author: sky
title: In his arms
Warning: shounen-ai, sap, teeny bit of humor (?) set after the war.
pairing:1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3
disclaimer: I don't own GW..never did, never will.no profit..don't sue.


"I want to offer up a toast to."

Duo dragged himself on top of the table, kicking away the numerous cans of beer that had accumulated. He held up his glass, giggling. His speech was slurred, already influenced by the alcohol.

"I want to offer up a toast to us, for successfully kicking Oz's ass for the last time. Man, we've kicked them good! Let those bastards rot in hell! Cheers!"

The boys around the table erupted with cheers, they in turn holding up their glasses of beer. Normally, they would have protested to the alcohol but today was an exception. Today was the end of the war, the day they had been fighting for, the day they had been trained for all their lives. The strong clinking of glass sounded through the kitchen and then a moment of silence as they downed their glasses. After Duo had staggered off the table, Quatre replaced Duo's spot, refilling everybody's glass. He felt slightly dizzy, holding onto Trowa for support.

"I want to offer up a toast to all the brave people who fought in the war, and those who helped make peace a reality!"

Another clinking of glasses erupted and more rounds of beer were distributed as Trowa stepped onto the table.

"I want to offer a toast to."

Trowa's gaze fell upon Quatre who beamed up at him through half lidded eyes.

"A toast to Quatre."

Quatre jumped up, guiding Trowa off the table and giving him a big hug, giggling. The others looked at them, resisting the urge to kick them out of the room. Wufei stood up from his seat and looked around at everybody, uncertain.

"My turn?"

At everyone's nod, Wufei crawled onto the table and stood up shakily, holding up his glass.

"I offer this toast to Nataku, and all our Gundams."

Applause rang out around the table and the glasses clinked again. Wufei hiccupped, almost falling off the table. Duo laughed, pounding his glass on the table.

"Dance, Wufei, Dance!"

"Are you kidding? Of course not!"

Face red, Wufei crawled back off the table, falling onto the floor where he remained, leaning himself against the leg of his chair, too drunk to care. Duo turned his gaze upon Heero, pointing his glass at him.

"Your turn, Heero."

Nodding, Heero stepped cautiously onto the table looking into his half empty glass. He let Duo refill it, then held it up.

"A Toast to .to.to guns, flame toarches, grenades, bazookas, and bombs."

There was a moment of silence as the boys thought about this, then unanimous applause as they held up their glasses in cheers. Duo was pounding on the table again, laughing insanely.

"Toast to guns, toast to guns!! Blast em all to hell!!!"

"Shadup, Maxwell."

Heero jumped off the table feeling slightly nauseated, but refilled his glass anyway.

A few minutes and 3 dozen cans of beer later, The pilots were sitting on various parts of the floor in the kitchen, the general atmosphere having quieted down a bit. Duo stuck his face out from under the table, peering out at the guys.

"So what are you guys gonna do now, huh?"

They contemplated the question in silence, having difficulty getting their brains to work. Quatre was the first to speak from his position on Trowa's lap.

"I gotta go back to my colony and manage the company."

Grinning, he snuggled back against Trowa. Trowa nodded, patting Quatre gently.

"I'm planning on helping Quatre, then visiting my sister at the circus."

Wufei nodded, adding his bit of the conversation.

"I'm going to go back to my colony and-"


Duo interrupted with a loud hoot.

"Wufei's going back to a girl~ Wufei's going back to a giiiiiiirl~"

"Idiot! Onna's are weak!"

"Look! He's defending his woman!"

Quatre giggled, shaking his head.

"What about you, Heero? Where are you going to go?"

Heero thoughtfully looked at his glass, then shrugged.

"I'm thinking of going back to L1."

Quatre nodded, looking at Duo.

"Duo? Do you have any plans?"

Duo pondered the fact for a moment before downing another can of beer and tossing it aside.

"I'm gonna travel. No way in hell am I gonna be stuck in one place, no way. Noooo way."

"What about that salvage business you had with Hilde?"

Duo shrugged, uninterested.

"Eh, I'll let Hilde manage it. I want to travel, though. Yeah. That's good. Traveling. Sounds fun."

Quatre nodded again, yawning.

"Trowa, help me upstairs, please?"

Trowa nodded, lifting Quatre gently to his feet.

"I'm gonna go sleep guys, see ya."

Watching Trowa and Quatre go, Wufei stood up too, awkwardly staggering towards the door.

"Me too. Good night, Maxwell. You too, Yuy."

Heero was about to leave to when he spotted another beer can roll out from under the table. He peered under the table, spotting Duo sprawled on his back.

"Duo, are you going to stay here?"

Shaking his head, Duo suddenly sat up, banging his head on the bottom of the table. Groaning, he slid back onto his back, letting out a stream of curses. Sighing, Heero pulled Duo out from under the table and slung an arm around his shoulders. He wasn't in the best of conditions either, but at least he'd be able to get to his room without accidentally walking out the window.

"Damn table. Damn fucking table. I'll make it pay. You can't hit shinigami and get away with it!!" Duo slurred, leaning heavily onto Heero.

