants had known of her location, and who she was. Some of the stories were wild enough to suggest that the princess posed as one of the cooks during the attack…and then slipped away. She had not been caught. Heero frowned, at the time of the battle, he had been attending business elsewhere, in the sank kingdoms, with the young fool that wanted to marry him. Of course on finding out that the whole of the royal family of Daleith had been assassinated and the heir had disappeared…or perhaps never existed, he was furious. The splotchy job was still causing rebellion within the kingdom, as `would be princess's showed up.



"That attack was 5 months ago…why was he brought here just now?"

The slave trader looked uncomfortable…of course, no one could be comfortable with their face buried in dust.

"He was interrogated, on …anything of any value to our kingdom…but…he never confessed anything, in fact, not even his name is known. And, in the end, when they nearly killed him, he was thrown out, and left in the street to die…one of my men found him…I beg of your forgiveness…."

"For not allowing one that is my new slave to die? Consider your lack of punishment as my one act of kindness for the week, though, Goddess knows, it is probably wasted on you."

I look back at the boy, he is sitting on the edge of the stage, staring out into the sky…he looks down to see the trembling mass of the slave trader…yawns and looks back up to the sky. It is then that I see his eyes…the most unbelievable color I had ever encountered, they were violet…like the heavens before a sunset…before the darkest part of the night. I look at him once more, before returning my attentions to the man on the ground before me.

"How did they know he was a pleasure slave?"

"T-they found him in the bed room adjacent to that of the princess'…or at least what was supposed to be her room… dressed in the garb of such a slave…with its markings …and…and later at the interrogation…" I feel sickened at the thought.

"Enough." So this was one of those few that knew whom she was…and never told…a strong trustworthy slave that would have met his end without revealing his lady's secrets.

"Well…shall we take your pet, and go?" Wufei was glancing over at the boy with a critical eye. "He does not look quite as pretty up close." He commented. "Definitely male."

The boy continued to look at the sky, eventually glancing over at Wufei, with an empty stare. He then proceeded to trace the movements of bidders in the bazaar.

"Lets go…and then I wish to speak to our men, about interrogation…and the fact that people directly connected to the royal family, should be brought to the attention of the higher ups…and not thrown on the streets."

"In other words, you are going to amputate some limbs."

"Most likely. Yes."

I pull upon the chain that is attached to the boys neck, he simply slides off the stage and walks behind me…head held low…like any slave. And yet, I feel as if there is more to the boy…some sort of arrogance, that only years of being someone's personal servant can produce. I look down at him, and I see it…his face may be turned to the ground…but on his lips is a maniac smile…and for the first time, I realize that there may be a reason for the five guards that had held the boy.

* * *

Ok...that is the end of part 1...heck, it is possibly the end of this fic...so if anyone has comments...I would gladly hear them. To continue or not to continue....
Duo: Don't continue.
Sun: that was mean...why?
Duo: I'm a SLAVE?
Sun: You are a defiant EVIL slave.
Duo: why does Heero always get to be the prince.
Sun: Because...he has the elitist snob attitude.
Heero: Shut up, Bakas.