Title: False prophecy
Author: all_in_leather@yahoo.com
Notes: OKAY, this is a thingy. Ummm…wait that came out wrong, what I mean is that this is a teaser. A VERY long teaser…a ridiculously long teaser, in fact, and so I decided to post it. Further more…ummm… there is a LOT OF AU here, I mean a LOT, so don’t mind the lack of time line…*ha * timeline *ha * says I.

Disclaimers: GW is not mine, I’m only using the characters and kinda the plot for fun, no money involved…nope nope nope….BUT the fic, its idea, and the Jaden universe IS in fact mine, Sunday, and so are all of the characters that are uniquely of that universe and not GW (have no fear, they appear once in a while, but not enough to be important)…right…

More notes: I’m not sure if I should continue this…I mean, this is the TEASER, can you imagine the damned fic? * loox scared * this is gonna be loooong…or not…I could just kill them all….

False prophecy (teaser)


I cannot understand.

I quickly rub my pale hands together, attempting to warm them, after the shocking realization that I had been clenching them hard enough to cut off blood pressure.

I wait.

That is, after all, all that I can do.

I wait.

Ignoring the perfectly happy sunshine that has filtered through the room’s curtains, the warm pillows, the warm chairs, carpets…after all, I am still cold.

I remember, they had become so much to me, you must understand. They had become my world, my strength, and my anchor in a universe that was rapidly spinning beyond my control. Not out of control, per say, because no one is foolish enough to believe it to be controlled, surely, surely this is so. Yes, and Duo is not in some way….I…I don’t know. I could be wrong? Right? I mean I only picked up parts of the conversation.

And I saw…

And the phone rings.

And rings.

And rings.

Because suddenly I do not want to know.

It had been a mission, one that I had the exclusive privilege of witnessing, or rather not witnessing, as much as seeing and hearing, through the aid of external, and internal cameras mounted within the Gundams. After all, I was the only one that cold identify the structure that they would be destroying. After cursing my drawing inability for the five hundredth time, I proposed this plan, I could not show them what it was that needed destroying and how, but I would point them to it. Which I in the end resulted in the small claustrophobic dark room within which I was locked, attempting to control my unreasonable paranoia, my fear that the whole of the structure would collapse beneath the superior weight of the computers that where chained to the walls. Screens upon screens dimly reflected me, casting the image of a thousand thin, uninteresting girls staring blankly into the dark televisions.

And then the phone rang…

As instructed I dropped the telephone into the cradle, which allowed the sound to filter though the room. Static bounced off the dark walls, hidden within the shadow, and returned to me.

[HIYA RELENA-CHAN!! We are gonna go kick some OZ butt!!! Great to have ya here!!!]

[Good evening Relena sama, I am sorry that this is only a one way conversation, but as Heero pointed out, it would be rather difficult to receive your vocal signal, but if you could just type the responses…like we previously suggested…]


[OoooOOOoooOOOOoh, Wu-kitty, don’t you LIKE my kawaii Evangelion scans? I’m pouting you know.]

[I can see you on the damned screen you baka!! Now turn off the damned transmission! AND MY NAME IS WU*FEI*]

[Ohoh…Wu-love is getting homicidal again]


[Duo, please stop teasing Wufei.]

[Duo, stop acting like a child.]

[NO! BBBBBEeeeeeeeeDAAaaaaaaaa!]

[Radio silence in twelve minutes.] Trowa’s expressionless voice fills the room, cutting off the banter.

[Thank you Trowa.]



[Acknowledged.] The voices meld back into

[Okay everyone, lets ROCK AND ROLL!!!]

A loud groan of dismay fills the room, and suddenly all the televisions flicker into life, bathing the room in their cold blue glow, dispelling my reflection from their surfaces. A light bass fills the room, followed by hard rock music.

[MAXWELL! Turn that blasphemy OFF!!!!]

[Like the latest fashion, like a disease…come on Wu sing along!!! I know you like it!!!]

[Oh Allah.]

[hey don’t pay no mind, your under eighteen, you won’t be doing any time!! Heeeey, come out and play.] Duo’s clear voice is suddenly interrupted by another.

[By the time you hear the siren… it’s already to late...]


[Hn, I told you not to play any of your juvenile pranks on me…….*Wu*…]

[Must I remind you all that we have an audience?!!!!!] Quatre’s calm voice sounds strained, although his smile is clear for all to see on the screens.

