It lives again.

After lying dormant in my hard drive for months, Casshire has finally helped me complete this installment of Tevel. and since she's going to help with all the parts to come, two co-writers will hopefully be faster than one ^_^;

I'm going to bed now.

~ Stargem

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A GW fan fic: Tevel(Dearly Beloved) - Part Four
By Stargem and Casshire

Author's notes: Everyone says that college life is hell. I don't entirely agree if you pick the right one. Even with the late hours, the bad lecturers and more than occasional all-nighters, college is fun although free time is a thing of the past. Kudos to my darling co-writer Cass for helping me kick start this pet project once more.

Sorry to keep you waiting ^^; Read and enjoy.


A clear, starry night imposed itself on the peaceful land, uncontested by the fading rays of sunlight. Dappled shadows played across gently waving branches, slipping and sliding towards the cosy little hut nestled inside the clearing of trees and darting in an open window. The moonlight was a gentle explorer as it lit upon the shining locks of Quatre's golden head, shifting down to frame the slumbering features of his beloved.

The fairy was propped up on an elbow in bed, watching Trowa's peaceful dreaming with a smile of wonder and love. A finger trailed over the smooth perfection of one upturned cheek, hesitating as the gentle touch elicited a sigh. Silken bangs cascaded in a moon-silvered pool across his questing fingers, awakening a deep ache within him. Quatre had almost forgotten the feel of him under his lips and hands. They had shared nothing more than gentle caresses - sleeping in each other's arms and shyly exchanging chaste kisses and embraces. Trowa accepted his love without question now; perhaps he was starting to remember.

"Ah, my love," Quatre murmured. "How beautiful you are."

He brushed aside the tousled brown locks gently, daringly sliding his hand down the cheekbone to the firm, strong jaw to the pale arch of the neck. A vaguely appreciative mumble interrupted the rhythm of evenly spaced breaths, slurred by sleep. Quatre smiled. All at once, the languid exploration was abruptly cut short as Quatre yelped and drew his tingling fingers back. Shocked eyes regarded the glowing collar encircling Trowa's neck, the angrily pulsing emerald resting just above the collarbone.

"Magic…" Quatre's eyes narrowed.

It stank of Mew and… Sze. Eyes the colour of the morning sky hardened into cold sapphire as Quatre's power flared in response to the jolt of hate. The world whited out as he slipped into a higher plane of consciousness, allowing a part of himself to delve into the resisting collar. His fairy senses were wide-awake now, deciphering the layers of spells set within the expensive green leather and the precious stone. Seeds of Sze's blue-black energy winked mockingly within the heart of the stone. The malicious fairy's enchantments were well concealed; even another of her kind would not have sensed them. White fire licked at the edges of the flickering blue, burning it to nothingness. It fought back fiercely, but lost, consumed by Quatre's greater power.

The fairy opened his eyes and drowned. Emerald-green eyes, like the new leaves in springtime caught him, dizzied him, turned him inside out. It was love all over again, and more. Oh love, what you do to me...

A gentle smile broke his reverie.

"Good morning to you too," Quatre said, amused.

Trowa's eyes drifted to the window, noting the half-moon hanging in the sky. A pinkish tint rose in Quatre's cheeks, "Well, I can't very well say good night. Did you sleep well?"

A simple nod. Quatre cuddled comfortably in his arms, wrapping his own around the torso and resting his ear against the steady heartbeat. Trowa's chin tucked against his blond head while a slender hand stroked his back. Impulsively, the fairy stretched up, guided by senses alone as he planted his mouth on the bared skin revealed by the open neck of Trowa's tunic. His nose collided with something cold and hard.


Quatre drew back and sat up, rubbing at the soreness. Trowa blinked up at him, curiosity warring with concern. The fairy eyed the collar still wrapped around his human's throat and muttered something not entirely pleasant under his breath. Trowa was startled. He knew the immortal fairy had spent countless centuries amongst humans, learning and absorbing their culture and language, but he had never expected him to learn swear words. He looked too innocent.


