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Title/Part Number: Together Again: Part Two/?
Catagory/Warnings: Shounen ai, slightly AU, cute?
Pairings: 3x4 (maybe I'm obssesed@_@)
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Part Two


Trowa nervously knocked on the front door of Quatre's house. He wanted to see Quatre so bad, but he didn't want to impose. But then again, Quatre had invited him to stay for a while. The circus was leaving soon, and Trowa didn't want to leave Quatre to go with them when the time came. He cared too much about Quatre to leave him now. And then Quatre had asked him to stay for a while, mirroring Trowa's desires to stay near. Trowa surprised himself by accepting.

Well, he wasn't entirely surprised, but it wasn't something he would have done before he had kissed Quatre, but obviously it was something he would do now. Then the door opened and Trowa quit worrying, for better or worse he was here.


Quatre hadn't really known what he was doing when he asked Trowa to stay, he just asked. It wasn't that he regretted it at all, he just didn't know what he was getting into. Well, Trowa would be there soon; he might as well get ready.

But before he was able to get ready, he heard the doorbell ring. That must be Trowa. He hurried to finish getting dressed. One last look in the mirror told him that his hair was a bit mussed, but was that a new thing? A servant came to announce Trowa's arrival, and he decided to just forgo trying to fix his wayward hair.


Trowa looked around him in wonder. He would be staying here for a while, in this magnificent house. It was large and spacious. Then he saw Quatre at the top of the stairs leading down into the front hall.

His heart stopped, he knew his choice to stay was right. Quatre slowly walked down the stairs toward him, never taking his eyes off of Trowa's face. It was a magical moment; everything else in the house came to a halt for the two.

Quatre came down the steps in wonder, there was Trowa just standing there like he was rooted to the floor. And so Trowa was, he couldn't move, his angel was descending from heaven for him. A small smile lit up Trowa's face for a brief moment, and Quatre knew that Trowa really was happy to be there with him. Then he couldn't help himself, he ran down the stairs into Trowa's arms. They shared a brief kiss. Quatre couldn't get over how well they seemed to fit into each other's arms. Then they broke their kiss to talk.

"You really came, "Quatre stated quietly.

"I had to, I couldn't live with the knowledge I could have stayed with you and didn't," Trowa spoke these words softly. Quatre was a bit surprised, Trowa didn't normally say that much at once. But then again, the Trowa he knew before would have left with the circus. But all that mattered now was that Trowa was here with him, at least for a little while.

Quatre quickly led Trowa up to a guestroom. Always, Quatre was the perfect host. Quatre made sure that he was comfortable, and left him to get settled. Trowa looked around himself at the splendor of the room he stood in. It was richly furnished; the carpet was thick, and the bed large. He slowly unpacked some of his things, hanging them up neatly in the enormous walk-in closet. He still wondered why he was here, but after the kiss they shared in the hall, he knew he was here, and he would love being with Quatre. Maybe they could play together, something that had really meant something to him before, the two instruments, violin and flute, intertwining their melodies, like two morning glory plants climbing the same trellis. Thinking of morning glories brought Quatre's face to his eyes. Quatre's eyes were the same pure blue as some morning glories.

Quatre went down to tell the servants to have dinner ready at seven.

Thinking he had given Trowa enough time to settle, he went back upstairs. He found Trowa standing there, gazing at his setting, he saw that Trowa had unpacked a few of his clothes and personal belongings, hanging the clothes in the spacious closet and putting the few other odds and ends on a shelf, he had left the suitcase was lying open on the stand, obviously not done unpacking.

"Trowa?" his soft question made Trowa turn. Their eyes locked, and Quatre lost himself in the emerald green eyes of his beloved. Quatre broke he eye contact, unable to stand the intensity, but not before he saw something strange in Trowa's eyes, a flash of emotion that had not been there before. "Dinner will be ready at seven, do you need anything before then?"

Quatre's voice brought Trowa back to the present; he had been lost in another world after he had looked into those eyes. "No, I think I will be fine."