[Aw, I bet she is enjoying it…hey Heero, I never knew you had that nice a voice!!! Cause normally it sounds as if you have a shoe shoved up your…]

[Radio silence in * 2* minutes, Maxwell and Yuy.]

[Oh oh, Heero, we are in deep shit, Trowa just used our LAST names….Hey Relena, you ARE enjoying this, right? I mean…unlike Wu and Tro who have…]

[MAXWELL!] this time the voices come in sync.

[ooOOOoooooh stereo!!!!]

I look over the screens, Quatre is biting his lip, in an attempt not to laugh, Wufei’s face is blushed, but a smirk is clearly present. Trowa, unlike the others is managing his usual, fashionable boredom, while glancing over coordinates. Duo seems to be speaking into a private link, because his jaw is, like always, in motion. Heero is smirking, and appears to be listening to something, apparently Duo. I cannot help but smile, watching them interact.

Each blissfully unaware of how much they complete each other, how much they are a whole.

[WUFEI!! YOU ASSHOLE!!! I cannot believe that you drew me in a sailor fu…]

[Radio silence engaged.]

My eyes are drawn back to Duo who is blushing furiously, as he watches something displayed in one of his screens. He is still talking to someone over the private line, and I catch a glimpse of a smile on Heero’s face, as he regards something displayed, he comments back, causing Duo to blush furiously. I find my spirits lifted, they had all matured. He, had matured.

The visuals all pick up the base, suddenly the figure of Duo’s Gundam disappears from sight.

[stealth engaged. Shinigami is coming to collect his own.] A hollow voice whispers, and it takes a moment to pinpoint it as Duo’s. No responses are given, and the visual of the insides of the cockpits reveal four remaining boys, wearing no expressions upon their faces.

A stillness fills the room, as the visuals quit switching, the view of the Gundam’s surroundings remaining steady. All revealing a large base…and so my part of the mission begins. Quickly I type up the description of the electromagnetic shielding prototype, as well as a description of the generator. They are all familiar with it, of course, they had read, and reread my descriptions, countless times…but, I am the only one that knows what it looks like, outside of my departed father, and its engineers. I was always a curious child, and when he one day forgot to close the folders upon his desk, all displaying information about the prototype, I studied them, and had remembered. In this way, I can help them. For once my intrigue and curiosity, are being useful.

[When you see it, point it out.]

Of course, a written description is not nearly enough,. The thing had an innumerable amount of possible shells, it would take a very specific few characteristics. If all else fails, they plan to blow up the whole base, which would not have been a problem, but for the large amount of civilians that resided outside its walls, as well as within. According to Heero, OZ had, rather effectively, built themselves a human barrier.

//The shielding generator is…// I type quickly, upon Heero’s borrowed laptop //…the structure behind the apartments…but…//


///STOP! It is a trap, there is another that looks like it. One of those is the generator for shields, and the other for the pulse.//.

[Can you identify which it is?]

//maybe, look for something that looks like a donut shaped antenna, the generator of the pulse will not have one like it, or at least, one that does not spin. The shield will have that sort of spinning antenna//

[Unless it is not engaged…correct?] Wufei’s voice cuts through the static, pointing out my error. Once more I curse my stupidity.


[Hey guys, They both have the antennas, AND neither is spinning…AND…they have just figured out that I am here, meaning that you guys are next.]

[Suggestions?] Heero’s cool monotone dispels the tension.

[Yah, run like Hell, and I’ll blow both the things up at once. Worst comes to worst, you guys are gonna have to hunt me down, and save my skinny ass.]

[Impossible, think of something else, Duo.]

[Okay, I blow both the things up at once, and you guys run in…ten and counting.]

[Duo.] Wufei growls out [Don’t be an idiot]

[Okay, I can no longer move Deathscythe’s feet…guys, both of the antenna are moving.]

I fight down the panic that is slowly building within me, causing my throat to obstruct, and my breathing to shake. My fingers feel sluggish upon the keyboard //they cannot shield themselves if the secondary coil is spinning, it will disrupt everything.//

[Great, so this was a trap…. Guys, RUN] With that I watch as the Gundam reappears on the screans, and Duo quickly slashes the scythe through the air, slicing both of the generators in close sync with each other, after a 180 degree turn.

His breathing suddenly becomes deafening within the room.