Heero carefully lugged Duo up the stairs with him and into Duo's room. Duo was still muttering under his breath, his words long since become incoherent. Dragging Duo onto his bed, Heero carefully stripped him to his boxers and pulled the covers over to his chin, neatly folding his clothes and placing them on the floor.

"Good night, Duo."

Duo suddenly grabbed Heero's wrist and Heero stopped, looking down at him curiously.

"Don't go, Heero. Tell me a bed time story, ne? About guns and bombs n' good stuff like that."

Heero felt a small tug of longing, quickly shrugging it off. Duo was drunk. He wasn't telling him to stay because he.liked him or anything, he was just drunk. Heero nodded, cautiously perching himself at the edge of Duo's bed. He cleared his throat slowly, still slightly hesitant. He'd never told a bed time story to anyone before.

"Once upon a time there was a."

A loud snore erupted from Duo and Heero looked down to see Duo already fast asleep. Heero smirked, trying to stifle a laugh.


He whispered to the sleeping pilot. The word had started out as an insult, but had slowly turned into more of a fond pet-name, though he'd never admit it openly. Heero sat where he was, gazing at the peacefully sleeping form of his partner. Moonlight streamed in from the windows, illuminating Duo's features in silver. He was beautiful. He held up a timid hand to a still cheek, running his hands along the surprisingly soft flesh. With a frown Heero quickly pulled back, hastily walking towards the door. What were these sudden feelings he had for Duo? He shook his head again, massaging his aching head. He was drunk. That was probably it. The alcohol was making him feel attracted to Duo. Trying to convince himself, Heero silently slipped into his own room and closed the door.


"So.um.we'd better get going now."

All five of the boys nodded, fidgeting nervously in the awkward silence. The ride to the space port had been full of laughter and talk, but as they actually got here, they had all fallen silent. They had been through so much together, it was weird to be splitting up for the last time. Now that the war was over, there was nothing to hold them together.

"Bye Quatre, Bye Trowa. Keep in touch guys. I'll really miss you."

Duo grinned as he gave Quatre and Trowa a tight hug. Quatre was gazing at them through glazed eyes, trying his best to blink back his tears. He gave Duo a small smile.

"Take care of yourself, Duo. Call us, for anything."

"Yeah, sure thing."

Smiling, Quatre gave Heero and Wufei a hug, then picked up his suitcase in one hand, holding Trowa's hand with the other. Quatre beamed up at his tall lover, motioning towards the gates.

"Ready to go?"


"Take care, you guys, all of you."

Giving the rest of the boys one last wave, Quatre and Trowa headed towards the shuttle gates, leaving behind Heero, Duo, and Wufei.


Wufei picked up his bags, slinging them over his shoulder.

"My shuttle leaves in a few minutes. Take care, Maxwell, Yuy."

Wufei nodded to each of them in turn.

"Hey, keep in contact, Wufei."

Wufei smirked at Duo playfully.

"I think with you, Maxwell, I'd rather not."

"Hey! Unfair!"

Duo laughed, giving Wufei a friendly pat on the back.

"Good-bye, Wufei."

"Good-bye, Maxwell. Good-bye, Yuy."

Wufei smiled at them fondly before stepping back and extending his hand to Heero.

"We've been through a lot, Yuy. Take care."

Heero silently took Wufie's hand, nodding solemnly.

Wufei then held out his hand to Duo, grinning.

"Stay out of trouble, Maxwell."

"Yeah, you too, Wufei. Watch how much you drink, you're a real bastard when you're drunk. Oh, and watch the women, don't let them get all over you."

Wufei, laughed, giving his hand a tight squeeze before turning towards his shuttle. Duo sighed, wrapping his arms around himself as he watched Wufei vanish through the gates. His friends had only just left but he already missed them. Even though they had only known each other for a little over two years, they had become the most closest friends he ever had. Duo turned one last grin on Heero, extending a hand.

"Good-bye, Heero."

Heero hesitantly took Duo's hand, shaking it gently.

"Sayonara, Duo."

Duo felt a small pang of.something. Inside, he wanted to hold Heero back but he knew everything was for the best. A flicker of hesitation flashed through his eyes but he quickly hid it with a big grin.

"So, I guess I won't be seeing you again, ne?"

"I'll try to stay in touch."

Duo nodded, nervously fidgeting under the heavy silence.

"Um. My shuttle is due in.uh.20 minutes. When's yours?"

Heero checked his ticket, then shoved it into one of his pockets.

"40 minutes."


Duo burst out excitedly, then hastily turned towards the floor, blushing.

"I mean.cool. Will you walk me to my shuttle?"


Duo grinned, picking up his bag and starting at an easy pace towards his shuttle.

"So, you're going back to L1?"


"What are you gonna do there?"

"I'll get a normal job.rent an apartment."

Duo nodded.

"Sounds nice.peaceful too."


"What about Relena?"

Heero couldn't help but frown.

"What about her?"

Duo shrugged, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"I don't know.didn't she have that big obsession with you?"

Heero grimaced, nodding.

"So, what happened between you guys?"



"She invited me to come live with her."

Duo couldn't help but feel jealous. Of course Relena had everything to make Heero happy.