"Well, I will come and get you when dinner is ready, I guess," Quatre was reluctant to go, but as he headed towards the door, he felt Trowa's hand on his arm. He turned around at the light touch and Trowa gently took Quatre into his arms and kissed him. The kiss was deep and passionate; a longing expressed that they both shared. It seemed like forever when they finally had to stop for air, but in reality it was just a couple of minutes. They stared mutely at each other for a few minutes, love filling both their eyes, saying what they couldn't express aloud to each other quite yet.

They were still standing there, not saying any thing, when Rashid found them. He was looking for Quatre; business that couldn't wait had just walked through the door.

"Rashid, surely you can handle this, you know more than I do about the business."

"Yes, but your presence was requested specifically."

"Well, then invite him to dinner."

"Of course Master Quatre."

"You'll prepare everything? I am sure you know better than I do what this guest would like."

"As you wish." Rashid left, and the two boys separated, Quatre going to his room, and dressed for a dinner that would no longer be just a casual affair. Surprisingly, Trowa did have a very nice blazer, and nice kakis, which he wore. Quatre was dressed as impeccably as always in a black blazer and a soft blue shirt that accentuated his eyes perfectly. When Trowa saw Quatre, he was amazed at how good he looked, and how mature. Quatre almost dropped at the sight of Trowa, though, the blazer was tailored perfectly to fit him and accentuate his long lanky body structure perfectly. Quatre couldn't get over how well Trowa had grown, from the tall, overly skinny boy, to a beautifully lean man.

"You look amazing, that jacket really suits you," Quatre's voice was filled with awe as he said this. The comment had made his heart flutter in a way it hadn't in a while. It was a different feeling than when Catherine complimented him, it was almost like it was more important to win Quatre's approval.

"Thank you, do you really think so?" He blushed slightly. He looked unsure as to whether Quatre had really meant the compliment.

"Yes, I wouldn't have said so if I hadn't meant it?" Quatre used a light, joking tone, and smiled. Trowa really did look good in that outfit, the very image of perfection. Almost. He still looked as emotionless as he had always. Then came perfection, a smile that just barely showed. It was one of the most beautiful things Quatre ever saw, as it was so rare a sight.

Rashid came in just then, "Master Quatre, your guest has arrived." Trowa offered Quatre his arm and they went into the front hall to greet the mysterious guest.

A young man dressed in a black jacket and pants with a long braid was standing with his back to Quatre and Trowa when they entered. He turned around as he heard their footsteps.

"Duo?" Quatre asked tentatively, as he looked at his old friend. He was smiling as usual, but there seemed something more behind the smile, it almost looked wistful. He had also parted with the priest ensemble in favor of trendy black clothes.

"Hey guys! Wow, I was wondering when y'all would hook up.It's about time, I'd say. So when's dinner? I'm hungry." Duo went on for a few more minutes. Suddenly he stopped. Quatre was bright red, and Duo for once noticed it and stopped talking. It seemed that Duo had embarrassed Quatre in some way or another. Duo seemed to be picking up on queues he would have missed a couple of years ago.

"You mentioned dinner? It will be served in the dining room, if you will follow me." Quatre was as ever polite, and it seemed that he was a little on edge after Duo's previous comments. They all walked towards the dining room quietly, which was a first experience with Duo around for the other two. Soon the three reached the dinning room, where a wonderful dinner had been set out. It seemed that Rashid had known who was coming and had set the table and menu accordingly. Duo and Trowa looked in amazement at the table before them. Quatre looked at them with amusement, he knew why they looked a little amazed, but it was a normal scene for him, he had grown up going to dinners like the one before them now.

"Wow, this is great! Kudos to the cook! So how are you two doing? It's been tow years, and I haven't heard a peep from you Trowa. I have heard Quatre's name in the news. Go on, what have you been up to?" Duo's enthusiastic comments were back to what they had been during the war.

