Title: Classes in high society parts 1 and 2
Pairings: 1+2/2+1…3+4/4+3
Notes: I reposted, because I needed to change some things…. yah… and ummm… I think that that is about it. Oh wait… I needed to write this to get some humor out… that is why nothing that I am posting today is serious. Sorry, to all that I promised something serious to.


Classes in high society
By: Sunday

The school's ability to 'help' troubled youth, was more then enough to cause the father of one Heero Yuy, to throw the boy into the facility. After causing yet another screaming fit from his mother, and nearly shooting and killing one of his few friends (then being greatly disturbed over the fact that he had not managed to succeed), the father had decided that enough was enough, and so, the child of a rather highly regarded colonial family was placed into the same surroundings as murderers, Drug dealers and lunatics. Not that Heero minded, after a rather stressful childhood, he did not really give a damn about anything that had to do with his personal well being… nor the well being of anyone whom he might stumble upon. Or rather accidentally stumbled upon him… which may explain why he once more caused another fit of screaming from his mother on the way out.

* * *

Duo was sitting well away from the various members of the school, his feet crossed over the top of the desk, and in his hands sat an advanced calculus book, quite aware of the presence of another person… he merely looked up at the boy that wanted to sit at `his' table…

"Go ahead."

What did catch his interest was that the man did not seem to care very much about him...he did not attempt to flirt, nor did he do anything to suggest that he had picked the place due to Duo's presence there. This, very unusual behavior, more then sparked the Duo's interest… as did the fact that the boy across from him seemed to have the same emotional attributes as a slab of concrete.

"Yo, man, are you new here?" Duo found himself asking. The `man' in question did not even acknowledge Duo's presence.

"yoohooo… Earth to stone face…. o-kay… lets try this again…. Hi, my name is Maxwell, Duo… and you would be?"


"I see, Hn, what an original name… is it Latin?"

Heero looked up at the exuberant youth, who was not so much shining with friendly energy, as with sadistic nature.

"Yuy, Heero."

"Ah, well, that makes far more sense. Are you new here, Mr. Yuy?"

"It would appear so, considering that if I was not, I would have known better then to sit with someone that does not allow me to finish my lunch in peace."

Heero almost instantly regretted his words… at the hurting look in Maxwell's eyes. Not so much to suggest that Heero's attack had hurt him, as much as to promise Heero getting hurt, for that attack."

* * *

"That guy? You actually talked to Maxwell?" The blond boy shook his head. "Watch out for him… he is unpredictable."


"Hai, he is a loony. No one knows what the heck is wrong with the boy… he simply gets these maniac episodes… once he fractured a guys arm in eight places… because he was looking at him the wrong way. If you feel an urge to talk to him… go slam your head into the wall a couple of times and then reconsider… after all, at least the bruising from the wall will eventually fade."

Heero nodded, looking back to the solitary boy sitting at the edge of the table…his eyes lost somewhere in the horizon. `I wonder what made him that way…' After all, he himself had many secrets that justified the way he acted…

* * *

The first thing that Heero Yuy did on walking into his first class of the day, chem, was notice Duo Maxwell, stretched out on two chairs, teasing a Chinese boy. The second thing Heero Yuy did on walking into his first class of the day, chem, was turn on his heel, and leave the room, while the teacher was in the midst of introducing him. He had no plans to sit beside the braided maniac, and anyway if he did another… accident… could occur. Thus Yuy found himself walking to his room… to find his roommate using his laptop.

What ensued straight afterward, was hardly more then pointless bloodshed… on his room mate's part.

* * *

Duo Maxwell twirled a knife in his hand… yup, he was VERY interested in `Stone boy'. Dangerously so… after all, the last guy who attracted this much of his attention was the reason he ended up in this hell pit. Duo grinned, watching the metal

gleam in his fingers, before throwing the offending piece of silverware at his roommate. After all, Heero had just lost his… he could use a replacement.

A dull thunk reverberated off the room's walls, as the knife effectively staples the other boy's hand to the wall.

Duo frowned… of course, the stain would have to be washed out…

* * *

Once is fine, two times can be forgiven… but THREE FUCKING TIMES? Who does Maxwell think he is? Heero sighed, watching as his roommate injected the nurse with whatever tranquilizer he was supposed to be receiving.

"Are you quite finished?"

"Aw, man…you should be thanking me, after all… now you have 10 min of extra clarity before they totally wipe you out… c'mon… live a little!"

"Maxwell… I plan to live a lot, and your idiocies are hardly helping… what do you hope to achieve?"

He smirks. "Jus playin' with ya…. y'know… trying to see what got you in here with the likes of me.

Heero rolls of his eyes, before jumping off of the bed.

"Race you to the caf." Maxwell raises a brow.

