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Lemon - warning - angst - etc ^_^

Slow Like Honey
by shanna seanachai

"though dreams may be deceiving/ like faces are to hearts/ they serve for
sweet relieving/ when fantasy and reality/ lie to far apart..." - Fiona
Apple "Slow Like Honey"

Wufei lay in bed, feeling the coolness of the cotton pillow case against his
cheek. He felt eternally and undeniably exhausted. Finally back from that
awful mission with Trowa, and he was so tired that he couldn't get to sleep.
And to think, they had to get up at four in the morning to meet the
others...he'd be a zombie. He *had* to get asleep!!
He concentrated on his breathing, letting it pass easily over his lips. He
tried to let every muscle in his body relax, letting his body sink deeply
into the bed, waiting for that nice floaty feeling to fill his head. Sleep!
And then...
"No!! Ah!...stop, dammit! No..."
What the h-
Wufei sat up eyes sleepy, hair mussed, searching for the troublesome noise
that had disturbed his rest. Goddammit, he thought, growling under his
breath. I'll never get to sleep now! He pushed down the covers, intending to
go get some water, and sit up the night. But as he went down the hall he
heard it again.
"No! Get away, Jesus, no, not again!"
Brow furrowed, Wufei peeked into the doorway. It was Trowa's room, and he
could see the other pilot tossing in the sheets. Hm...he thought. Is he
He crept in quietly to the bed and half knelt on the edge of the mattress.
He put one hand on Trowa's shoulder, steadying him. "Trowa?" he said softly.
"Are you awake?"
Trowa threw his arm off. "Don't touch me!" he howled, tossing his head.
Wufei saw that his eyes were tightly closed. Dreaming. Well that was simple
then - wake him up. He didn't know what he was dreaming
but he really didn't need to know. "Trowa, wake up. It's just a dream. This
is Wufei."
"N-noooo..." The depth of despair in Trowa's voice shocked him. Forgetting
himself, he took Trowa firmly by the shoulders and tried to jerk him awake.
Before he knew what was happening, he was pushed
down on the bed, his arms pinioned, one of Trowa's hands around his throat,
steadily choking him.
"T-Trowa!!" Wufei gasped, twisting. "Let go...I'm not trying to hurt you!
Oh, wake up, kisama!"
"You...bastard...I'll teach you..." God what kind of dream was this?!
Wufei thought quickly, then regretfully kneed Trowa in the worst place
possible. Trowa groaned, eyes fluttering open, and rolled away.
"Ah...Gods," Wufei gasped, struggling for air. Sweet air.
"Wh-what did you do that for? Dammit Wufei!"
"What?? What did I do it for? Trowa, you were going to choke me!!" Wufei
wheezed, feeling tenderly at his throat with his fingers. It was probably
already bruising. He narrowed his eyes at Trowa. "You were having nightmare.
I tried to wake you."
"I..." Trowa shook his head, his bangs waving across his eyes. "Did I
really....oh, no. Oh, Wufei, I'm so sorry." He sat up. "Let me get something
for your throat."
"Dont' worry about it." Trowa looked at him questioningly. "No, it's
alright. I'll take care of it. But Trowa..." Wufei swallowed painfully.
"Trowa, what were you dreaming about?"
"Dream? I never remember my dreams." Trowa folded his arms impassively.Wufei
took him in measure. He was wearing a tee-shirt and shorts and his hair was
standing out everywhere.And his face was a complete mask.
"Trowa..." He shifted uncomfortably. "Look." He gestured to him to sit down.
"What is it, Wufei?" Trowa pushed his bangs to the side. "We have to get up
at four, you know."
"I know...I..." he groaned inwardly; really, what was he trying to say?
"Trowa, you were having a *very* bad nightmare. You were screaming in your
sleep. You almost *killed* me. You..."
"I'm sorry, Wufei. But I really can't remember the dream. Now -"
"No-!" Wufei slammed his hand down on the bed. "I'm not letting you do
this -"
"Wufei...calm down."
