In conclusion

By: Sunday


October 9

Relena was walking over the precisely manicured lawns of yet another school, on yet ANOTHER perfect day….waiting for yet A.N.O.T.H.E.R chance to get at the perfect soldier…


She sighed, blowing her wheat colored hair from her pale pretty face. She sighed again. OF course she wanted to seek the man out, he had been…well, she was not sure WHAT he had been. But he had not recognized her when he first saw her, and when he did he had not cared about her…he did not care about himself, he only saw the collective, the common good….god damn it, the boy was probably a damn communist for all the she knew…

But that is just it.

She did not know it.

She did not know him.

So now he had become a puzzle, something that was intriguing, something that had brightened her mundane life by not excelling at everything that she had thought important, but rather going against it. He did everything different, and yet produced results that no amount of political whish wash, and high society ways could ever hope to achieve. She sighed, or was about to when she collided with a young girl…well maybe not young, probably her own age, not that she could tell from where she was standing, as the young creature had firmly imbedded itself to her chest.

Letting out a sigh of long-suffering, that she carefully concealed beneath a light laugh, she stepped back from the young woman. And her breath caught.

She was stunning, long red hair was pulled back in a thick braid, falling down her back. Some of the hairs from that neat plait had been strategically removed, falling into the young woman's elfin face, her deep innocent eyes shining blue like the virgin heavens. She watched the perfect skin on the young woman's cheeks turn a brilliant red, and, quiet ashamed of herself, realized that she had been staring.

"Good afternoon…" /it IS afternoon…right?/ "…my name is Relena Dorlin."

/I sound so sure of myself/ Relena smiled, her rose lips turning up just properly, readying herself for the sure onslaught of words to spill form the young girl's mouth upon the revelation. She watched in fascination as the blush deepened, and the girls blood red lips paused in an "Do-" formation. No sound escaped the slender throat…accentuated by the deep maroon of the girls jacket, and framed by the poofyness of the sleeves. Those huge eyes widened, the girl let a sound likewise to a meep, before turning on her heels and running in the opposite direction…ignoring the cat calls as the movement caused more of her slender legs to be revealed.

/not skinny…slender…/Relena sighed again. /well that was new anyway….at least she did not try to stammer an apology or bully herself into my social circle…not that I HAVE a social circle/ Relena gritted her teeth, before heading to wards her dorms, puzzling over the nagging at the back of her head…what was it that she was thinking about before?


October 13

Well, it had been three days, and no sign of Gundam pilots…well….no gundam pilot. Singular, after all, as much as she enjoyed the rest of his company, she did not plan to rip ALL of them open to figure out what the HELL was going on in their minds. Nope, she REALLY wanted to pick apart only one of the previously mentioned boys. Short, unruly hair, emotionless eyes…perfect soldier boy. The enigma. Well ALL of them were enigmas, but he was an enigma among enigmas.

Relena frowned, poking once more at the dissected frog's intestines, /great now I have a paradox…or at least something to that effect./ She looked down upon the mess stretched and jabbed out in front of her…in all of its glorious hews of brown. She poked again.

/mind you…ALL of their minds would be interesting to look into. Well not all…god knows what goes on in the deranged brain of Duo Maxell…she frowned as another twinge of familiarity nagged at the back of her head. She shook it off, thinking more upon the Maxwell boy…for all of Heero's ability to go against all…everything…Duo seems to do the same, except whereas Heero pulled it off with almost professional detachment…Maxwell…Maxwell felt like a puppy in a messy kitchen. / Pleased with the analogy, Relena smiled, only to have the triumph short lived when she saw the scalpel cut too shallowly….she sighed going over the superficial cut once more.

/…Heero, on the other hand pulls everything off like a ballet dancer…so cool and serene, not really caring who the audience is…/ The mental picture made her blush a bit too much, so she quickly turned her attention to what was causing the ripple of disruption in the front of the room…and there… there she stood.