"Pardon? Did something snap in that brick of yours? The caf is closed… its damn near midnight and…" before Heero can even blink Duo is off, tearing down the hallways towards the cafeteria. Avoiding all alarms with a skill proving that he had done so before. Heero smirks, before throwing the nurse's body into the corridor, and closing his room's door. Blocking the anyone from opening it with a large piece of metal that he had torn off of Duo's bunk. On turning to his own bed he is confronted by a very satisfies looking Maxwell. Stretched elegantly on Heero's bed… one of the room's fifth story windows, open, and allowing a cool draft in.


"Hai, roomy dearest?"

"Get. Off."

Maxwell's grin, if possible, grew wider "any suggestions as to what I should get off of?"

Heero managed to simply raise a brow in annoyance before grabbing the idiot's long hair and attempting to pull him off of the bed. Both, however, looked up at the furious pounding resounding from the door.

"Y'know, Yuy… we could get them more enraged…" Heero smirked in response.

Thus when the orderlies came to see WHY the door had been barricaded, they were confronted by two boys that apeard to be doing a whole lot more then sleeping in one of the beds…deep beneath the covers.

"Mr. Yuy, Mr. MAXWELL!" A sheepish, and apparently unclothed Maxwell appeared from under the covers.

"H…aaaaiiii?" He asked, looking ever so pleased with himself.

The nurse turned bright red, before walking out, followed by the rest of the troop… when Heero made a similar appearance from beneath the blanket.

The door slammed shut.

And Duo was confronted with Heero Yuy laughing like a maniac.

"now...THAT…was funny."


Quatre Winner, was playing with a rather sharp fork. Hand laid palm down, flat upon the table…he was jabbing the fork into the space between his fingers…fist between his thumb and index finger, then between his index finger, and middle finger…then back between his thumb and index… then between his middle finger and ring finger… then back to his thumb… and so on….

With his eyes closed…

At an alarming rate.

Another vicious jab was stopped by a hand grabbing his wrist, and rendering him incapable of bringing the hand back down. "Trowa." He said courtly without opening his eyes.

And thus another day in the life of an empath started.

Not that empaths existed.

Quatre smiled. Dropped the fork, and sipped his tea. Really, he hatred being treated like a little kid.

"Q-man!" Quatre looked up., to see Duo bouncing over towards him…yup, he must have somehow regurgitated his medication again…he was going to have to ask him how to do that.

"Duo!" He said, smiling genuinely…and hugging back, when the lunatic jumped into his lap.

Duo pouted. "Quatre you cut yourself again."

He raised a brow. "No I did not" Looking at his hand, he found that he had indeed pierced the fair flesh. "Damn. It's the new kid, he is disrupting the way things are."

"Aw c'mon…that never happens any more!"

Quatre raised a brow, before smiling sweetly…he had already formulated five ways to get rid of the disruption… he would kill the other boy…no, well, maybe not that… he could ingrate him in his memory… but that would be pointless, as it is doubtful that he would meet the dark monotonous boy again.

"Oh by the way…this is my roomy Heero."

Quatre looked up… `damn…I guess it is on to plan b.' Actually he was kind of pleased…he never REALLY like killing, but he had to admit, he was good at it.

Duo jumped off of Quatre. "Don have to get so jealous Trowa..r.eally."

Trowa did not even flinch. "I love you too man!…lets off ot my room and make non procreational whoopie."

"Duo, I thought that you would have gotten enough last night."

Everyone at the table blinked, and all eyes turned to Trowa. "News about Heero and Yourself travels quickly…especially with those that are willing to listen."

Duo's already maniac grin widened considerably…yep, he was off his medication. Quatre was sure of this now. He also wondered when the orderlies would just attempt to inject it into him.

"Now, now, tro-man…You know that you are the only man for me…well maybe Quatre too…and Wufei…hell all three of you at once. I don't cheat."

"Duo, for one to cheat, there would have to be something there that that person would be cheating on."

Duo blinked, and the smile turned cruel…a long suffering sigh, came somewhere from the vicinity of Duo's back. He whipped around, and glomped onto Wufei. "Wu-chan!!!" he purred, rubbing his face against the other boy's cheek… Wufei, with Duo still clinging onto him, impassively sat down at a chair…took a sip of his coffee...and then deposited the American onto the floor.

Quartre finally looked up at the dark haired boy. "I thought I told you to stay away from Duo."

"I thought that you would follow your own advice." Heero answered in monotone.

Quatre just grinned, before leaning on Trowa's shoulder. "I think he is cute…wanna set him up with Duo?" He whispered to the stoic boy. "oh wait…they already are…"

"no… no to both, They are not together, and you remember what happened when you tried Duo and Wufei together." Quatre winced…he could still remember what Duo had done to his vibes, quite intentionally too. Damn he hated what that idiot could do to every single vibe in the damned clinic…he was a walking disruption.

`I hate multi personality disorder.' Quatre thought to himself unhappily.