Title: Randomly babbling sap, for Niki
Author: regretably, myself.
Notes: Niki is to blame for this fic…that is right, all evilness can be blamed on her, because that EVIL lil chibi decided that I do not write enough sap. MOI? SAP? I write more sap than ANYBODY!! ….well actually, that is a blatant lie, but you wouldn't know that, would you? You WOULD!!! Well then, hmph to you….

PAIRINGS: ( remember this will be important in the story) 1+2/2+1


Randomly babbling sap, for Niki
By Sunday


Heero hated Duo, he really TRULY hated Duo, with a passion surpassing even that with which he hated Relena. He hated how the room seemed to brighten up in Duo's presence. `Hn, the need to see if he is going to do something monumentally stupid is honing my vision' he reasoned , with a surety that surpassed all else…even his ankles.

And the perfect soldier, hated it when Duo's voice would make him perk up instantly. `Hn' he reasoned, as `hn' was both noun, subject AND verb for him… `must be my senses kicking in, waiting for the inevitable disaster'.

Most of all, Heero HATED how Duo made him feel warm and fuzzy inside….as if he had eaten a bunny (fur and all), and the rodent was kicking around in the proximity of his stummy…tumach…err…stomach.

`Indigestion.' his reasoning screamed, as reason tended to do, seeing that it was a bastard when it put its mind to it.

Yup, Heero hated Duo from the tip of Heero's messy little head, and fucked over brain, right down past his ankles, and to the slightly elongated middle toe of his left foot. You see, Heero's left foot had a slightly longer middle toe, which made finding shoes considerably more difficult, and frustrating then one would imagine it being….well only if you don't count women's shoes, but

Heero had not worn a pair of those….yet. Come to think of it…that may explain WHY he was always so grumpy.

Yessirrybob, Heero so hated Duo, that the entire emotion, much like a snaky aromatic ring, circled back on itself to bite its proverbial tail. Namely, Heero Yuy fell in love, he fell hard…well hard enough to get a booboo and require a Band-Aid.

And so it came to pass that this complete and utter love…this emotion, filled Heero from the previously mentioned head, to the previously introduced middle toe. Which, of course, dumps us out of the indifferent forest of background babble, and into the brilliant idiocies of the present (all orchestrated by the author, for the readers viewing pleasure)…be still my heart.

Duo who, after taking a shower, dancing in front of the mirror, and doing his best Heero- Perfect- soldier -Yuy impressions, in front of that lucky LUCKY piece of glass, was sitting in his room, as he tended to do during these rather bizarre fanfics (because there was only a handful of places to put him, and it would make little sense that he would be in his Gundam after a shower…or at least after dancing in front of his mirror)…anyway. There he sat, contemplating HIS favorite subject….namely another human being (in other words, not `namely' at all…seeing as noone was named). To hell with chemistry and physics, which day in and day out collected dust on the exuberant boy's desk, those subjects were USELESS, and anyway Duo was already a master of both, as one would image…being a terrorist and having to make one's own bombs, and destroying someone else's buildings. Yuppers, Duo proved his mastery of these, time and again, much to the teacher's chagrin…especially when he either corrected the lab manual or blew up the lab…the latter being the more common occurrence… although HOW he managed to do such a thing remains a mystery, seeing as no chemicals in the lab, under ANY circumstances or mixtures, could be considered explosive…which causes one to wonder about what exactly Duo BROUGHT into these labs. Never the less, that is not the point of this story, nor will it ever be, rather the point of this sap is to be VERY predictable…

Yuppers, as you may all have guessed, and you probably already have, too….Duo was in what one might call an unrequited love. Not that he knew this for certain…seeing as, for an unrequited love, both parties must disagree on whether or not an attraction exists….this happening as it may, was quite contrary to reality, because Duo did not, in fact, know whether or not a disagreement existed…to be quite honest, he was too afraid to find out the other person's (his favorite subject's) emotions. Which, in his opinion, mattered quite a bit, as this one person was more then likely to act very aprehensively towards a NORMAL relationship…let alone one with a known terrorist…Thus Duo feared for his life. Most importantly, however, was not WHAT Duo thought of the matter, but really WHO he thought mattered….and that considering the 1+2/2+1 mailing lists this is getting sent to, the fan industry it supports AND the fact that atop this fic, clear as day, the `pairings' heading STATES 1+2/2+1 causes one to infer that predictability reigns supreme, as does fate, soul-mates, the authors interaction, Niki, and yadda yadda.

Anyway, the `would be koi' did not realize just how much Duo desired him, nor did Duo realize just how much Heero was after him…after all both were convinced that the other was as straight as a ruler, conveniently (for the fanfic, not them) forgetting that rulers, could, and WOULD bend, and even break, in which case they would have to be ductaped together and be straight edged no more….but anyway…both for the gratification of the reader, and the prolongation of this ramble, they did not know…yet.

This is about when a mission came in, well it did not `come in', as in to say that it `knocked politely on the door, and then walk in'. Rather, a beep from Heero's computer indicated that something, contrary to what it WANTED to do, was to blow up. The problem of course came to pass in the fact that both of the boys would be doing this mission together…in a school….

A small school…

With VERY cramped rooms.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let the games begin.

* * *

Ummm…the Ruler bit is absolutely ang totally that of the `goddess of writing/insane one" Francene….who is a wonderful beautiful human being.


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