Title: Guilt, introspective <Heero>
Part: umm…this has little to do with the actual series…so somewhere after part 1.
Notes: This is Heero’s thoughts for part one…or rather ,it is a mix of a lot of his thoughts, which I placed in one spot…yessssss…..It is not that important a piece…if you don’t like monologues, don’t read it (believe me, this thing can get tedious…so if monologues are not your thing…don’t read it.) Otherwise, it is just Heero trying to describe Duo to the reader. I am subjecting all of u to it BWAHAHAHAHHAhaahaha.
Warnings: Non, really…it has a bit of shonnen ai…some mention of a wet dream…Heero thinking. Stuff. I dunno… 1+2 (real different from my usual 2+1).
Anyway, I do not own GW, it is owned by whomever owns it. I am making no money off of this story, in fact, I have no money. Finally, the actual story is mine
Please don’t take it without my permission (except for the DHML which has default permission to archive) Well…that is all for now. Part 2 is NOT introspective, and actually has somewhat of a plot…it is currenty a choppy paragraph on my hard-drive (be still my heart.)
Duo: wow, she is being sarcastic today.
Heero: Hn.
Sun: * gushes* he ‘hn’ed, he ‘hn’ed for US, Duo-kun.
Duo: *sweatdrop * riiiiight
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Duo: hey, did you know that you could kill someone elses sims? Just lure them into the pool, and take out the ladder.
Heero: …
Duo: BWAhahahahahHAHAHHAHAHAHAHahahahaha! I truly AM the God of DEATH!!! Die little sim D_I_E!!!!!
Sun: he is off his medication again.

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By: Sunday

Just when you think that you know a person, they throw something in your face, that destroys your perfectly preconcepted world. Duo Maxwell is like that. He takes what you see, what you assume, and uses it against you.

Here goes,

Duo Maxwell.

Duo coming from someone that died.

Maxwell, coming from another body.

All in all, I highly doubt that he resembles either of the two people that he took the name from. He is too much of an enigma, too much of a shifting thing, to even consider remaining in one definition for too long.

So who is he?

I don’t know. But I can tell you what I know of him. I know that his eyes are violet, a strange bluish red colour, that is neither hot nor cold, sitting on the apex of the passion of red, while being the very zenith of indifferent of blue. He has hair that reflects every colour of gold, absorbing the heat of the sunset, and radiating the light of life. Those silken strands fall in a braid that reaches past his slim hips, and barely brushes against his thighs. He wears black, he wears a silver cross.

He is Shinigami.

But you know that already.

Duo is everything while being nothing at all. He is like water, where you keep thinking that you are actually seeing what it is , when in fact you are staring at your distorted reflection.

Or better yet…you are staring right through it, without seeing it.

Yah, he is like that.

He is like water, because he slips between your fingers, steering his emotions, and the conversation away from his true source, away from himself. I don’t know his past. It does not matter, the past is not what he is now. Now, he is something else. He is passion.

That is the problem.

When you wake up from some wet dream or other, only to realize that he had starred in it. That your best FRIEND had starred in. Worst of all, you find yourself replaying it over and over again, not because you are repulsed by it, but because what it was, was mind blowing. Because you end up getting addicted to that taste, and that smell, that only he can provide, even if it is in only the confines of sleep.


The rest of the time you spend watching him, wondering if he really is like that, wondering if her really tastes that way, wondering if the things that you did in the dream would make him cry out like that in reality.

Does he cry out?

Stupid questions, they permeate your skull, and settle into the back of your mind, not always at the forefront of your mind, but always present. They are always there waiting to reemerge, waiting for the inevitable slip of the tongue, or the curiosity to get the better of you.


Duo Maxwell is dangerous.

He exploits all the weaknesses he sees, he hides his own. He plays games with your mind, making you think one thing and then doing another, shifting your perspective so many times that you feel dizzy.

It is best not to follow his conversations.

Duo Maxwell is unattainable. He is irrational. He is passionate, lively, and more dangerous then anything I have ever known.

He is a soldier, one with a good head on his shoulders, one that readily uses himself as a weapon, uses his attributes like a weapon. I wonder if he feels guilt about that.

“…because I do.”

I guess so.

* * *

Heero: * in awe* …that was so…so… pointless.
Duo: never hath there been a greater waste of memory.
Heero: no…no there was inconclusion…
Duo: and Gunnign down a romance (sun’s only fanfic)…
Heero: and system crash.
Duo: AND!…
Sun: thanks guys. I love you both too.
Heero: just when you think that you are rid of relena…
Duo: her mentally retarded clone starts writing fanficiton.

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