Title: Of Bullets and Barrels
Part: Prologue/Teaser
Author: Sunday.
Notes: This is loosely based off of the amazing comic "The Red Star". * is still in awe*. Unfortunately, I am not nearly the storyteller these people are… soo…if you think this totally sucks, please, please, please, don't let my baka self keep you from reading the actual comic which is really, really good. Gah… * goes back to staring at the comic lovingly…ooooh*. I also don't own Gundam Wing. But the story is mine, so don't take it.
Other then that…erm…I had orange juice for lunch. Yah….


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A low moan permeated the air, as Heero ran through the twisted corridors of WingZero. The large ship shuddering as another moan filled the air, the lights flickered. Heero's breath came is small gasps, as he turned sharply down another corridor, bursting through the entrance to control room.


The Asian man stopped, saluting stiffly, before letting his eyes roam over the controlled chaos of the room. The blond Captain frowned in response, drawing Heero's attention to the main screens, he sat back in his chair scowling. Heero's eyes darted to the screens, memorizing the shape of the enemy ship.

"Status." He yelled over the buzz of fried electronics, as he watched the second ship move forward at an alarming range. A large spear protruding from its base.

"Sectors four and five, level seven, to subbasement three have been lost. Energy is being rerouted as we speak, to sectors one through three, seven up. And we can't reverse the thrusters…which is why we are moving toward it."

"What of the Isolator Tunnels?"

"That is what they were aiming for." Quatre's cool voice filtered over the noise.

"With you leave, sir, I wish to make an attack on the enemy ship."

"You may go, and you have a minute…"

Captain Winner stared indifferently at his second in command. "I will make it at least one minute. Reroute auxiliary power to blast generators, also inform the engineers of tunnel fourteen and of the arrival of Yuy. Cut down life support in the dwellings, libraries, mess halls, and kitchens. If we keep the bastards from hitting us again, then we can turn it back on, if we can't, it won't matter either way. The chance for gates recently went to hell."


Heero ran. His body straining, as he neared the weaponry sector. The walls were humming with energy, as the I-field drew back, sending answering shivers down his spine. He dropped his jacket to the floor as he ran, shrugging off his shirt, the red material slipping to the carpet beneath his feet.

Rounding a final corner, he slipped into a final tunnel. He stopped, catching his breath, and pulling off his boots.

Before walking, barefoot, and naked from waist up into a room marked `tube 14'. He breathed in deeply. The air smelling strongly of ozone and coolant.


"Yuy beta3 gamma 48."



His leather pants dropped to the floor, and he shivered at the sight of the channel stretching out before him. A faint green illuminated the inner walls of the round chamber; clumsily he made his way forward, standing naked in front of the main aiming apparatus; A large ring lying horizontally in the tube. He snatched one of the loops of leather that hung from it, causing the apparatus to move upward, leaving him hanging in the middle of the ring by one arm. His muscles straining, burning under the weight of his body.

"Accepted. Please list attack protocols."

"023, parameters 34 beta-9, blast distance 300km, blast diameter 2km. Expected heat…we will cross that bridge when we get there."

"Accepted. The following coolant properties have been chosen.0.908. Density 0.001."


"Please commence preparation…"

Heero's breath caught in his throat, as the ring around him began to spin, sluggishly at first, then more rapidly. His hands fell to his sides, then rose, until he was crucified in the air, his body taunt, stretched against the invisible force of the ring, as it turned to position him, facing the end of the tube.

"Tube 12, your heart rate is too high, it is being lowered."

He felt something cool slide against his arm, a restraints suddenly clasping his wrists and ankles, the chains on them lax, as a needle extended from them and imbedded itself into his forearm.

His heart slowed.

"Your body temperature is at the optimal…Aiming, target set. Target Ship: 098-BETA-3-ALFA custom, Deathscythe Hell. Predicted margin of error 0.001 percent."

Heero hung his head; the rest was up to the engineers.

He felt his body heat up, it was almost painful, as his skin stretched over muscle, ripping at his wrists and ankles. The lights in the room flickered and shut down with a mechanical hiss. From within the apex of the ring, a different light was born.

"Countdown, from five." A brief pause, and static reverberated off of the inside of the tube, before the man's voice started again, static playing over the intercom. "Sorcerer Yuy, it has been a pleasure."