[Can anyone hear me? Hello? HEY!!! Ummm…guys….something is wrong with these things, I think that slashing them with a thermo weapon was like REALLY stupid….guys?]

My fingers freeze above the keyboard, and I watch in horror, as his Gundam’s outer view switches on, I can see white light fluctuating within the generators, suddenly it spills over the edge, and begins to surround them.

The breathing stops…and suddenly he screams. And all I can do is join him, as I watch the cockpit fills with the white light…and suddenly the visuals show only that light.

[DUO!!] Heero’s voice pierces the silence, as he had only just began to pick up what was happening within his best friends Gundam. He quickly launches his own after it. My fingers return to life.

//hes dead..get wayj, run run run run run run run run ruhn ruhgn// the keyboard seems to blurr, as my tears fall.

[Shit…move back!!] I can hear Heero call out, his voice pushing past the fog within my head [it is spreading, sh…I can’t move my gundam…fuck. Get OUT OF HE-]

I can only watch as the light seems to pick up momentum, swallowing the Gundams,

Wufei’s Gundam followed by Trowa’s and then finally Quatre’s…and then I know no more, because with the onset of Sandrock’s destruction the video footage ends. The televisions glow white, filling the room with their coldness, before each of them slowly burn out, and turn off.

Reflecting only me.



I’m cold. I’m cold…oh it is very cold…dead…they are dead…and cold…so cold…


I dumbly take the phone off the computer and hang it up.

And then it rings.

Swiftly I once more open the channel.

[…eero? Ne Adia ania setatre catre? Ce denio tatsuta? Adina atia alina. Ce?] Quatre’s voice fills the room, quietly at first, and then thicker, and louder. His voice seems deep, and whatever it is that he is saying I cannot distinguish. But it is his voice…slowly I force my mind into some semblance of order, trying to understand what he is saying.

[Adata, atera adina, Azalia. Ce? Heero? Ce?] Yet it makes no sense, not even in the way that a foreign language makes no sense to an observer. But this, this was gibberish, the language I could not even identify flowed through the room. Suddenly panic filled me once more, what if somehow the blast had damaged Quatre.

[nadana..detara, adrenidnata detara Relena destetutina kataranata….Denoir…Relena? Relena are you still there?] I look up quickly.

“I’m here…”

[Relena?] he sounds worried now, his voice still thick in a way that I know that I had not imagined.

//I’m here//

[can you see any of the others, or hear them…can you hear Or-Duo…this is very important, where is Duo?]

//I can’t see him, he has not shown up on the screens and I can not hear him.//

[Denoire] he spits the word out, and I am briefly under the impression that it is a curse.

[..y there?] Trowa’s voice cuts through the static.

[TROWA!!!! Oh thank Allah, you are alright, and news of the others?]

[They where fine when I left them.]

[They should be next then.]

[...FUCK!] Heero’s voice resonates within the room. [My fucking system is down again!!] The sound of something banging on metal follows. [Turn on turn on turn on turn on!! Quatre, why can’t I talk sense into it?]

[Heero, did you make it angry?]

[Banging on it won’t help.] Wufei’s voice cuts through the noise.

[When did you get here?]

[A little before you started swearing at the machine, I imagine.]


[Relena. I am busy.] His voice sounds a bit deeper, and I am beginning to wonder what the hell happened to the Gundams, and whether Heero always acted like this when in familiar surroundings. It was shocking to say the least.

//you are alive!// I tried to think of what else to write, but found that no amount of words would ever be enough to express the elation, and gratitude that I was feeling.

[…take a number.] Heero replies to…someone…and I get the strange feeling that it was neither directed at the other pilots or me. His comment is followed by Quatre’s soft chuckle.

[May I remind you that we have no idea as to what happened to Duo…and there are still 40 OZ mobile suits that require our attention]

[Gentlemen. Make that 41.] Once more I am surprised by that hollow voice, but whereas at one point it had been a whisper, it now sounds louder, more a threat then ever before.

I watch as the screen on the outer of Duo’s Gundam flickers and turns on, briefly displaying the four remaining Gundams, as they turn and attack him. Before it too turns off.

So now I wait.

Away from the house, the room, the televisions.

Instead I am within my office, after arriving there in a haze.

I wait for the phone to ring.

And it rings.

And it rings.

And it rings.

And I don’t think that I want to know what it is going to tell me.

More? less?