"No! I will not *calm down*..." Why was he getting so mad at Trowa? He was
furious, he was...he was looking at him and he looked so ... good.
He was kissing him, and he tasted so sweet...
"Wu-mm-no! nommm..." Trowa was pushing at him, pushing him away. "No, no,
don't! Get away from me..." Crying?
Was Trowa crying? "Not again...why does always...?"
"Trowa! Oh, gods. I'm sorry. Please don't - look, I'm sorry!" Wufei tried
desperately to comfort him. Trowa had gone from completely calm and cold to
a sobbing, shaking wreck. "What's wrong? What are you afraid of?"
"It always ends up like this. They always do this to me. Why do they always
have to -" Trowa wasn't even paying attention to him. So Wufei just held
him, stroking his back, trying to be as gentle and as soothing as possible.
He furrowed his brow impassively as puzzled over this - Trowa, what's wrong?
Trowa turned from him, hiding his face in his arm. "Don't look at me," he
whispered. "Don't...go away, just get out, Wufei!"
"No. What are you afraid of? Tell me."
Trowa shook his head. Wufei looked at him. He was beautiful. Why hadn't he
ever noticied that before? He leaned down and kissed Trowa on the curve of
his jaw. Beautiful.
Trowa flinched and tried to squirm away. "Don't," he whispered softly. There
was a deep hint of sorrow in his voice.
"Trowa, I don't want to hurt you," whispered Wufei desperately. He ran the
tips of his fingers lightly across the other boy's forehead, stopping at his
Trowa sighed. "I've been used...all used up, Wufei. I've been spread too
thin over too many people." He closed his eyes. "I feel like a mimicry of
myself. I don't feel anything anymore...except..." he groaned.
"I want to feel again! Make me..." he looked up at Wufei furtively. "Make me
feel again, Wufei."
Wufei looked at him, stunned. Then he leaned forward and kissed his mouth,
chastely and sweetly, but with plenty of passion. Trowa tensed, and then
forced himself to relax. The Chinese boy carefully enfolded him in his arms
and deepened the kiss, wanting so much to gain entry to Trowa's mouth, but
not wanting to push his friend. To his surprise, Trowa opened his mouth
instantly. Wufei grunted softly and slipped his tongue between the other
boy's lips, memorizing his taste, and the feel of Trowa's hair
brushing against his face, the smell of him, so delicious...
Trowa was feeling increasingly nervous, but at the same time so hot, so
hungry. Wufei was gentle, thumbs rubbing soothing circles into his back. The
weight of this new body above him was comforting, not stifling as he'd
feared. Cautiously, he slipped his arms around the Chinese boy's back.
Wufei was amazed. And happy. He began trailing a path of kisses down Trowa's
chin, neck, licking at the collarbone.
"W-w-wufei..." Trowa's breath was coming faster. Wufei looked up. "Am I
going to fast, Trowa?"
"No," he whispered. "Don't stop!" He licked his lips and blinked, settling
in Wufei's arms. "Please..."
He held Wufei's gaze for a minute.
"Oh, Trowa..." Wufei felt his desire well up in him, and kissed the other
boy hungrily. He pushed one hand up underneath Trowa's shirt, fingers
running across stomach muscles, smooth satiny skin, ah, yes...
"Mmmm, Wufei!" Trowa gasped around their interlocked mouths, arching to
Wufei's hand cupping his erection through his shorts. "Ah...more...please!"
"Oh, yes, baby, my boy, sweet, beautiful boy, I'm going to make you feel so
good..." Wufei was inflamed, rubbing hungry lips over Trowa's neck, writhing
against the boy beneath him. Had to...he had to have him. Oh, please.
