Title: 1+2 CASE
Notes: I swear, I am NOT on drugs!!!! This just happened.
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1+2 CASE


Heero considered his options all one of them, and raised a brow….

He decided that this may very well have given away too much of his position on the current actions, and thus he lowered the brow. Only to realize that he had just confessed that raising his brow bothered him…absolutely POSITIVE that this could be used against him during an OZ interrogation, where an officer with raised brows would make him talk…Heero raised the brow. Not that people with raised brows made him nervous, quite the contrary, he though that they looked absolutely stupid, not that he would tell them that…because he simply preferred to say nothing at all.

Thus Heero kept his brow raised.

Well, at least until paranoia-boy realized that he had just confessed his hatred for a lowered brow. Panic filled him, what if someone with LOWERED brows came to interrogate him? He would never be able to laugh at that, after all, most SANE people kept their brows low… so surely this would bring him at disadvantage…

Thus in an attempt to confuse all the OZ spies under his bed, Heero started wiggling his eyebrows.

Duo looked up from his cards….only to be confronted by Heero's wagging eyebrows…Duo raised a brow…Heero on seeing this panicked.

"Duo DON'T DO THAT!!!!!" Heero cried out…it is then, to his horror, he realized that he had stopped wagging his brows, he was now utterly and totally sure that OZ would jump down from nowhere and steal away his koi…well his WOULD be koi…if he ever got his guts together and TOLD Duo. Never the less, not to be outdone…and have his one true love taken away, Heero began wagging his brows again, double time.

Duo blinked. He blinked again. He regarded Heero's eyebrows and blinked once more. He started feeling Dizzy…

"Duo, do you think *pant* this will put me at a *pant* disadvantage" Heero called out breathlessly., as wagging his brows was a tiring work out.

"Ummm…yes?" Heero's eyebrow waving slowed…then stopped. Suddenly his huge blue eyes filled with tears, all because of his eyebrows, as YEARS of harsh training and a yellow flower and a little girl came crashing down upon him…these were soon followed by a rather large part of the ceiling.

"HEERO!!!" Screamed out Duo, as he attempted to pull bits and pieces of the roof off of Heero, who was currently buried under a good ton of the stuff. It is at that moment that Treize, came down from the ceiling, to stand atop the pile.

"AHA!!! We have been monitoring everyone on this

planet, just to catch the ONE that does not wiggle his brows!!! HE must be the gundam pilot. Says I…!!!"

Heero gasped in horror from under 2 tons of crap, 1 ton being physical, the other emotional baggage. He KNEW that this sort of thing was going to happen, he just KNEW it!! And now there would be no way that he would be able to help Duo…poor dead Duo, there would be no way out for him.

"Err….sir…ummmm…..you do realize that no one actually wags their brows…right? I mean…they just don't." Treize blinked…he checked his `wagometer'

"Damn…" with that Treize left, picking up the crap strewed all over the floor on his way out.

Duo blinked. Heero blinked.

"OH HEERO!! For a moment there I was sure that you were going to die, and that I would never tell you how much I love you!!!"

Heero blinked. "I love you too Duo!!"

Thus the two offed to bed, to screw each other happily ever after. Except that Duo never let Heero play `UNO' with him again. The end.


Is everyone happy now? Sappy enough?