"So? So what did you say?"

"I declined."

"Oh. That's.nice."

Duo suddenly felt uncertain whether he should be glad or not.

"What about you and Hilde?"

Duo laughed aloud, shifting his bag to his other hand.

"Hilde was just a really good friend. And a relationship's pretty difficult when we both have the problem of being attracted to guys, ne?"

Chuckling, Duo turned a clear violet gaze to Heero.

"What about you?"


"Do you prefer men or women?"

Heero shrugged.


Duo laughed again, taking his time to slap Heero on the back.

"Wow! Heero being so open about his preferences! I never knew I'd live to see this day."

Heero smirked, Giving Duo a playful shove.

"Hey, it's true!"

Still laughing, Duo fell back beside Heero.

"So looking foreward to a love life in L1?"

Heero frowned again, lifting his shoulders in a helpless shrug.

"I don't know."

"Oh. Well. It would be nice, though, right?"


"I wish." Duo started, quickly stopping himself.

Heero peered over at him curiously.


"Eh, nothing.Quatre and Trowa make a good couple, ne?"


Duo smiled, despite himself, thinking about the couple. He had loved making fun of them, just because they looked so cute together.

"I'm sure they'll be happy."

Heero nodded, stopping suddenly. Duo gazed at him, worried.

"Something wrong?"

"It's your shuttle."

Duo looked around, spotting the number above the gates. He laughed.

"I was having so much fun I didn't even notice."

Feeling at loss, Duo extended his hand again, grinning.

"So, guess it's really good-bye now."

Heero took his hand, shaking it again silently.

"I'll miss you, Heero."

"I'll miss you too.Duo."

"See ya around."


Duo was just turning towards the gates when he suddenly turned around and grabbed Heero's arm, turning him around.

"Um, I didn't give you your hug."

Heero grinned, wrapping his arms around the surprisingly slender youth. He had never been so close to Duo, and his head was suddenly dizzy with the scent of Duo's shampoo.



"You'd better not forget me."


Duo smiled sadly, knowing he'd never here that word from Heero again.


Sensing that the hug was getting a little too long, both boys reluctantly pulled apart, glancing at each other.

"Well, bye again."


"Keep in touch."


Heero picked up his bag, turning around. Tossing a small smile behind his shoulder, he started to walk away, into the crowd. Duo sighed dejectedly from behind, watched as Heero vanished. He suddenly felt surprisingly lonely, wrapping his arms around himself, almost shivering.

"Maybe I shoulda held him back." he whispered, feeling the beginnings of regret. With one last look at the direction Heero had went, he slowly trudged towards the opposite direction, away from the gates.


Surprised, Duo turned around to see Heero walked back towards him. Heero dropped his bag next to Duo's feet and pulled him into a tight embrace.


"Duo, I lied. My shuttle left 30 minutes ago.Gomen.I.I couldn't leave.Without you."

Duo gasped, a flood of relieve crashing into him like a wave. He wiped at his eyes, unable to catch the falling tears.


Heero held him out a arm's length, concern written all over his face.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry.I shouldn't have lied."

Duo shook his head, wiping again at his eyes.

"No.It's okay.I didn't want you to go.either."

Heero glanced at the gates to Duo's shuttle, then back at Duo.

"Will you.will you let me travel with you?"

Duo nodded, then started to blush furiously.

"Heero.I.I lied too. My shuttle left.15 minutes ago.."

Heero looked into Duo's eyes, his tears catching the light of the brightly lit shuttle port. After a few moments of silent realization, they both broke into a hysterical fit of laughter, clutching at each other for support. When their aughter ceased to stop, some of the people around them started to hastily walk away, tossing weird glances at them. Duo was the first to recover, desperately trying to catch his breath as he slid into a chair.

"So we're stranded."

Heero plopped down next to him, nodding.


After some silent moment of thought, Duo turned in his seat to gazed at Heero through jagged chestnut bangs, timidly placing a hand over one of Heero's cheeks.


Heero offered him a small smile, placing a hand on top of Duo's.


For a long moment they sat like that, gazing into each other's eyes, talking through words they could not hear. Duo suddenly broke the silence, standing up and extending a hand to Heero.

"Well, we can't stay in the space port forever."

Heero grinned, accepting Duo's hand and letting himself be pulled up onto his feet. Duo gently reached back for one of Heero's hands, lacing his fingers through Heero's. grabbing his bags with the other, He pulled Heero away from the gates.

"Where to?"

Duo grinned, tossing his braid behind his shoulder.

"To outer space."

Heero stopped in his tracks, contemplating the sentence, confusion written
all over his face.

"But we're already in outer space."

Duo shrugged, urging Heero after him. He grinned impishly.

"I don't know. I've always wanted to say that, you know?"


Smiling, Heero squeezed Duo's hand tightly. When the war had ended, he had felt more lost than anything and he had wondered why he wasn't happy. He had contemplated the question over and over in his mind, when the key to his happiness was actually right here.

"Ne, Heero, what's wrong?"

Heero smiled, shaking his head.

"Nothing.Nothing at all."

For the first time in his life Heero let himself go into the arms of happiness, into the arms of his newfound lover.