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A GW fan fic: Nighttime Noises
By Stargem

Author's notes: Weird stuff. Maybe OOC ^_^;;; This actually happened to me during a vacation with my family. Being a light sleeper is a curse during the times I sleep beside my mom on the bed instead of on the floor with my sister(but then, she kicks -_-;;;) because she snores. *sweatdrops* Of course I didn't so any of the stuff described below to her ^_^;;;; If I did, I'd probably be sent to sleep in the bathtub or something.



The snoring was starting to grate on my nerves. I knew that it had been a long day for all of us, but that didn't mean that I had to suffer in silence whilst my bedmate continued his impersonation of someone sawing a log. I poked him sharply in the side, eliciting a snort and a grumpy, unintelligible query.

"You're snoring," I informed him in no uncertain terms. "I refuse to be denied of sleep just because you're a noisy sleeper."


He turned onto his side, yanking the blankets over. Well, fine. As long as that noise stopped, I'd be perfectly happy. In about the space of five minutes, I had sunk into a pleasant light sleep when it started up again. Jerked rudely out of my half-dreams, I resisted the urge to snarl in frustration.

I'm not quite as gentle this time as I communicate my displeasure. The blankets followed along as he thudded onto the floor on the other side, a startled stream of profanities escaping the muffling cloth.

"Dammit! Why'd you do that!?"

"If you can't be quiet, sleep on the floor."

He raked the messy tangle of hair from his face and gave me a deathly glare. I remain unaffected. While he continued muttering vague threats, I laid back and closed my eyes. After much grumbling, he got back onto the bed and dragged the blankets back up. There was peace for a while as we both drifted back to sleep.


I am not hearing that. No, no, no, no. I am sleeping peacefully on a comfortable bed with a nice breeze blowing through the window. I am serene. I am at peace. I am-


-wanting to strangle him. This time, I smack him in the face with the pillow. With a snort, he wakes up again and glares at me.

"What now?" he demands grumpily.

"You're snoring. Again."

"Arghh!!" He flops down on the mattress, making it creak alarmingly, pointedly turning his back on me.

I don't care. At least the nerve-racking sound is gone. Five minutes later, it starts up yet again. I bury my head under the pillow. Maybe if I could just ignore the damn noise, I could get a decent night's sleep.


The Next Morning.

"Wufei, are you okay?" Quatre asked worriedly. "You look like you haven't slept all night!"

"I haven't," the irate, disheveled Chinese pilot growled, his temper worse than normal. "This is the last time I ever share a bed with Maxwell!!"

~ Owari


(©February 2000 by Stargem)

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