That girl that she had walked into. The teacher had been saying something, but all attention was sitting on the pretty young girl.

/well not pretty…but…actually…maybe pretty, but in an unusual way./

"…Now, Yeden, will you sit down by Alice over there." The Red head nodded lightly, thick braid whipping around her knees like a snake, as she bounded over to her desk.


What an odd name…it sounds almost dead, so unlike what she is…such a very unsteriotypical name. I see her glance in my direction and blush a familiar pink. I smile and wave to her.

"Miss. Peacecraft? DO you know Miss. Mayfeild? Perhaps you could show her around the school." I nod lightly at the inquiry.

Why do they all think that after three days I would be aquatinted? Really…Yeden smiles at me…an odd feeling of familiarity.


I run outside, VERY unlady like, in search of the red headed demon, she had tore out of the class the second that the bell rang, and had headed for the willow bordering the soccer field. I tear toward the tree where sure enough the familiar figure waits…looking away from me, but still….that damned braid flying in the wind. / Kind of like Duo's./ Relena grins at that thought, before realizing how unseemingly it must look on a girl's face, and letting the gesture melt into a soft smile. Sure enough that baka is standing there, watching the boy's section of the school expectantly.

/Maybe that is why I feel so drawn to her, she seems so very unruly, so like…like….well I'm not sure I know enough to draw conclusions yet…but I will. After all, everything can eventually come down to a cause, a rhyme or reason…right?"/



I watch as she lightly arches her back to adjust something….I feel my cheeks burning red. The imp is wearing the required panty hose…yes…it just happens that HERS is attached to a garter….the running having caused the BLACK silky ribbons (of all colors…err shades) to slip…so she adjusts, very nonchalantly the clips.

"That is very unladylike D-Yeden." I almost called her Duo, now why the HECK would I do that? She smiles, and shrugs. That is when I realize it…she has yet to say a single word.

"Yeden-chan!!!" I blanch at the familiar voice, THIS is the pilot that got this mission? I slowly look up from Yeden's serene happy statement, to the youth that nearly bounces up to the tree.

"Duo, Maxwell…" I say politely.

Yeden clasps her hands together…her long fingers…

Funny I never realized how long and graceful they were until now

…interwinding themselves together, before she takes off at breakneck speed, only to jump straight into Maxwell's waiting arms. I raise a brow, as is proper for such a situation…scolding myself into the same nonchalantness that I saw Yeden display while she….I feel a blush rising in my cheeks, as I realize that her legs are firmly wrapped around his left leg…there goes the sibling theory.

"Umm…hi Ojosan!" She disentangles herself from him, just long enough to give me a weird look, before hugging him from the side, and planting a soft kiss on his left cheek. I smile. At least she had slid off of him. "…na…Yeden, before you make all the other boys jealous." He kisses her back. They actually look cute together.

VERY cute…well…no cute is wrong. They loo-feel right, they don't really look right, as Yeden is a bit taller then Duo, at least their hair matches. I laugh.

"What is so funny?" he demands.

"I'm just imagining your children's hair." Now why did I say that?

"Aa….no worries there!!" he says laughing, clutching Yeden to his side a little more firmly, he says something so quietly that it never reaches, me…she smiles. She looks pretty when she does that, somehow, right. "…Yeden and I are planning zero children."

"Why?" He shrugs.


I guess it took me deciding to get a drink and then coming back to find the two of them too engrossed with one another to really care, to explain why I am here. In my room…I got curious. The data files that have always been of so hackable for Heero Yuy are pushed aside in favor of Duo Mxwell…NOW I want to know what goes on in that demented head of his…why would he go with a girl, when he would surely leave her in a matter of months at most. Another mission. Another girl? I frown. Staring at his records. Then again, all of my records are done by me, by what I observe…his are a paragraph…of inconsequential ramblings. I try to start again, and can't. Actually, why would I even WANT to? Oh yes, for HER sake.

