Author/Alias: Sphynx (luna_the_sphynx@sadistic.co.uk OR swords_r_us@lethal-weapon.co.uk)
Title/Part Number: Together Again: Part One/?
Catagory/Warnings: Shounen ai, slightly AU, cute?
Pairings: 3x4 (maybe I'm obssesed@_@)
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Together Again

Part One


A horse cantered slowly across the desert, steadily covering the miles before him, but not hurrying toward its destination. The rider was attired in the loose flowing robes of the desert, which were streaming behind him in the wind. Their destination loomed ahead of them, a large, white house. Obviously the rider was an important person in the household, for preparations were being made for his return. Tea was being prepared, for the young man loved tea. And a bath was being prepared for he was sure to be in need of one after his ride. The rider finally arrived. As he dismounted gracefully from his sweating horse, he threw his hood back from his head. A head of light blonde was then very apparent in the sea of black and brown hair around him. His light skin and sky-blue eyes were also an anomaly in this desert settlement.

A man of the house addressed him; "Master Quatre, your bath and tea have been prepared."

"Thank you Rashid, it is good to know I can go wash all this grime off of me," his soft voice replied in a respectful tone. The young man was short for his age, nearly eighteen. At such a young age, he was already well respected as the head of his household after the untimely death of his father. He had fought bravely in the recent wars and was well known as one of the talented pilots of the gundam mobile suits.

The boy had his bath and called for his tea. On the tray with the tea was a blue cornflower, the exact color of Master Quatre's eyes. He lifted it and was surprised to notice a note underneath. He unfolded it and his heart soared when he saw the handwriting. He had only seen it a few times before, but he knew whose it was instantly.

"Trowa," the whisper escaped his lips before he could stop it. His heart beat faster, the note was an invitation to come to the circus that night. It mentioned that a ticket had been reserved in his name. His decision to go was instant, he couldn't believe he would see the one he had loved for almost as long as he had known him that night.


There was no going back now. He had sent Quatre the note. Sure, it was Catherine's suggestion, but had it been the right thing to do? This was the question that had plagued him since he had sent the note and flower.

"Trowa, are you all right?" his sister was standing in the door. She seemed to have a knack for figuring out what he was feeling. Or at least read his expression, something most people couldn't do.

"Fine," a brief response, but nothing out of the ordinary. Trowa was a person of very few words.

Trowa sat in the chair in his trailer and adjusted his hair so that it would fall just so over half of his face. The half-mask he wore was already on. Catherine stood in the door and watched her brother. She had a good feeling that he was thinking about that boy, Quatre. She worried a bit, knowing that he really loved the boy. She never wanted Trowa to get hurt again, ever. It was unrealistic of her, and she sighed as she thought about it. Then the knock came; it was time for them to go.


Quatre was enjoying the circus immensely; he hadn't been to one in ages. To get here, he had driven himself; he didn't want to have to worry about a chauffeur. He loved the all the acts he had seen so far, but he listened attentively every time the ringmaster announced a new act. Then Trowa and Catherine were announced. As he watched their flips and stunts, his heart did a few of its own. Then came Catherine's knife-throwing act. As he watched, he realized what had disturbed Catherine the first time she worked with Trowa on this act. Trowa had absolutely no visible expression on his face. It looked as if he didn't care whether he lived or died. But then again, Catherine was really good at what she was doing; not a single knife went where she didn't want it to go.

"No wonder he doesn't flinch," a voice next to Quatre had just said what Quatre was thinking. Quatre just nodded in agreement, not wanting to take his eyes off of Trowa.

Then the act was over, Quatre; not wanting to miss the rest of the circus, sat back to watch the daredevil feats, the clowns, and the horse shows. Then a presence was felt at his side behind him.

"May I sit?" a soft tenor, but so familiar. It was his Trowa, the one he loved so much, yet he was scared to see because he didn't know how to tell him that he loved him. Quatre made room, not wanting to trust his voice just then.

They enjoyed most of the rest of the circus in silence. Occasionally Quatre would exclaim in joy or surprise at an act, but there was no word from Trowa until the end.

"Catherine wanted me to ask you to the trailer for some coffee, would you like to come?" What Trowa didn't mention, but Quatre knew, was that Trowa really wanted him to come. Obviously, Trowa still considered Quatre a good friend, but Quatre wanted something more from him. Oh well, maybe that would come with time. Little did Quatre know that Trowa also wanted that something more too.

"Yes, I would love to! Thank you so much for asking," Quatre's delight was apparent in his voice. When Trowa heard it, he knew that he had done the right thing in asking, but what would happen later?

The two wove their way through the crowd and out to Trowa's trailer. It was a good distance from the large tent where the circus was held, but not a distance that would require too much effort. Catherine was waiting for them outside. She had already made the coffee, and was waiting for them.

"The coffee is getting cold," she said impatiently. Really, couldn't they have hurried a bit?

"I am sorry we took so long, the crowds were thick," Quatre explained. They went inside and Catherine served the coffee. It was good, rich and full-bodied, if a bit strong for Quatre's tastes, which were used to tea. They started talking about what they had been doing since the war had ended a couple of years ago. Actually, Catherine and Quatre talked; Trowa just threw in a word or two every once in a while. In Quatre's eyes, it was one of the most pleasant evenings he had had in a long while. With all the work in the Winner Foundation tying him up, he had little time to himself in months. This was exactly how he wanted to spend the free time he finally took.

Too soon it was time for Quatre to go, it wouldn't be long before Rashid would start worrying. Quatre stood up, stretched, and thanked Catherine for a wonderful evening. Catherine tried to put up a fuss at his being out alone so late, even to walk back to his own car. Trowa came to his rescue.

"I'll walk him to the car, Cathy," Trowa said. Catherine agreed and returned Quatre's hug goodbye. The two boys walked slowly to the car in companionable silence. It seemed barely a couple seconds later when they reached it. Quatre couldn't resist the urge to hug Trowa, so he flung his arms around the other pilot's neck in a quick embrace, or so he thought.

Trowa was a bit startled when Quatre hugged him, but here was his chance. He held Quatre tight, and as he was letting go, kissed him softly on the lips. At first he thought that Quatre would pull back, the younger boy had stiffened slightly at the feel of Trowa's lips. Then Quatre tentatively started to return the kiss. The two broke apart after a few seconds, and it was time for Quatre to go. He got into his car and left, once looking back at the one he loved.


Trowa went back to the trailer in a daze. Quatre had returned the kiss, but what did that mean? Did Quatre love him as he loved Quatre? A small smile began to form at the corners of Trowa's mouth. Maybe, just maybe, Quatre did love him, and Trowa did not love in vain.


As Trowa walked back to the trailer, Quatre sped back to his home. His thoughts ran parallel to Trowa's. But he had a different idea. Trowa did love him, or he wouldn't have kissed him, right? So Quatre's heart soared, as it hadn't since he last seen Trowa those two years ago.