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A GW fan fic: If…
By Stargem


Filtering through the glass window, warm golden sunlight played over the gleaming blonde head peeping from under the covers, next to a brown one. A sound - suspiciously like a sigh - drifted from the bed, and the blankets heaved upwards as both occupants shifted, snuggling closer and shedding most of their sheets in the process. A contemplative, comfortable silence enveloped the room.

Quatre felt compelled to break the silence after it had stretched on for a long, long moment. "Trowa?"


He scooted back slightly, to get a better view of his lover's calm emerald gaze, warm with affection. "If…" He tilted his blonde head slightly, "…if I said I love you, what would you do?"

There was a short, reflective pause. "I would say I love you too."

"And if," Quatre asked, "I were blind, would you love me still?"

"I would."

"And if I were ugly, crippled or had gone insane?"

"I would still love you."

Amusement lurked within Trowa's deep jewel-green eyes, bringing a cute, pink blush to Quatre's cheeks. The Sandrock pilot escaped further embarrassment by tucking himself under the taller boy's chin once more, glowing with happiness as strong arms slid around his waist to pull him closer. He listened attentively to the steady silken heartbeat echoing softly in his ears.

"If I told you that I wanted to stay in your arms forever, what would you say?"

Trowa's arms tightened slightly for a moment with gentle pressure. "I would say that I would hold you close for as long as you wish."

"And if I asked you to kiss me, what would you do?"

Trowa brushed his lips over the golden hair once before turning the smaller pilot in his arms to face him. "I would do this," - he kissed him sweetly on the mouth - "and this," - on his nose - "and this." He pressed his lips lightly against Quatre's forehead.

"And if /I/," the Heavyarms pilot began, smiling faintly, "asked you to stay with me forever, what would you do and say?"

Quatre smiled back brilliantly. "I would stay and tell you how much I loved you over and over."

"And if I would rather show you how much I loved you over and over, what then?"

"I would ask you to stop talking and start doing."



(© December 1999 by Stargem)

Mini-ficcie ^_^ *coughs* There might be some OOC-ness. *scratches head* Not sure what inspired this one, but I think it's pretty cute.

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