Title: <sarcasm>Being the original lil me </sarcasm> Gunning down a romance

By: Sunday <sun_Sunday@yahoo.com or all_in_leather@yahoo.com >

Notes: I'm sorry AMY AND JAY!!!!! I feel stupid now…but after having this written for however long…a week or so at least…and checking it once a night, I need to purge this thing from my hard drive…and onto the unexpecting masses of the ML. If anyone is REALLY angry at me for doing this, write in. <grovels at Amy's and Jay's feet>

Pairing: 2+1/ 1+2 (?)

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Gunning down a romance

By: Sunday


< Light , almost airy music starts>


Duo lies fallen on the ground, one o f his hands, resting within the water is opened, to catch at the rain that falls upon him from the heavens. The pale limb contrasts with the murk upon which he lies….the water threatening to swallow the boy's body. His now loosened hair falls around his face like a halo, floating within the dirtied water, around him, its grayness scatters at the touch of the imposing color of his chestnut locks, scattered in the silver like golden thread.

All around him virgin droplets of rain fall from the heaven hitting the water that laps upon his once flushed cheeks. The raindrops shatter upon its glassy surface…breaking the perfect mirror of the puddle.


< Heart beat starts>


The light in the violet depths of his eyes seems to diminish. The life in it breaking apart, and folding into the darkness, all last vestiges of it to be washed away by the water, like the individual droplets that had already lost themselves within the indifferent sea of rain. He blinks once…and when the eyes open again they are empty.


< Music of more foreboding nature sets in>


All around the boy lays destruction, his own blood diffusing with the milky gray water within the sea of puddles. His hair, more clearly seen mixes with the pollution, the oil that taints the water. Further, from the boy, lay the broken remains of the once proud Deathscythe, which battered and torn lays in pieces on the ground. The dark metal catching the grim light, reflecting the grayness, and the colors of the eerie glow of the Thermocythe. The weapon, now embedded in the ground is the source of the eerie green light, that overshadows the lights of hundreds of fires.

Houses burn as their skeletons reach for the sky, foundations opening up to the murky and uncaring heights. Even the sky, which had once fascinated the boy, seems almost cold, swallowing the smoke, uncaring to the destruction of lives that those fires had caused. Somewhere

within the wreckage the twisted remains of a child's swing set, cast an eerie shadow, upon a small gold cross, lying neglected in a gutter, where the water had swept it.


<Love and other emotions are just chemical reactions in your brain>


A boy runs towards the spectacle, his golden hair blown out of his face by the wind, the rain soaking his thin shirt and pants, washing away the soot that had collected on his pale skin. He continues to run towards to the side of his fallen friend, stopping before the boy, and dropping to his knees, before frantically searching for any sign that the boy may be alive.


<And feelings of aggression are the absence of the love drug in your veins

in your veins>


Quatre shakes his head in disbelief, calling something out… before looking up, to be confronted once more with the sight of the Deathscythe. The once proud mecha's cockpit is mangled, and hanging open, just above the body of its pilot, the safety straps torn and worn, hang limply from the opened maw. From those heights the boy had fallen. He cries out…looking once more upon the family homes, which are now burning beneath the heat of war's fury. All around him is death and destruction, the blood of Duo Maxwell pooling together with the blood of countless others that had died in the same battle. All of them dead due to the hatred that had been spawned between heated few, and brought about by indifferent multitudes.


<love come quickly

Because I feel my self esteem us caving in>


Another boy speeds over to the Sandrock pilot, skidding to a stop, only to fall down beside the other two. He looks down upon his blond lover, who is now cradling the Shinigami's pilot's head in his lap. Tears fall upon the puddle, adding to the multitude of droplets that had already

been swallowed up by the indifferent water, adding to the blood, and grime, now collecting within its depths. The waters run past a gold cross, still captured upon some piece of dirt that had not let it escape into the drain. Trowa, runs a finger over the cold skin of the boy, startling a the lack of response…he lets out a quiet gasp of anguish, before closing the young boy's eyes. He lets his hands drop to the water, staring at his fingers, unbelieving that he had been unable to do anything, to prevent death.

