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A GW fan fic: Caught or Not

By Stargem

Author's notes: Err. I really can't explain this one. It's rather surrealistic, and I'm still trying to find the point...

Written for Angelia, who was the first to answer the snippets poll. I hope this satisfies your specifications ^_^;



You can't catch what doesn't want to be caught.


It was sort of dark where he was. Sort of, because he could see his hands in front of him, trace the fine lines that slashed across his palm and bridged the underside of his knuckles. And yet, all around him there was an empty blackness going on and on into infinity. He had wondered once or twice where this place was, but the answer seemed unimportant.

There was something...

He remembered the light. White, incandescent and beautifully pure. It seemed as though it would burn, yet never did. It was an interesting paradox. He remembered bathing in its soothing brilliance, an odd kind of peace settling over his mind like fine morning mist.

How did he find his way here, into the velvety shadows?

He frowned. He was sure - there was something...


Somewhere, hidden away, there was a brief flash of violet.


A lot of people say that monsters live in the dark. This is true. But then again, monsters were actually everywhere, as they appeared where people wanted them to be; under beds and inside closets, in the space of a stuttering, faltering heartbeat and in the deadly silence that precedes noisome terror. He thought he was hunting a monster somewhere in this darkness. Surely that was it. Surely.

Yet. There was...


Someone blinked, shifted then looked behind.


There was definitely something important he had to do.


Running. From? To?

Don't really know - just keep running.


He remembered the light. But he had chosen to walk in the shadows. Why?

There was something tickling the back of his mind.

He reached for it.


The rhythmic drumming of feet pounding floor was soothing.


"You can't catch what doesn't want to be caught," he said.

There was a thoughtful pause; the silence gathered and watched curiously.

"Duo, stop running away from me."


Why should 'I love you' frighten him so?

It was easier to keep running.


"You know I'll follow you, wherever you go."


He remembered the endless twilight when they would meet. Laughter and companionship salved his loneliness. For a time. Why, why, why would he say...


"I love you. If I'm strong enough to say it - you should be strong enough to accept it!"


I love you, too. But I'm scared.


"I can't catch you if you don't stop running, Duo."


You can't catch what doesn't want to be caught. Yes.

He was running, running, running; his heart and legs were weary.

Perhaps it was time... to stop.


Heero walked up to the solitary figure waiting at the edge of the darkness, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Duo, you idiot. I love you."

Duo turned, smiled. "Heero, you sentimental fool. I love you, too."


~ Owari


(© October 2001 by Stargem)

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