Title: Duo Maxwell is an idiot.

Author: Sunday

Part: 1/1

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It is an axiom, an absolute and commonly held truth that Duo Maxwell is an idiot. After all, how can he be anything BUT an idiot, with that cheeky grin and those wide violet eyes? Surely anything that can see so much but let so little affect its demeanor, its cheerful disposition, is worthy of such a title…right?


He is once more smiling and laughing as we get ready for the mission. More will die at his hands tonight. But he continues to laugh.

He is an idiot.

I know that he is an idiot…


"Heero…are you sure this trajectory is correct?"


"Aa….well double check, k?….I'm going all paranoid…and then it is off to the room with the padded walls for Shinigami…BWahahahahahahHAHAHAHAhahahHA HAHAHA!!!…me insane? Why DO-C-TOR whatever gave you that idea?"


His melodramatic pose dissipates, and I am caught in his eyes, as he leans back to look at me over his slim shoulder. His smile an afterthought, surrendered to the wickedness that has remained on his face. Suddenly the look is gone, replaced once more with the energy, and the ridiculous bouncyness that is so characteristic of the idiot…the fool.

"Oy, Heero…you break my heart, man!" With that he throws the trajectory plans in my face, before running out to put our mission in peril…or as he puts it, blending in…hn, he could never blend in. Not with a face like that…with the innocence in those eyes…the absolute stupidity. And the wonder, the seemingly endless amount of wonder.

Not that that is surprising, after all, things with an infinite lack of knowledge have an infinite ability to wonder upon the slightest occurrences. I sigh going over the plans…erasing irritably at his calculations in the margin…that is when I see it….a decimal error on my part.


Fluke, he probably just picked it up…he tends to do things like that once in a while. But that changes very little…it just makes him a dangerous idiot. Like giving a gun to a small child, they are too ridiculously naïve to perceive the detrimental consequences of their course of actions, surely Duo is so. No….Duo IS so, I have seen him. His damned grin, allowing all the blood to wash off of him like water.

Wash off of him like that smile does…sometimes.

"Oy Hee-chan, I forgot…ya might wanna check some of the security profiles again…I realize that you did like a day ago…but Suzy, you remember Suzy right…she was going out with me…and….an…well anyway, her father works for Oz…don't give me that look…and she let slip the fact that he was constantly working late shifts cuz the plant was WAY paranoid. Apparently the system is changed weekly…so who knows…oh and d'ya wanna get a pizza?"


He grins at me, pulling a small book from his bag, he makes a show of leafing through it…it is then that I catch the scrawled lettering on the side of the `book' … "English-Yuy….Yuy-English, dictionary"

"Ah yes, Hn….pronounced hn….a word meaning "go away Baka I am studying, I pizza want not, yes, no, I am fine, don't touch me, yes I WOULD like to have my ego baked, breakfast? Who needs breakfast when you are a perfect soldier, You are giving away our location Baka….Baka, and various other words…..Y'know Heero, I was trying to put together a dictionary for you…unfortunately I have three entries so far….I guess it will never be a best seller."


"Oooh you guessed the second word!!"

"Omae o korosu"

"and the third…damn Yuy, are you psychic…." I stand from my desk, more then ready to punch the idiot. Funny, I have yet to actually succeed…usually he manages to distract me just in time…or artfully dodge….I wonder…

"Yah, you are right…Heero Yuy is not psychic…he IS, on the other hand, Psychotic."

With that he dodges out of the room…his insane laughter beating off the walls of the dorm.

* * *

Mission accomplished…funny, it has never meant much, and means less still. It is the end of yet another goal…of yet another moment of almost lunatic freedom. Freedom from the soul and mind…like only lunatics can truly be.

"Heero…that went shitty, didn't it."

I turn to my side…to face the fool, the idiot…the baka extraordinary. He turns on the light…it shining on his face, illuminating the ever present smile….keeping his eyes dark. They always seem so dark, it is a wonder that such a naturally cheerful person has such somber eyes.

"Eh Heero, Y'know…it is kinda weird…ya got these really lively eyes…but damn you are a stone wall on the outside."

"Baka." How did he…no, no he coincidences…no, that would mean that I think like the idiot, and I DO NOT, think like that.


"aa…ba-ka." He whispers…the smile still firmly in place "You know what the fool is, Heero?" he actually waits for my answer, he so rarely does. The stupid Baka's face is illuminated by the light of the moon, the silver making his face seem paler, more mature…and illusion…that is all…all this is an illusion. After all, he is truly revealed by daylight. No one can hide themselves by that light….surely not even the most skilled of hunters…

"He is the first of the tarot cards…zero…the optimistic idiot taking his first step into a journey of fulfillment…with his face to the sky, and his feet taking him where they will…."

…but he was never a hunter…he was always the thief, hiding in the shadows, hardly noticed…for that is his practice…and then he became another thief still, but no longer stealing material possessions…now he stole people's lives…

"…I always thought that he was looking up so not to see the destruction, not see the fruits of his labor. But once he actually looks down, he will have to deal…he will have to put together the pieces, stop judging others and start with himself. See a mirror made of his enemies blood at his feet…those he murdered…"

His smile is gone now…the silver of the moon making its presence known in his hair…and yet...and yet it has yet to touch his dark eyes.


…he still steals people's lives…


"…that which he becomes…dead and death."

"Duo, what tarot number is Shinigami?"

He looks at me…the light finally catching his eyes, and his laughter once more fills the room….hollow laughter… for some odd reason it seems so.


The laughter stops, and he just sits looking at me, satisfied….

It is an axiom, an absolute and commonly held truth that Duo Maxwell is an idiot.