Blue-green eyes fastened on his. They stared at each other for a long, long time. Then, indignant embarrassment gave way to laughter as Quatre toppled back down on the human, locking lips under the benevolent moonlight. The collar was tugged off and unceremoniously chucked out of the window as they expressed their love once more, for the first time.


Mew hissed in thwarted fury as the viewing globe dimmed and turned black. So, the fairy had discovered the enchanted collar. No matter. "I know where you are," she whispered sibilantly. "And I'm coming… For you, and for your little human pet."


The cool shadows stroked the slender figure ensconced in a gentle embrace, sliding over the long braid slipping over one shoulder. The half-fairy's footsteps were soundless as he glided through the trees, enjoying the quiet. Duo tilted his head slightly, attentive to the subtle shifting from languid calm to a complete stillness; the forest held its breath, waiting…

"For what?" the half-fairy voiced the query out loud, the whisper almost a shout in the silence.

There were no answers forthcoming from the trees or animals. Treading softly through the undergrowth that carpeted the forest floor, he could feel millions of eyes resting on his back. Not malicious; merely curious.

Not this one…

The wind whispered through the trees, blowing against the sweat beading on his skin.

No danger. Not yet.

"Someone's coming, then," Duo muttered with a frown. "Three guesses as to who, and the first two don't count."

The flippant remark was addressed to thin air even as he spun on his heel and made swiftly back to the cottage.


He drifted in a comfortable darkness, resting in the velvety embrace of half-sleep, surrounded on all sides by palpable affection. Gentle whispers teased his ears while phantom hands caressed him. It was a beautiful place. Safe. Warm.

If he were granted only one single wish in his entire life, it would be to stay here. Forever.

"Knock, knock!"

The voice was disgustingly loud and cheerful even as it shattered the serenity of his sanctuary. Quatre growled, annoyed and rebelliously sunk deeper under the covers as Trowa shifted slightly to accommodate his change of position. There was a sudden cold draft.

"Duo!" Quatre hastily clothed Trowa and himself, a flare of white concealing their state of undress before the robes materialised.

The half-fairy chuckled unrepentantly, mischief glinting in his eyes. "Busy night, eh?"

"Anou…" Red stained the fairy's cheeks.

"Well, I'd advise you not to dally too long. It's time we got moving." Quatre's brows drew together in a fine line of perplexity as he watched the cheerful half-blood bouncing around the room, haphazardly removing traces of their presence. Underneath the chatter, he detected a note of seriousness. There was more to this than he had been told.

"What is it?" Trowa asked, voicing his thoughts a heartbeat before the words could leave his mouth.

"Someone," Duo replied, his manner changing to a more serious one. "Hunting for something or someone."

"Mew," Quatre said.

"What? Turning into a cat, Quatre?" Duo demanded impudently.

The incandescent smile mounted upon his visage faded into a memory even as he noted their reactions. It was not, Duo observed rather sourly, a good time for humour. Yet, his intentions had been benign. Both fairy and human had fallen ominously silent.

"... she's here." Quatre reiterated. "And she's not happy."


A slender physique blotted the light streaming through the opened door.

"It's time to come home, pet." Mew snarled.

She blinked at the emptied cottage. There was nothing but scattered belongings and the faint, wistful aroma of magic. An incredulous howl followed the shattering of glass.

She had been tricked.

Mew's eyes narrowed. Stalking outside the cottage, she extracted a shimmering orb from her cloak. Sze's magic. A feral gleam lit her eyes as she almost negligently tossed it into the undergrowth. The forest exploded in a violent inferno. Fire-licked branches plummeted onto the soil, feeding the brilliant conflagration. The meagre number of animal survivors scattered hastily, bleating in terror as they bolted from the flames. A number of blackened corpses were perceptible amidst the smoky tendrils oiling across the foliage; some had died from the heat, others perished due to suffocation. It would not be long before the entire forest was engulfed in flames. With luck, her elusive quarry would be caught by the blaze.

~ Owari

(© March 2001 by Stargem & Casshire)