Author:Sky {infiniti121@hotmail.com}
Warning: shounen-ai, angst, dark, deathfic, slight squick, OOCish insanity
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Disclaimer: *sigh* I do not own GW. all I own is the measly little story. I sacrifice this piece of work to you, minna, enjoy. don't sue me, i'm just an innocent.



"Don't be scared, Duo.It's just lighting."

The small cabin creaked and groaned under the assault of the storm and the lights flickered for a few minutes, then went off.

"Shh...It's okay..."

Gentle, soothing whispers echoed throughout the cabin like waves as two figures sat huddled in the middle of the living room. Only two deep set Prussian blue eyes were visible, piercing through the darkness like a knife. He slowly rocked back and forth, holding a thin figure to his chest, rubbing strong arms on his back.

"Do you know what happened at work today, Duo? I got fired from preventer head quarters. I'm okay, though. You don't have to worry. I'm fine. Besides, Now I can spend more time with you."

Once again, his only answer was the slamming of rain against the thin walls and the occasional bolts of lightning.

"Do you know why they fired me? They said that I changed. They said I wasn't who I used to be. I don't care. I don't care what they think of me, because I know you will always be here with me. Always. Some people leave and hurt you, but I know you're different. I know you'll stay with me. Forever."

The figure gently closed his blue eyes and burried his face in his lover's long hair. It had once been in a single braid but now it was unraveled and it flowed around them like silk.

"I love you Duo....so much. I just don't care what they say about us. They can never change the feelings i have for you."

Suddenly, a bolt of lighting filled the cabin with blinding white light, the two figures visible for a few split seconds. The light reflected off a pair of empty violet eyes, almost hidden in the strong embrace of his lover. The eyes stared ahead blankly, the mirth and laughter that had once vacanted the eyes long gone. Even his once warm and soft white skin was cold and yellow with age, as cold as the darkness that locked him in place. As cold as the being that refused to let him go. No Life, no soul, completely devoid.