"I was with the circus until I came here. That is about it." Trowa as usual made the minimal reply to personal questions. Duo knew not to expect much from Trowa, and so he went right on with questioning.

"So, Quatre, I have heard your name in the news, but what has been going on. I only got the snippets of business."

"Just basic things. Business has been booming, and I have been busy. Some of my sisters have come to live with me here. That has always been a good thing. I haven't seen anybody from the war personally since I met up with Trowa the other day. Now, you've asked us about our lives, but what has been going on in yours?" Quatre watched Duo intently as Duo thought about his answer.

"Well, Hilde and I have a scrap yard and mechanic shop. Heero floats in and out; he sometimes helps in the shop. I've met a few girls, gone out on a lot of dates, that sort of thing." What he did not mention was his and Hilde's current relationship and why he had come to visit. But then again, he was busy eating, and even Duo shut up to eat when a meal like the one before him was demanding attention.

Quatre looked at Trowa, thinking about what brought them all here together this certain night, and not any other night. Why did it have to be now, and not a year earlier or later? And why Duo and not Heero or Wufei? It was all strange, but it was certainly good to have Trowa here, he thought as Trowa looked up, caught Quatre's eye, and smiled one of his small and beautiful smiles. Duo looked back and forth between the two, knowing that it was more than he had guessed going on, but still, it seemed strange, Quatre and Trowa were still sort of mystified. What had happened between the two, and how recently? Quatre seemed to gather himself to the present as Duo sat there wondering at the two.

"Rashid mentioned business when he told me about my unexpected guest tonight. And now I am curious as to why you are here Duo." Both Quatre and Trowa looked expectantly at Duo now, waiting for him to explain.

"Well," Dou started looking a little sheepish, "I don't know if it qualifies as business in the way most people think of business." He smiled and laughed. "I knew you were busy, so I said it was business, and it is, sort of. It's family business." At this Quatre looked a little confused, because Duo didn't have any family to speak of. Duo knew what he was thinking and went on. "What I kinda neglected to tell you when I told you what I had been up to is that Hilde and I.well, we got married a few months ago. And now we need godparents for."

"WHAT!" Quatre's exclamation cut Duo off. "You got married? Shinigami is a father? In Allah's name, Duo!"

"Whoa, hold it right there! I am not a father yet.just very soon to be. And I love Hilde. I've changed since the wars. Give me a break! Can't a guy grow up some? Sheesh. I thought ya'd wanted me to be more mature? Anyways I was coming down here to ask you, Quatre to be the godfather. It was a hard choice for us, but I know you're the best with kids out of the four other pilots." Duo was grinning, he was enjoying himself immensely with all the attention. Quatre was sitting there stunned and happy, Trowa was just sitting there looking at Duo with a blank look on his face.

"Well, in that case, I guess I have to accept your offer. I certainly am honored to be asked, and proud of you Duo, you have done a wonderful thing with your life." Quatre's look of shock had disappeared, and even Trowa was smiling a little bit. He was happy for Duo, and knew that Quatre would make a wonderful godfather.

"Who's the godmother?" Trowa spoke up finally. He sat there looking at Duo, waiting for an answer.

"Well, it came down to a choice between Relena and Noin. Not surprisingly, Hilde and I favored Noin. She is a bit more, umm, realistic, and that is what we really wanted. Also to tell you the truth, I'm not sure how Relena and Heero would be around each other, and Heero is one of my best friends, and occasionally stays with us between jobs." Duo looked proud and happy. Like an expectant father should look.

"You have talked to Noin, then?" Quatre asked.

"Yes, she is absolutely thrilled. She was on L2 not too long ago, so we asked her then. Then I came here." At this point they all settled down to their meals seriously for a few minutes. Then Rashid came in with dessert, beautifully presented custard of some sort.

"You'll stay tonight of course, right Duo?" Quatre asked as Rashid served the dessert.

"Of course, I don't leave to go back until tomorrow. Hilde needs me then."

