author: sky {infiniti121@hotmail.com}
title: Missing You
category: anst, shounen-ai...
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"Hello, Dylan."

"Hello Doctor Nancy."

"Dylan, meet Heero Yuy. He's come from very far away to visit you."

Heero entered the small room after the doctor, trying to stop his hands from shaking. It was the first time meeting him after the...accident. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he continued into the room and immediately froze. His eyes widened as he stared at the slender boy sitting leisurely at a couch, curled around a magazine.

"Heero, meet Dylan."

Something caught in his throat, and Heero helplessly stared at him, unable to speak. For a brief moment, Dylan's eyes flickered over to him, returning back to the magazine, uninterested. Heero slowly slid into the offered couch across from Dylan, his eyes still impossibly wide. The doctor smiled at him before bustling out of the room, closing the door with a crisp click. For a few moments, there was nothing but uncomfortable silence. Dylan's eyes left the magazine to meet his gaze, turning another page of his magazine.

"Do you know how to talk?"

That voice. it was so familiar, yet so different.


"That's my name."

"Do you...know me?"

Dyan sighed as he put down his magazine and gave Heero his full attention. Their eyes met for a brief moment and Heero found himself lost in the clear orbs like he had been so many times before. Dylan broke the gaze, shrugging.

"Why should I know you?"

Heero felt a sharp pang of guilt and pain.

"I just thought that..."

"I don't think I care what you think. Nobody cares what i think, so why should i start caring? All they do is tie me up and screw with my fucking brain. do they care what i think about that? no."

Both boys lapsed into another moment of silence and Dylan picked up his magazine again.


"Heero, i'm going to be setting the bomb to 23:00:00. If it doesn't go off after that, you'll have to destroy the base yourself. I'll meet back up with you at the safe house."


Heero's gaze flickered to the corner of his screen, worried prussian eyes carefully memorizing the delicate features of his american lover.


Duo looked up, confused.


Heero looked away, towards the base.

"Be careful."

Duo grinned, his violet eyes alight.

"Hai. Hey, I'll be back. Count on it."

Heero nodded, alowing himself a small grin.



"Did anybody else come to visit you?"

"Some wierd guy with yellow hair. He was crying the whole time."


"Yeah, that's his name."

"Do you..."

"Know him? No. Is he a friend of yours?"


"That's nice. He seemed to be an okay guy. If he didn't cry the whole time. Is he always like that?"





Heero slid his laser saber through another mobile suit, the beam surfacing on the other side of the suit with ease. He took a step backwards as the suit exploded in orange flame, sending gnarled metal chunks through the air. His gaze flickered to the base, to where his lover was. The timer at the corner of his screen continued to run.

13 minutes 2 seconds left.

A mobile suit hit him sharply from behind, sending Wing Zero lurching forward, his harnesses digging painfully into his skin. Cursing himself for letting his attention stray, he violently turned, smashing the tip of his shield into the heart of the mobile suit, making it explode.

1o minutes 5 seconds left.

Duo should be in the control room by now. Turning his attention back to the enemy mobile suits, he barely missed a mobile suit's laser saber before slamming his own into it. Another explosion, another destroyed mobile suit.


"You don't talk much."





"I'm sorry."

Dylan set his magazine down, his eyes questioning.

"For what?"

"For the things I wasn't able to do for you...For the things I could have done for you."

"Hey, if your sorry, you can help me get out of this hell hole."

Realizing that Heero had taken him seriously, Dylan laughed, shaking his head.

"Hey, I'm kidding."

Heero lowered his gaze, staring nervously at the floor.


"What's wrong?"


"Do you always look so sad?"


"What happened?"

Heero closed his eyes, feeling his eyes sting.

"I...lost a very, very good friend."


2 minutes 35 seconds.

Heero headed towards the base, the smoking remains of mobile suits scattered about him. He wiped the sweat from his face with a dirty forearm, magnifying the screen to show the entrance of the base. If the base explodes in 2 minutes, Duo should be out by now. He was probably well on his way towards their safe house.

0 minutes 5 seconds.

Relieved that the mission was soon to be over, Heero was about to turn around when a small figure clad in black caught his attention. Fear gripped him for a split second and he madly turned back around, just in time to confirm his worse doubts. He watched in horror as Duo ran out of the base just as it exploded in a gigantic ball of flame, engulfing him with it.

It took him a moment to realize that the deafening scream was coming from him.


"What was he like?"

Heero snapped himself out of his thoughts to meet Dylan's inquiring gaze.


"What was your friend like?"

Heero glanced at him before giving him a small smile.

"Actually, he was alot like you, Dylan."


"He loved to laugh...talk...have fun."

Dylan frowned in concentration.

"I'm like that?"

"I think you are."

Just then, the doctor from before reentered the room, giving Heero an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Yuy. It's time for Dylan's therapy session."

Dylan rolled his eyes, sighing loudly.

"Back to being a lab rat."

"Dylan, you know that's not what we think of you."

"Yeah right."

The doctor sighed as she exited the room and Dylan stood up, ready to follow the doctor outside. He extended a hand towards Heero, who took it gently.

"Well, good-bye, Heero."

Dylan was about to walk away when Heero pulled him into a tight embrace. Shocked, Dylan remained frozen, unable to move. Heero burried his face into the side of Dylan's neck, closing his eyes to block the tears from escaping.


Dylan shivered as Heero's breath grazed his neck.


"I'll be back tomorrow...Duo."

Heero hastily pulled away, shoving past the doctor out the door and down the hallway. Dylan shakily walked after Heero towards the door, confused violet eyes gazing after the slender dark haired boy. He raked a hand through his short chest nut brown hair, letting the hair fall back over his face.

"Doctor Nancy?"

"Yes, Dylan."

"Who's Duo?"

"I'm not sure Dylan, but you must be alot like him for him to call you that."