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A GW fan fic: Good Morning

By Stargem


"Duo," Heero said flatly. "What are you doing?"

"Making breakfast, what does it look like?" Duo answered cheerfully. "You want waffles? With maple syrup?"

Heero stayed in the relative safety of the small kitchen's doorway to assess the situation. A juicer sat on the countertop, orange pulp dribbling down the side with two glasses of orange juice sitting placidly beside it. Two plates had been laid out on the scratched up table, piled high with scrambled eggs. Sausages sizzled in a pan on the stove while Duo tinkered with the waffle-maker.

Duo waved a bent fork at him. "Go sit down."

Raising an eyebrow, Heero cautiously advanced into the kitchen and went up to him. The wholesome smells rising from the frying pan were stimulating his saliva and his appetite, truth be told. Duo tugged distractedly at one of his frilly apron strings that was slipping off one shoulder. He pushed the stormcloud of chestnut gold hair back, mentally reminding himself to braid it before cooking the next time.

"Oi, Heero, you gonna stand there all morning?"

Heero took a good look at his lover. Duo was dressed in only a sleeping tee with a ridiculous frilled apron over it. On the front pocket of the apron was printed the words, "Kiss The Cook". His unbound hair rippled in chestnut-gold waves with every movement, framing sparkling wide violet eyes.

"Hn." He went and sat down.

Duo bounced over, frying pan in one hand, a plate of waffles balanced precariously on the other. "Hungry?"

The violet-eyed pilot plopped the plate down and poured the sausages onto it. He snagged the small jug of maple syrup and drowned the waffles in thick, golden sweetness, getting some all over his fingers in the process. Heero followed the progress of each digit as it was popped into Duo's mouth for a quick clean, ending up in smearing his nose as well.

Heero allowed himself a small smile. "Come here, baka."

Duo blinked and slid into his lap willingly. His lopsided grin was hopeful. Heero thoughtfully traced his finger in the pattern of the words printed on Duo's apron.

"Kiss the cook?" he smirked.

Duo wriggled and blushed. "It was the only one I could find! I didn't want to get any-"

"Shut up, Duo." Heero punctuated his command with a kiss.

A few moments later, when they came up for air, Duo spoke a little breathlessly. "Aren't you hungry?"

"Not for breakfast." Duo was only allowed a short protesting yelp before he was hauled off to the bedroom.



(© December 1999 by Stargem)

Mini-fic written especially for StoryTeller ^_^ Hope you like it!

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