Author: Sky {infiniti121@hotmail.com}
Title: A little more than friends
Warning: sap, shounen-ai, fluff, cuteness, OOC, humor(?)
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Heero glared at the box, circled it a couple times, then poked it with his gun. When the box stayed motionless, He cautiously took a few steps forward and nudged it with his foot.

"Heero..." Duo rolled his eyes, walking up to the box Heero had placed not too nicely on the floor.

"Duo!" Heero tackled Duo, sending both of them rolling across the living room floor. They ended up in a mess of tangled limbs and hair, both struggling against each other. Duo pushed Heero off of him and gingerly fingered his braid.

"What did you do THAT for??"

Heero got up, pointing his gun at the box.

"Careful! We still don'tknow what it is." Heero circled it a few more times, then hid behind the sofa and threw a cushion at it.

Completely exasperated, Duo stalked up to the box and picked it up, shoving it into Heero's hands.

"Us NORMAL people call it a present. P-R-E-S-E-N-T. Present. No, it isn't a bomb and it isn't going to bite your head off. God, Heero, sometimes you're so...so...ugh. Just open it."

Heero glared at the box, ready to throw it as far as possible if it so much as moved.

"Well, it isn't pink..."

"No, It's not. It's blue.It's not from Relena, see? It's from me."

Heero glanced at Duo, then at the box he held in his hands. It was nicely wrapped in dark bluewrapping paper and light blue ribbons. Maybe the use of tape was a little extensive but...he shrugged. If it wasn't from Relena....He slowly unwrapped the gift and opened the box.


Nodding, Duo pulled out the soft blue shirt.

"I already have sufficient clothing."

Duo frowned disgustedly at Heero's so called "sufficient clothing."

"Heero, a tank top and spandex shorts is hardly anythingto be called sufficient. Your school uniforms are better than...that. Anyway,It's a shirt. With a matching tie. I thought It would look sexy...ah...perfect on you."


Duo blushed, wordlessly pulling the shirt over Heero's tank top. Heero let Duo button his shirt and put his tie on. Once finished, Duo held Heero at arms length,admiring how the shirt went perfectly with his eyes. Of course Heero looked perfect in everything. Even in his tank top and shorts...

"You look so good!! Now if only we can find a decent pair of pants you'll be looking all nice and perfect~"

Duo clapped his hands happily, gushing all over Heero.Frowning, Heero walked up to a mirror, then came back to see Duo still grinning. Irritated, Heero loosenedd the tie and unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt.

"Why are YOU so happy?"

"I don't know..." Duo reached to rebutton Heero's shirt cuffs. "It just..It feels good, you know? Being able to buy presents for your friends."

Heero looked down at his gift, his brow furrowed in thought.



Duo frowned slightly in his sleep. There was something heavy sitting on top of him. He opened his eyes to find himself face to face with Heero.

"AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" Screaming, Duo jumped up, bumping his head on the top bunk, then falling of off his bunk in a tangle of limps and bed sheets. Heero sat on his bed, calmly waiting for him to recollect himself. Groaning, Duo stood up and tried to stagger back to his bed, only to trip over his bed sheets, landing squarely on his back. He stared up at the cieling in a daze, letting the chibi Heero's rotate around his head.

"What the hell do youthink you're doing, Heero??"

Still watching Duo intently, Heero shoved a nicely wrapped box into Duo's face.

"What the..."

Heero fingered Duo's braid, wringing it with his fingers.

"You got me a present last week, that you thought I would look sexy in."


"So I got you a present that I thought you would look sexy in."

"For...For me?"

Nodding, Heero helped Duo into a sitting position, sliding off his lap. Grinning, Duo teared the wrapping paper and opened the box.

"A tie."

Painfully stating the obvious, Duo stared at the tie, completely confused.

"It's really nice, Heero.But what am I supposed to wear with it?"

Choosing not to answer his question, Heero slowly tugged off Duo's night shirt and tied the tie around his slender neck. He sat back, satisfied.

"You're not SUPPOSED to wear it with anything."


Duo slapped Heero's hand away and got up, blushing furiously.

"Heero wa hentai desu ne!"

Heero got up, smirking.He grabbed Duo's tie, pulling him closer. Duo shuddered slightly under Heero's gaze.

"That wasn't my only gift, you know."


Leaning down, Heero gently kissed Duo, only a whisper of a feather along his lips. Grinning, Heero let go of Duo's tie.

"It does feel good, giving presents to your friends."

"I...I'm gonna go take a REALLY cold shower now...

Blushing furiously, Duo staggered into the bathroom, only to be stopped by Heero.

"I need a really cold shower too. Wouldn't it save time if we took a shower together?"

If it was possible, Duo'sface got even redder and he promptly fainted into Heero's arms.