Unbelieving that this was to be expected of soldiers.

Of weapons.


<its on the brink

love come quickly>


Yet another boy joins the first two, this one's onyx eyes shine with fury, as he comes to a stop in front of the group. He pulls a stray lock of black hair from his face…before looking to the green-eyed boy. Trowa simply looks away from the other's imploring gaze, letting his eyes linger upon a now sobbing Quatre, he shakes his head to signify the negative, and stares in shock as the Shelong pilot drops to his knees. His white outfit soaked and dirtied by the unclean water. He lifts a hand, to rest it upon the body of Duo Maxwell…non of them notice the shadow that now covers the torso of the boy.


<because I don't think that I can keep this monster in>


Heero stares at the boy. He lets his eyes fall to the hair scattered around his face…

His fists clench and unclench, as he swallows…something within those sapphire depths suggests a new emotion. He takes a step back…

`he is dead.'

He shakes his head, unable to believe what he had heard, taking another step back. These new feelings grow, feed, threatening to fall from within him, to destroy all he is. These emotions, more frightening then anything he had ever known.

Where the monster was only himself.


<its in my skin>


Wufei tentatively rolls over Duo, to see the extent of the damage, revealing the whole of the boys back sagging in onto the now broken ribs, some of which stick through his back, causing the newly freed blood to pool around them, and collect on their skin.


<love and other socially acceptable emotions are morphine,>


Heero remembers the same skin beneath his fingers, as he kissed the lips of the boy. Those violet eyes that had held warmth and some sort of hope now closed. He could still feel the bundle of emotions that had erupted at that kiss, so similar to what was threatening to pull him apart now…the knot he could not untie, to make neat, tidy, and acceptable. Finally, the comprehension that he could lose everything. Himself. And the respect of others. As he though of the reactions of the doctors, his friends, and even Relena, he pushed the boy away. Before stepping back, and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Duo looked up at him with an odd sort of understanding, before nodding.

`I guess, it is just not done.' His whisper echoed within Heero's ears, as the boy walked out of the room, to prepare for a mission.


<They're morphine>


This mission.


<Cleverly concealing primal urges often felt but rarely seen>


Heero continues to look upon the body, with gruesome fascination, watching as the blood stops running, now simply draining from the limp figure. The skin is as pale in death as it had been in life, but what he cannot grasp at is the lack of expression on the face. He feels the emotions continue to build…the pain, the anxiety, the comprehension that what he wanted to become will no longer be achieved. As the boy whom he had bestowed with that job no longer existed…no longer cared.

Another step back.


<rarely seen>


Wufei looks away from the body of the boy, to stare into the blue eyes of the other boy…who no more seemed alive then the body beneath his fingers. He watches Heero take one step back after another, until he spins around and races away from the scene, away from the Gundam and toward a complex of buildings, that threaten to fall at any time.


<love I beg you

lift me up and take that privileged point of view>


Heero runs through the puddles, allowing himself to soak in the bloodied water. He races past burning buildings, and dead bodies, jumping over garbage and rubble. He cannot cry, all he sees in his head is the one time that he had broken down and told Duo his fears…

The boy had held him, and shown him how things could be different. He had told him stories, histories…all of which were bordering on being `too good to be true'…and yet Duo had insisted that they could be achieved. Possibilities of a world without war, a world where they could have been happy, above the noise and pollution of a mind's decay.


<the world of two>


They. There was no longer two of them, the Duo was gone, leaving behind only Heero. He lightly cried out, as he tripped over something hidden beneath the water, only to see, on looking back, the body of a young child.

Heero pulls himself to his feet, now realizing that another is running towards him. He looks up to see Wufei, pushing past the rubble, and trying to stop him.

He watches the mirrors of the puddles break, as thousands of droplets destroy his image…the image of the perfect soldier.

