Title: Heero’s boyfriend
Notes: please everyone, forgive me for this…after writing too much angst and philosophy papers, this resulted.
Pairings: 2+1
Warnings: Ummm….it was written by me on a sugar high, and the verge of a mental breakdown...Oh yah…I don’t own GundamWing, nor the song “twitch” although both are immensly cool.

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Heero’s boyfriend.

I’ve got a boyfriend
He’s a bad boy
He is my favorite
He is my joy


Duo was having another one of his moments…that is what I have begun to call them…’his moments’.

“I’ve got a boyfriend…” his sultry voice fills the room and I sigh once more. No, this was to be expected…it was my fault the song got stuck in the idiots head, just like it is my fault that he is doing something to get rid of it…namely singing.

Not that I am complaining….

He has a VERY nice voice.

But there is the problem of the subject matter, of the song, along with the context of the surroundings, in which it is being sung. In other words, standing on a table in the middle of the cafeteria and spewing extremely homosexual lyrics in front of people raised in the Bible belt, is hardly sane….

But doing ANYTHING sane would hint, however indirectly, that Duo had the ability to be sane…which he most definitely does NOT.

///He’s got a girlfriend, she is my toy!!!///

The jaws of a couple of average bible junkies drop. As they take in the lyrics. I sigh once more…turning this into yet another one of my habits. I hate being me. One of the 5 foot something average kids, you know, the ones that live in the white wash house, with the white picket fence, being one of 2.5 children, and a dog named Lassie, stare at me. I glare at him…

///Sometimes he’ll twitch for no reason////

it is then that I realize as to WHY I was being observed…no doubt about it…one VERY obviously bisexual room mate, table dancing in the middle of the damned caf….and what the hell am I then? Considering how much time I spend with him, and my distinct lack of girlfriends. I sigh once more, before glaring at yet another one of those extremely suspicious idiots.

///Its just a twitch and its part of his style///

I sigh once more. After all, Duo is my only partner, he is the only person I can truly depend on, both for missions, and some amusement, he is my friend after all. Well that and ehem…yah. So maybe the bible junkies aren’t that far off…

///He tells me I’m his one and only///

Duo pulls one of the hesitant boys onto the table with him, managing to do so only because of his superior strength, and the boy’s relatively light frame. The boy, to his credit, manages not to shriek like a little girl, and instead stands ramrod straight staring into the abyss. Shell shocked beyond a shadow of a doubt. Duo grins at him, before proceeding to whirl him around…well, that is, until the unfortunate kid crashes into the floor, due to the lead’s inability to judge distance…yup, Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Duo Maxwell…please keep all ideals safely locked away and tightly sealed. Hide all valuables, both moral and amoral…and get ready for a hellova ride. I grin.

///I’m the only one making him smile///

Suddenly, after yet another topsy turvy course, he sobers up. Glancing over the crowds with huge earnest puppy dog eyes…speaking into his pen/microphone.

///He really likes me///

He nods his head profusely as if to imbed the fact into our minds.

“He likes my mom…” He intones, then after a moments pause, and seemingly time to reflect upon the sentence “…not that he knows her, but if he did I’m sure he would like her, because she would probably be like me, and seeing how ‘he really likes me’…he would have to like my mom…yah…now back to the song…” He grins at the dumb founded crowd.

///He buys me ice cream///

His eyes get dreamy, and I attempt to remember a time that I had bought him ice cream…. I have never bought him ice cream…on the other hand, Wufei HAS. I growl, that bastard!!

///he likes my song///

Aha!! But Wufei HATES this song whereas I mildly dislike it! That has to count for something…hmmm…Quatre seems to hate it even more then Wufei does, if at all possible for Quatre to dislike anything more then Wufei does…if at all possible for any creature with a soul to dislike anything more then Wufei does. Now Trowa, Trowa does not complain at all about this song…not a word…not that he ever speaks…but then again, could it be!!!???

///He has a nice car///
///I buy his gas///
///But in the back seat he looks the best///

I feel a blush coming on… yup, there are some things that do NOT need to be discussed…so the whole Trowa/Wufei thing can be dismissed….y-es.

///My boyfriends back///,
///and your gonna be in trouble///

Duo finishes the song with a flourish, before hopping down from the table, and pushing through the shell shocked crowd, in order to get the water fountain.

“Erm….Duo…what was that?” asks the caf monitor, who had managed to break out of his stupor.

“Oh well, I got this song stuck in my head, and decided the best way to get it out of m’ head would be to go out and sing it…y’know.” The monitor nods his head.

“And the reason that you found it necessary to do this on a table top would be?”

“Well, what is a song without an audience, know what I mean?”

The attendant simply nods before letting Duo go off.

Well, it seems that I had underestimated the bible crowds…they seem very acceptant of Duo…never the less, I cannot get over the annoying fact that whenever we walk by any of them they will start humming snippets of various suggestive songs…

* sweatdrop *