He thumbed Trowa's shorts, pulling them down, barely keeping himself from
ripping them off. He had gotten this far,he didn't want to scare his lover
now! He slid them down, and Trowa lifted his legs to aid him. Trowa was
dizzy. The whole world was spinning, and the only staionary thing was Wufei,
holding him so tight and so tenderly, stroking his length, making moan. He
felt the hand slide down lower, stroking another part of him. Trowa held his
breath. This was the point of no return. Oh, he wanted it so bad, but he was
afraid. His insides were in turmoil. "I...Wufei, I..."
Wufei looked at him, and see the fear in his eyes. Oh, no. please...
"Trowa," he whispered. "I ... want
you. But I won't ... take you if you don't want it."
"I *do* want it," he breathed. "But...I can't wipe those memories out of my
mind. I can't forget it."
"Then let me supplant those memories..." he whispered in a rush, the words
tumbling out. "Let me give you good ones. Let me love you, Trowa, let me..."
he stopped shaking his head. He had to be mature. He
couldn't let his emotions rule over his judgment.
Trowa was looking at him. His eyes were burning on his face, and they made
him feel even more hungry.
"Do it," he whispered. "Just...God, Wufei, just do it. I want it so bad, and
this time -" he grabbed Wufei's hips and thrust them against his own - "this
time I'm going to get what I want. For once in my life I'm getting what I
"Tr-" Trowa pulled him down his mouth suctioned to Wufei's. He took one of
his hands and pulled them beneath the sheets, settling them on his thighs.
"Mm, Wufei. Take me!"
Wufei didn't need any more encouragement. Growling deep in his throat, he
spread Trowa's legs, and touched him where he most wanted to be touched.
"We need...need some..ah, shit." Wufei untangled himself and slid off the
bed,hopping across the floor towards the bathroom.
"What? Wufei!" Trowa sat up, his face red, frustrated, and feeling his edge
slowly slipping away. "What are you doing??" He could hear Wufei jumbling
through the cabinet, muttering and swearing under his breath. " we
Wufei appeared, beautifully bare, with a tube of muscle soother in his hand.
"I..I wasn't really prepared for this," he explained.
Trowa slowly smiled at him. "Come to bed, silly," he whispered. Wufei smiled
at him and crawled into the bed beside him. "It's going to hurt," he
whispered. "I'll try to be gentle, but it'll still hurt."
"I know. But as long as I can remember it's you, I think I'll be alright."
Trowa bit down a shiver as he looked at his lover. The lost heat began to
return to his body, and he arched his back, trembling, as he lay back, his
legs spread. "This way," he breathed. "I want to see your face."
Wufei coated his finger with the makeshift lubricant and gently inserted one
finger into him. He could tell Trowa was nervous and tense, and he was
afraid that this would hurt him even more. "Trowa, relax," he murmured.
"Just let your body go, and it'll be better."
Trowa closed his eyes and tried to relax. He lay quietly, gasping
occasionally as Wufei prepared him, and then suddenly he felt Wufei hovering
over him. A wave of fear washed through him, but then
he opened his eyes and saw Wufei's face, gentle and loving and passionate.
"Ah...yes..." he cried out as Wufei seated himself within him, hard rigid
cock brushing against his core, sending hot fingers of lust through his
stomach and thighs. Wufei was making little hungry possessive noises, slowly
pulling out and pushing in, reveling in the tightness and the heat. Faster
and faster. Don't stop. They were both moaning, thrusting against each
other, stomachs slapping with the rhythym, until Wufei thought he would go
out of his mind.
"Ah love yes more don't stop - ahhhh!!" Trowa threw his head back as he
orgasmed, his cleft clamping down so tight on Wufei that the Chinese boy
screamed in pain-pleasure. He felt the internal throb of his release and
slid into oblivion. He lay there, afterwards, Trowa panting beneath him. He
could feel his heartbeat in his ears. He could feel Trowa's sweet breath
against his ear. He could feel the body that parted before him, and he laid
his head against Trowa's shoulder, feeling so safe and yet at the same time
so protective of the other boy.
"Wufei," Trowa whispered.
"What do you dream about?"