He runs onwards, away from the body, away from shattered hopes and dreams.


<love don't leave me>


Even now he can feel some of the warmth within him ebb away. All of the warmth, a result of the eternally smiling boy, who now lays broken upon the ground, never to wake up from the sleep that had claimed him; That had lulled him into a world of endless dreams, dreams that were snatched from Heero who, shivering, races through the mud. Running as if to try to escape the enemies that reside within his head, within his memories…uprooting his emotions, and flinging them in front of him. Showing him all that he had lost.

The perfect soldier tries to grab hold of the fleeting warmth, only to find that it had already slipped through his wet fingers.


<because I console myself that Hallmark cards are true>

<I really do>


He runs on, yet in his mind, he can still see the optimistic youth. But, he cannot remove the vision that had greeted him not minutes ago, from superimposing itself upon every image of the braided boy. He had made Heero believe, that there was such a thing as goodness, and love…things that Heero believed to exist only in sappy books and greeting cards.


<I'm gunning down a romance>

<it never did a thing for me>


He runs into a house, locking the door behind him, and running for the stairs. All around him resides chaos. The picture windows are smashed, littering the floor with a mixture of glass, blood, and rainwater. He ignores this all, moving past the destroyed furniture, and the shattered picture of a little girl, sitting on a swing set in her backyard.


<But heartache and misery>


His face is still impassive, and yet, he holds his hand to his chest, as if trying to hold something in…or keeping it from breaking.


<Ain't nothing but a tragedy>


Finally he stumbles into a room. The light of the gray sky, paints everything in hues of shadow. A broken window causes the white curtains to fly through the air, like a physical representation of the ghosts that haunt Heero's mind…he sinks onto the bed. Ignoring the pounding on the door. All he can see is his face within a mirror, that stands opposite of him, and within it he can see those that he had killed. SO much like the millions of mirrors scattered within the streets.


He lets out a deep exhale, before removing his gun, and walking toward the open window.


<Take these broken wings>


He looks down from the window, and onto the ground, that stretches out far below him.

He looks back at the sound of the door splintering. In the midst of the rubble stands Wufei, his hair now loose, and falling to his shoulders.

`Yuy, what do you think you are doing?' His threatening words ring hollow and empty. He is too sickened by grief, to make them anything more.

Heero looks calmly at his gun, before leaning his back upon the window frame…he leans out further.


"I'm going to take these broken wings."


He puts the Gun to his temple, watching in amusement as Wufei starts towards him, running to stop him, only to trip upon the frame of a broken mirror on the floor. He watches the other boy fall onto the glass.


"and learn to fly."


A single shot rings out, as the Heero falls backwards onto the ground below him.


<I'm gunning down a romance. >


Rain falls into a puddle. Each individual drop breaking itself upon the surface, each drop casing a ripple that grows and grows, distorting the image, destroying the perfection of the natural mirror. The rain falls upon the face of Heero Yuy, who stares up into the gray sky…up into the rain…it collects in his cupped hands, and upon his skin. Through this all, Heero's eyes look onward, cold, and unseeing.


* * *


Duo: Wow, look everyone, the epitome of crap.

Sun: I agree…what the HELL was that.

Heero: Your first songfic.


Heero: I agree…you used water, HOW many times?

Sun: I don't have enough fingers to count all those waters on.

Duo: Y'know, one would have thought that I would be more distraught about my death…except that the fic SUX so badly, that I don't even CARE that I died.

Heero: WHY are you posting this again?

Sun: Cause of the contest…cause I like the song…cause I can't bear to look at it anymore….This fic has had more rereadings in the past 80h then ANY one of my other stories…heck ALL of my stories put TOGETHER.

Heero: So you believe that to justify all that work, you will torture Mlers.

Sun: Haihai!!!

Duo: Sadist.

Sun: To get back at me…CRITICIZE!!!! That is right everyone, it is just that simple.

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