Title: Cure
Author: Sunday
Part: prologue/?
Notes: I promise this is the last fic I post today….I hope… anyway, Relena friendly part, for all of 1 paragraph, and a bit Relena centric part...tho have no fear the world does not revolve around her! Umm yah….

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Cure, prologue
By: Sunday


>Access? Password:
>Access granted.
>>run: Un-locksmith
>Access? Password2:
>Access granted.
>>run: Un-locksmith
>Sank defense system breached.
>Passing secondary.
>system cracked.
>print file?
>printing complete.

A brief bleep.

A pair of pale blue eyes turned toward the offending machine. Long pale fingers reached out, typing commands with deft accuracy.

Pink lips pursed on seeing the message.

The same fingers ran through long blond hair.

"It appears that we had a security breach in some of the more classified files…" Her voice, cool smooth, and deep. Stronger then the childish one that used to escape her mouth.

"The higher security can only be breached by one person, you understand."

"Yes…but can you be sure?" She asks, uncertain, and yet, wanting to trust.

"Of course…I designed it…it is modeled for one psyche. For all the time we both spent watching him, you can be sure that it was no other."

Relena's lips turned up in a slight smile. You are too clever for your own good.

A chuckle.

"You would never have said that five years ago."

She frowned lightly "Five years ago…" she looked saddened, a hand strayed to nervously smooth out blond hair. "…that was long ago…and, and now to stop this we need him…I need the help, you know as well as I do about all of the assassination attempts. I am worried that it is someone close to me…"

"There is no point of speaking of it all here." Rough fingers clasped Relena's… "…I owe you Relena, for everything that you have done for

me…you are like…like…"

Relena's smile grew "Don't worry about it."

* * *

The camera men swarmed around the stage…the world watched in awe as its Queen turned 21…her pale skin and carefully applied makeup making her seem little more then 17…a child queen…someone of purity. She smiled lightly, before starting her speech…smoothing out her pink dress…the silken strands of hair…beautiful. Pure. Yet somehow false….Her intelligent eyes glancing over the crowd, until they spot her prize. He one for whom she had been hunting for the past five years. Her sweet smile turned predatory as his eyes caught her….and as quickly the strength vanished into a childish helplessness. Her fingers strayed to pick a silver strand from her hair…silver by the harsh light…as fake an image as the one owning it….she smiled into the crowd, before mechanically dropping her hand. Her lips parted, and she leaned into the microphone.

"Thank you all for coming…I would just like to thank you for joining me in my celebration. As you know we have known so many years of joy and peace…all this is thanks to you…"

Her voice was drowned by the sound of three shots….her clear eyes widened…red staining the rose pink of the dress…spreading like a poisonous flower. A bloodied hand grasped at the microphone pole, before sliding down, pulled by the superior weight of a girl's body.

In the crowd cobalt blue eyes widened, when a man, once a boy, stared not at the Queen, now a body on the stage, but rather at the assassin.


Duo looked coolly at Heero, before lowering his gun, and sprinting from the room.