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A GW fan fic: Gift
By Stargem


Well, I'm smiling for you to see
I tell you nothing's wrong with me

The new shopping mall was packed with people. As Christmas drew ever
nearer, everyone was in frenzy, rushing to the stores in an effort to
buy last-minute presents for their loved ones. Quatre watched with a
wistful smile as a little blue-eyed, blonde toddler - an almost perfect
copy of his younger self - tugged on his mother's finger, pointing
excitedly at a large pile of stuffed toys. Someone bumped into him,
mumbling disjointed apologies and when he looked back up, the little
boy was gone. The crowd flowed around him, their happy chatter filling
his ears and awakening a wishful ache in his heart. Even in this season
of joy, soldiers had no rest. He thrust his hands deeper into the
pockets of his jacket and worked his way towards one of the
brightly-lit stores.

The happy people walking by;
I watch them behind a wall of glass

He was in the toy section. Rows and rows of gleaming plastic toys,
encased in gaily-coloured wrappings were on display, waiting for
parents to pick them up for their children. Quatre moved past them,
smiling at the occasional toy that caught his eye - picking them up and
putting them back again. He wandered towards the shelves of stuffed
toys, tilting his head back to look at the gigantic, plush teddybears
on the top shelf. There was one with silken biscuit-coloured fur and
solemn green glass eyes.
You won't see my sadness
Locked away without a key

/Trowa…What are you doing right now, I wonder?/ He continued gazing at
the teddybear, fancying it was looking right back at him.

"Excuse me, sir?"

Startled, Quatre turned to see a salesgirl in pink uniform, smiling at
him. "Ah, yes?"

"Would you like to take a closer look at the teddybears?"

Quatre was about to refuse, but paused, looking up at the one with the
green glass eyes again. /Why not?/ He smiled pleasantly at the young
woman, noting the name "Liz" on the nametag pinned to the left of her
pink shirt.

"Could I look at that one?"

I wonder if you think of me?
Do you share my fantasy?

Up close, the glassy eyes seemed to regard him silently. Quatre studied
the teddybear, surprised that the smooth fur was as silky to the touch
as it looked. It reminded him strongly of someone with long, brown
bangs and a calm emerald gaze. He touched the cold button nose, smiling
a little, thoughts turned inward.

Liz inquired, "Do you want to look at any others?"

Quatre looked into the green glass eyes and shook his head decisively.
"No, thank you. I'd like to buy this one."

I like to play pretend
Imagine you and me in a different reality

He examined the neat pile of animal soft toys, picking up a tiny kitten
with honey-gold fur and lively teal eyes. It commanded instant
attention, a splash of sunny yellow in the midst of all the muted
grays, blacks and browns. The stitched mouth was turned up in a happy
smile, contributing to the kitten's overall cuddly and cute appearance.
Trowa thought he could hear a faint, sweet voice calling his name,
bringing to mind wistful blue eyes in an angelic face crowned with
golden hair. A salesgirl approached him as he lingered by the soft
toys, not quite ready to relinquish the small kitten.

"Do you want to buy that, sir?"

A glance at the salesgirl's nametag revealed her name to be "Mika". He
went back to studying the soft toy in his hand, unconsciously tracing
the line of the stitched smile, listening to the musical laughter of a
certain blonde pilot in his mind. /Quatre…/

We'd laugh and play
Like we were children again

After thanking the nice salesgirl, Quatre exited the store with a large
plastic bag gripped securely in one hand. The bear was surprisingly
light - he was able to walk without much trouble from the bag he
carried. He wondered if it was a mistake; buying the teddybear as a
Christmas present for the pilot it reminded him of. Lost in his
thoughts, he suddenly collided with a taller, slim figure and went
tumbling to the ground.

"Sorry," the faceless person said.

The stranger had spilled his own package; a cute blue-eyed golden
kitten peeped out from a white plastic bag. Elegant fingers appeared in
Quatre's view offering a hand up. He took it, still a little dazed and
allowed himself to be pulled up, only to be confronted by a familiar,
worried pair of emerald-green eyes.

"Tr-Trowa?!" The startled exclamation burst forth before he could
control it and he flushed.

The shoppers surrounding them continued to walk by, not sparing a
second glance at the two boys.

Recovering his composure, the blonde pilot was unable to a question
from slipping. "What are you doing here?"

And I can forget my loneliness
With you, my friend

Trowa's lips quirked upwards in a tiny smile. "Shopping."

"Oh," Quatre said awkwardly, bending to pick up his plastic bag,
pushing the teddybear back in. "I was… I was shopping too."

"Oh?" Trowa asked. "What did you buy?"

Quatre was embarrassed. Not meeting Trowa's eyes he mumbled, "A
Christmas present…"

"Who for?" The simple, curious question raised the colour in his cheeks

"For you."

It's a dreamer's dream
My guarded secret

He looked up in time to catch the widening of Trowa's eyes, masked in
the next instant. He picked up the other plastic bag, not replying
immediately. Quatre was regretting the purchase already, even as Trowa
lifted his eyes to him once more.

The taller pilot hesitated and said, "I have something for you as

Quatre blinked. "Eh?"

"Here," Trowa's hands lacked his usual grace as he extracted the kitten
from his bag and placed it in Quatre's hands. "It reminded me… of you."

"Oh…" Quatre stared down at the soft toy, cupped reverently in his
hands. "Thank you - it's lovely."

He finally remembered his own gift. Fumbling, he tucked the kitten in
the crook of his arm and presented the teddybear to Trowa. "This is
The taller, green-eyed youth took the bear from him and looked at it in
wonder. "Thank you." He inspected the green glass eyes, similar in
colouring to his. "I've never been given a present before." He looked
up and smiled. "Thank you."

Warmth flooded through Quatre and he could barely restrain squirming
about in happiness. For the third time that day, the crowd surged
forward, sending him stumbling forward. Two strong hands immobilized
him. Quatre slowly looked up into Trowa's eyes, hazily remarking in a
far distant corner of his mind that up close, they were stunningly

"Are you alright?"

Quatre blinked and nodded mutely, a bit disappointed as he was
released. He placed one hand on Trowa's as it began to draw away.

Bright, bold and beautiful
Soap bubbles glowing in the sunlight

As surprised as the other boy at his boldness, Quatre tentatively slid
his fingers around Trowa's loosely. He waited with bated breath until
he felt the gentle answering squeeze and Trowa's fingers tightened
around his own. Quatre was certain that an entirely foolish smile had
appeared on his face, but he didn't care. Hand in hand, the two boys
followed the current of people hurrying home.

"Merry Christmas," Trowa said.

If possible, Quatre felt his smile widen. "Merry Christmas, Trowa."

Hold out your hand
And let this dream come true



(© December 1999 by Stargem)

Liz and Mika, I'd like to say a very big thank you for all your lovely
comments ^_^ This fic's done especially for you as well as being my
Christmas(or holiday, if you don't celebrate Christmas) gift to you and
everyone else who've told me how much you like my writing ^_^

The characters aren't mine, but the poem is. No grabbing without my
permission is allowed.

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