"Rashid, prepare a room for Master Duo, please."

"Yes sir, Master Quatre."

Duo didn't comment on this exchange, he knew who Rashid was, and basically why he worked for Quatre. He also knew the Quatre had worked hard to get the title used by anyone but his closest friends down to just Master Quatre. It was something Duo had expected. The three enjoyed their dessert in silence, and then retired to Quatre's private sitting room upstairs to enjoy tea or coffee, depending on their tastes. Divested of their jackets they discussed business and politics for a little while. Duo went to bed soon after, leaving Quatre and Trowa to themselves.

For a while the two just sat there enjoying each other's presence. Neither had the courage to say how much he loved the other, but they both felt intense love radiating throughout the room. Quatre was curled up in his armchair just a couple feet from where Trowa was sitting relaxed in his on the other side of the fireplace. A fire was lit and their chairs ever so slightly away from it at a comfortable angle that still allowed them to face each other if they turned ever so slightly. Suddenly Quatre spoke up softly.

"Trowa, it is so wonderful to have you here and I.well." he trailed off, not knowing how to say what was on both their minds. Trowa looked at him and understood how hard it was for Quatre, whom he loved intensely. He didn't think as he patted his lap invitingly and said softly,

"Come here my little one, there is enough room for two." Quatre came over and curled up like a cat in Trowa's arms, laying his head on Trowa's strong shoulder. Finally the words came to express what feelings Trowa aroused in his heart.

"Trowa, I love you, without you, I feel lost, and afraid. When you hold me I feel so right." There, it was out, and he started crying softly.

"My love, my little one, why are you crying?" Trowa carefully wiped away Quatre's tears. Quatre's tears didn't stop, he buried his head in Trowa's shoulder and cried harder. Trowa whispered in his ear, "I love you, and nothing will ever change that. You are safe in my arms as long as you like." He lifted Quatre's chin up and kissed him deeply, passionately, holding him tight. He tasted the salt of Quatre's tears on his lips, and smelled Quatre's sweet smell. He felt Quatre's arms snake around his neck, pulling him closer. He lifted Quatre into his arms as he stood up, and carried him into his room, never breaking that wonderful kiss. It was like magic as Trowa stood there at the foot of the bed holding Quatre in his arms. And the magic didn't end when they broke their kiss long enough for Quatre to slide to the floor to stand in Trowa's arms. Quatre looked deep into Trowa's eyes, surprised to see the amount of emotion they held, when before they had so closed off.

He reached up to brush Trowa's hair from his face. He was so beautiful. Trowa's eyes were asking him a question, and Quatre nodded, understanding everything Trowa had to say with those deep green eyes.

Trowa leaned down and brought their lips together again. Softly he undid the buttons on Quatre's shirt one by one, and Quatre undid his. As he reached the last button, he pushed it off Quatre's shoulders, and let his lips wander lower, along his neck and shoulders. He was so involved with covering every inch of Quatre's soft white skin, he didn't notice when Quatre slipped the shirt off his lover's shoulders. Bringing his lips back to Quatre's, he let his hands wander all over Quatre's chest and back, eliciting soft moans when they hit just the right spot. Then dancing fingers over his skin and Trowa felt himself moan into the kiss. White fingers over tan skin, tan fingers over white skin.

Trowa's nimble fingers found Quatre's belt buckle. He broke the kiss and looked into his lover's eyes, making sure that Quatre wanted this. Quatre decided the issue by going for Trowa's belt, and started to slip the end out of the buckle. He had the belt undone by the time Trowa decided to lift him onto the bed and go for his belt. Quatre had Trowa's pants off a few minutes later and admired the black silk boxers for a short moment before divesting Trowa of those too. He admired Trowa's naked form while Trowa made short work of divesting him of his remaining clothes. Hands, tongues, both ran rampant as the two made a point of discovering every nook and cranny of the others' bodies. Moans were heard and breaths were getting short as the two lovers' went to a place neither had been before.