I open the school records for one Yeden Mayfeild. And sure enough, under my inquisiting fingertips information is unlocked. Her height, her grades, her everything….her handicap.

She is mute. I frown reading over the words again…and they stare back at me.

`Yeden and I are planning zero children.'

Her handicap is genetic. I frown a bit. Funny, I guess they average out. I write this into Duo's report. And by 3am I am surprised to find thirty pages.

I guess, in conclusion, Duo Maxwell has little compassion, that or too much. In the end he is not thinking of the future at all, he is merely happy with someone whom he does not know or take care of later…I guess he lies, every time that she turns to him and smiles, and he pretends that he understands. After all, all this that he shows at the school cannot be real. He too is a killer. Maybe that is why the puppy image seems so strangely right, he messed around and then acts like nothing happened…Heero…bit HEERO, acts professional, all the time. He works. Duo does not.


October 31

Three weeks, and the love birds are just that. I never thought I would see the day, but I was felling sick. BUT this promises to be the crowning glory of my thesis, my `evolution of Duo Maxwell'…an understanding of his almost 300 page essay on his predictability, patterns, case scenarios…EVERYTHING. He has been called away for another mission. He has to leave tonight, and now, I wait for him to come to his bike. So that this part of the mystery will be solved. I smirk…of course after balancing him against his very stoic partner, and his wicked mischievous girlfriend (who I am sure is more of a practical joker and sadist then even he claims to be) I have learned about them all. Each of them opened and exposed like the middle of a rose in full bloom, about to reveal its seed, buried deep beneath the petals, the layers.


I hear the door open, and a lone set of footsteps. `Eureka' I want to scream, he is leaving her behind…this gives an interesting twist, a new possibility, she does not know. She cannot know, after all, he is top secret. He walks past me, smiles, and dumps two bags onto the back of the bicycle…a moment later another set of footsteps… I look up, and sure enough that red hair, Yeden. So what is he going to say to her? Has he already? She smiles, walking up to me.

"Good evening." Her smile widens…They are both wearing their school uniforms.

"We are leaving on a rather permanent vacation." I stop at Maxwell's words.

"Together but…"

"Yeden knows….Yeden has done this for a long time too, surely you have figured it out by now…" B-but…so he is that reckless…and I have done enough scouting to KNOW without any doubt in my mind that there is NO girl that helps the pilots…I even know Howard…I know just about everything. I've seen to the most milescule detail. "Duo, I thought that you never lie."

"He does not, on the other hand, I do…trick or threat Relena."

But then again…if you look at the pixels on the screen, you never see the image. That voice, the one that I have not heard in months….the one that I had gone all this way to find…only to realize that perhaps it was not the voice…not him that I wanted. I wanted her…Like I wanted him…maybe the same way I want Maxwell. But her was the first and the rest seemed so, passe, after he arrived….already done. But they are ALL like that…in conclusion…


Duo slips past me, whispering in my ear as he goes to sit on the back of the bike, throwing his arms around his lover as they speed off on the bike…towards yet another destination, another moment to make the world different. While one foolish girl sits around making essays that will never be of relevance to anything but her own ego…maybe that is what amazed me about him before…the ability to see beyond ones self and do the impossible…to move out of the barriers that have been constructed , for the good of others. To continually go against EVERYTHING that is held true, and bring to life every controversy. I guess…the cause justifies the means, when the means are more important than everything.


Perhaps the fates have a sense of humor…perhaps death does too…maybe all that I have hypothesised is wrong, because predictions became axioms, in my mind….I guess neither is somber…or they may be. Just like Duo can be either or…maybe I am trying to figure this out when it should be left alone.


As the motorcycle disapears, The garage fills with laughter …and I realize that it is my own…Duo's words, so cool and somber, so unlike this laughter, this elation…a freedom from whatever tied me down to the archaic systems.

"Relena…don't draw conclusions."


Ah yes, this fic WILL bew revised, just not now… Erm… Yeden in polish means one…

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