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A GW fan fic: Heroes - Part Two
By Stargem

Author's notes: Expect a whole lot of idiocy, plotless, random
ramblings and general aimless insanity. Oh yeah, this is a self-insert.
Still here? How nice =)

I may drop hints and tidbits of things to come in the fics-in-progress
I'm working on ^_^; Stuff from Tevel, Wherever the Wind Blows and so
on. Favourite original characters may wander in from time to time as
well. So, keep your eyes open =)

Sit back, strap in and enjoy.


The sleep-deprived-and-therefore-grouchy fic-writer(who will now be
referred to as the harassed-and-very-much-behind-schedule fic-writer)
picked up the thread of Part One that she had left off and stuffed the
respective characters back in their proper scenes.

"Okay, ACTION!"

The cute little plastic camel with two bumps on its back, a slightly
deranged look in its tiny eye and a rather strange grin promptly ran,
over the hills and far away..

Chased by a potentially homicidal Quatre, Wing Zero-crazy style.


The harassed-and-very-much-behind-schedule fic-writer sweatdropped.
"Quatre. you aren't supposed to have magical white powers in this

She promptly got clobbered via the-Muse-Who-Delivers-Ideas-To-Be-Writte
n-Right-NOW. "Yes, he does. Remember the spell book?"

"Oh.. In that case, carry on!"

"Thank you," Quatre said politely.


Time passes.

"Is it dead?" the harassed-and-very-much-behind-schedule fic-writer
The cute little plastic camel with two bumps on its back, a slightly
deranged look in its tiny eye and a rather strange grin(who was now a
rather interesting lumpy pile of black stuff) twitched.

"Guess not."

Getting right down to business, Quatre asked it in a perfectly calm and
rational voice. "Where is my Trowa?"

Of course, the effect was a bit spoiled by the ominous white fire
surrounding his hands.

"Go play, go play, go play on the compuuuuttteeeerrrr~!" sang the
rather interesting lumpy pile of black stuff. "And ooh, I see lots and
lots of white leather! Jingly-jangly chains and bells, whee!"

Everybody sweatdropped. It seemed that the rather interesting lumpy
pile of black stuff had decided to send its sanity packing.

Quatre appealed to the harassed-and-very-much-behind-schedule
fic-writer. "It's gone nutty! How is it going to tell me where Trowa is
The harassed-and-very-much-behind-schedule fic-writer said, "Oh, just
poke it with a stick or something."

So he did. It prompted another round of song. "Far, far away~~!! I can
see so many trees, trees, trees and grass grows in the air while birds
swim in the sea~~! Play hide-and-seek with the ding-dong-ding-dong,
lalala, I can see what you can't see~!"

Quatre poked it with a stick again.

"Deng deng deng deng, deng deng deng deng. Oh, princess you look nice
in your very big, very fat snow white dress."


"Where does the wind blow? Where does it go? Sneak through the night
and up the wall!"


"Hahaha in the big, big green."



"Might as well go," advised the harassed-and-very-much-behind-schedule
fic-writer. "'Sides, I only rented the camel for one more minute."

"Will I find my Trowa there?" Quatre asked.
"Ah, ah, ah - no telling!" ordered the-Muse-Who-Delivers-Ideas-To-Be-Wr
itten-Right-NOW, hefting her mallet. "You'll know when it's written!"
"Uhm. What she said," said the harassed-and-very-much-behind-schedule

So Quatre set off to traipse north, north, east, east in hopes of
finding his Trowa and learning more things to do with his zap-zap-zap
white magic stuff that he could do because he had the spell book that
probably nobody remembered from wayyy back in part one.

After going very, very north, north, east, east, wherever that was
because he really didn't have a clue and neither did anyone else,
Quatre walked into a forest. A very, very big, very, very green forest
with lots of leaves and flowers and trees!

"All plastic too. Cheapskate," muttered the-Muse-Who-Delivers-Ideas-To-

The harassed-and-very-much-behind-schedule fic-writer took a short time
out to protest. "I'm poor! I don't have any money!!"

Yes. Anyway:

Through the big, big, green, green forest our little blonde hero went,
zapping the naughty branches and roots out of the way so he wouldn't
trip and to make a really, really clear trail to follow back home once
he got his Trowa back from wherever Spirited-Away-Trowas go. And he
walked and zapped and walked and zapped and walked and zapped and
walked and zapped and walked and zapped until he reached the Lovely
Pink Kingdom.

The Lovely Pink People of the Lovely Pink Kingdom took one good look at
Quatre's pink shirt and said, "We have found a King to marry our
Princess! See, he is most suitable!"

And they grabbed him with pink-gloved hands and smiled lovely pink(???)
smiles and carried him off to the Lovely Pink Palace. Because they were
so polite, so many, so very PINK and he was going to the Lovely Pink
Palace anyway, Quatre decided it was best to play along.

They deposited him in the gardens and threw their Lovely Pink Princess
out at him, calling, "We shall prepare for your wedding!" And they ran
off, locking the doors and gates behind them.

Quatre stared at the Lovely Pink Princess. "Miss Relena??"

The Lovely Pink Princess Relena, dressed in lovely pink ribbons and a
lovely pink, frilly ballgown glared at him and yelled, "I WILL NOT

~To Be Continued.

(©January 2000 by Stargem)

Apologies for quality -_-;;;

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