Title: skins shedding skins
Part: nothing!!! Yes, ladies and gents, this is part 0.
Notes: It is another introspective piece. Brace yourself. Run… I have sent two in one day. I’m sorry…I just can’t help this, here they are festering on my hard drive, beneath their stinky moldy Band-Aid like file names (appropriately labeled ‘ppft’…I love my filing system) , so I have decided to expose them to wholesom fresh air.
Another monologue. Don’t read it if you don’t like monologues…I dunno…I think that this will go with the ‘There is something terribly wrong with Duo Maxwell’ series. Yah…this can be the prequel. This could be…and guess what? Part 1 of TiSTWwDM (hey…nifty…tist-ww-dm heheheh) is a monologue babbling. Wow…I’m just full of bitterness and shit today…and today was such a good day too. I bought lip gloss *brightens *.
Sun: wweeeeeee…look at me, I’m a floozy.
Duo: Right…your warning is longer then the fic.
Heero: Hn.
BTW, GW does not belong to me. It belongs to the people that it belongs to. This story (as in the arrangement of these words on paper, as well as its idea) belongs to me. I am making no money off of this story. Don’t sue…because I have no money…I DO on the other hand, own lip gloss…I could share. Oh well…on with the torture… I warn u, this is boring.

What the hell are you still reading this for?!!! I’m airing out a wound…this is BOOOoOOOOooooring. Fine then, suite yourself.


Skins shedding skins
Part: nothing


“Why don’t you introduce yourself Maxwell-kun”

My name is that of the dead. Duo from the corpse of my best friend, and Maxwell from the charred remains of a church, and the dead within it. Non of my namesakes had proper burials. When I die, they will be buried with me, either in the soft earth ground, space, or in the charred remains of a Gundam.

I guess even then they will not know a proper funeral.

That is all right. I highly doubt that they care anymore, after all, they are dead.

When this war started I came in knowing few truths, first, and foremost, there is no God other then Shinigami, second, boys don’t cry, third, everything I love may die…everything that loves me back can be sure of it.

None of my previously stated beliefs have been challenge, all have stood the test of time, and I doubt that they will need reevaluation. If you wish to prove me wrong, do so through your actions. I trust the word of no one but myself.

I never lie.

I will hide, I am good at that. Hiding and running, you have to be if you plan to survive. If you go against me, I hope that you are good at seeking those that hide, because if you are not you will find yourself dead, don’t play against me, I am quiet, and I will kill you…that is the truth. Death does not lie. You are either alive or dead.

The way I see it, there are only two types of people on this planet, those that I have killed, and those that I will kill.

“Good afternoon, my name is Duo, nice to meet all of you. I hope that we will all be good friends.”

After all, if you are not my good fried, you are my enemy, and my enemies die far sooner then my friends.

* * *

yup, it is official. I am fucked in the head. Comments? Criticisms? Flames? Flame throwers? Fire extinguishers? Large fuzzy mamals? Large fuzzy mold?