Title: Possession
Category: hentai, squick....
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There are a lot of things I treasure in this world. Like an authentic Earth sunset,my friends, my gundam. But there is only one thing I truly hold close. My relationship with Heero.

In the beginning, I didn't really pay attention to him. He was just always...there. Then one day I sort of..reached out and touched him. Carressed him. God, it was the most incredible feeling. It was barely even a touch and it was turning me on. I couldn't hold back anymore. Every day I'd long to hold him again. It felt...nice. Not just the fact that his skin was so soft. It was the fact that Heero was mine. All mine. It was intoxicating, this feeling of ownership. Possesion. Mine, mine, mine. I could say it all day and it would still sound wonderful.

There were others that eyed Heero. MY Heero. I saw their wandering eyes, pretending that they weren't looking but I knew they were. If they had less self control, I knew they'd be drooling oceans on the floor. I was proud of my Heero, that everybody wanted him, but I didn't let anybody touch him. I was the only person that was aloud to do that, and if anybody tried, I'd pound them into the dirt, smashed into nothing but dirty pulp. Yeah. That's me. Pretty nice guy but jealous as hell.

I did say I was proud of Heero, right? God, he's beautiful. That dissaray of brown hair against his pale skin...I could stare at him forever, just drinking in his beauty like wine. He was perfect for me. Not too tall, and not too short, not too thin and not too fat. Every day I think about him, even inside deathsycthe. I can't help it. He's like a drug. A drug that never wears off. Missions are torture because of him. I'm full of so much longing to just lock ourselves into a room and just snuggle. Carress. Touch. It's my own little piece of heaven in hell. That's why we're here right now, with the lights off, and nothing on but our skin. The moon light reflects off his pale skin and I reach out a tender hand to touch him. It's true that he's the only thing I hold close to me, and I don't think that will ever change.

I don't think I ever want it to change.


Heero burst into the dark room, his finger on the trigger as his dark eyes scanned the room. He could have sworn he heard something in here. His eyes stopped at a shaking figure on sitting on the bed, his back towards him and his long braid trailing down him back.


Slightly unnerved at the silence, Heero edged forward, stopping in front of him. His eyes widened slightly as he caught the sight of the Duo, completely naked and holding his spent manhood in his hands, his seed spilt all over his pale legs.

"Duo, what are you doing?"

Duo suddenly looked up, his eyes still zoned out from climax, his face wet with perspiration. A dazed grin crept up his face as his eyes locked with Heero's.

"What's wrong? All I'm doing is having some fun with Heero."




D-I named my penis Heero?!
S- -_-;;;;;;
D- Heero? As in I thrust my Heero into Heero?!
H- Duo, shut up.
D- Heero as in Heero sucked my Heero?!
H- Duo. SHUT. UP.
D- Heero as in Heero wrapped his hand around my Heero?!
H- Okay, that's it. You, me. Right here, right now. *grabs Duo and drags him towards a room, ripping off his clothes along the way.*
D- Heero as in I rubbed Heero against Heero?!
*The door slams and various moans drift out of the room.*

D- Heero! Swallow Heero again!
H- Duo. I'll kill you.

S-Never again.....